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 Post subject: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, '10, 11:39 pm 
In light of the Theory about Sari thread, I wanted to start one about Gwyn.

One question I've always wanted to know is, why was Gwyn able to have dreams/visions of the Alisa III and the black hole. Aron,Crys and Sean had to figure out about the blackhole by travelling/seeing the blackhole from Satellite themselves. Where as Gwyn was able to warn her family most likely at a very young age. What gave her these powers? Was she born with them or did they come as she grew? Did Laya's bloodline have anything to do with this? What are you're theories on this subject.

For me I think Gwyn was born with this power. I think that since she comes from both Orakio and Laya's bloodlines and that both of them had something to deal with Dark Force, that maybe she has the gift. Much like how Espers have the gift of magic, maybe Gwyn, the Layans, and Espers aren't so far apart in the bloodline. Rune and Rika in Phantasy Star IV have the ability to sence the Black Wave, so maybe there is some truth behind this.

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 12:13 am 
Great topic, Kaloes.

I think Laya's bloodline has much to do with this -- the Laya family seems to be quite remarkable, more so than just the Layan people -- and Laya herself is deemed a "witch" by Orakians. So, I think that Gwyn was born with this power. Interesting though, that Gwyn had these dreams, and not her twin, Adan. I wonder if the women of the Laya family are particularly clairvoyant.

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 12:42 am 
The Compendium says that on the escaping world ships, 2 members of the Lashiec Bloodline were present.

We could consider the descendants of that bloodline to be Rulakir/Orakio and Laya/Laia. We know Dark Force loves Lashiec's bloodline. He possessed Lashiec, corrupted Rulakir, corrupted Orakio and Laya..

We also know that Laya was able to see Dark Force for what he was and had visions.

Quote:Laian-Orakian War (III)
Term referring to the fight between Laia, a girl with the power to control monsters, and Orakio Sa Riik, who commanded a robot army. The utterly devastating battle destroyed the world's highly learned civilization.
Dark Force deluded Laia's heart and caused her to start the war, but she finally came to understand that she was being used and, together with Orakio's power, overthrew Dark Force.

Now the compendium says Ohario and Aina helped the people escape and that on the worldship 2 members of the Lashiec Bloodline existed.

So Maybe Ohario married one, and Aina married the other. Or maybe Ohario and Aina were the two members.

In which case, Ohario's descendants Orakio/Rulakir would be brothers with the Lashiec Blood and Laya/Laya would too.

To make this fit in the english timeline, you'd have to have Ohario having sons named Orakio and Rulakir and Aina having Laya and Laya for the Dev War to take place the same time as ps 2 x.x The japanese PS 3 it works fine.

Either way, Orakio and Laya were descendants of Lashiec :D

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 1:56 am 
I don't know what's up with all those X chromosomes, but I think the more direct female descendants of Laya possess many supernatural powers. Unfortunately I don't think it extends to the males, though some of the men have shape-shifting abilities. I don't know if that's Layan-exclusive or even male-exclusive, though.

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 2:01 am 
Maybe we should just chalk it up to.. GIRL POWER?

In every realm, fantasy, scifi, they always have the most power..

Laya was considered a witch and a goddess and Orakio had no witchy powers..

Girl power?

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 2:08 am 
Gotta be girl power.. It has to be something on the Layan female side of the family. I wonder if Maia and Thea had these sort of dreams or visions in their youth. Or is it just cause Gwyn is directly from Laya's blood unlike other Layans.

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, '10, 4:35 pm 
I don't think Girl Power works on this one. Gwyn essentially has the same ability as the fortune teller from Landen, just not as refined. The fortune teller is a guy, though.

Something inherited in the Layan bloodline seems possible. The fortune teller is in Orakian lands, but we don't have a complete genealogy to prove or discount if he had any Layan ancestry. I would probably chalk this up to being some kind of Esper-like ability. I've no doubt that Gwyn would have been recruited by Lutz if she lived in a different time.

 Post subject: Re: Theory about Gwyn
PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, '10, 4:59 am 
No Loli power either. ROFL

I still say it's girl power

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