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 Post subject: Rares
PostPosted: Mon Jan 12, '09, 7:57 pm 
I've been playing this game for some 30-odd hours and felt that I should share with you guys some of the rare weapons I've found thus far. After all, that was half the fun of PSO.

Double Saber
The double saber is now a common weapon class in PSZ, which disappointed me a bit. The Double Saber in PSO was my Holy Grail for a time, and I was contented beyond belief when I actually found one. But interestingly, the common versions in PSZ are all stylistically different, including rounded loops, curved blades, and spades. But I found it! The first red-box rare I found was the classic Double Saber from PSO. A pair of green light sabers joined at the hilt. I expect there are blue and red versions as well, as there were in PSO.

Diabolic Claw
A red claw weapon. Looks a lot like Ifrit's claws, if you're into FF. I pumped it up to +50 with grinders and used it for quite a while.

Twinkle Star
A curved saber with stars on the hilt. I can't use it because my character is a cast, but I saw it in the weapon viewer. Looks pretty cool.

Dragon Horn
A spear I had made by one of the NPCs out of a dragon horn that dropped off the Hard mode Dragon.

Octo Bazooka
A bazooka-type made from the tentacle of the Hard mode octopus boss. Shoots big blobs of ink.

Jade Harusu (Harse? Halse?)
Another weapon made from a monster part, this one from a "Low Jade Scale." This is a shield weapon (a new type) consisting of a heavily-armored armadillo-type enemy's face in the form of a shield

Rosherimitto (Roshermit? Loshermit?)
A double-saber type with two large, wide yellow edges. Looks very cool, and is quite powerful.

Ashuviin (Ashvin?)
Another double-saber type, this one appears as a short double-sided knife while equipped, but extends to a green double-saber edge when swung.

Bright Moon
Wand-type. A cudgel with a crescent moon on each end; one has a blue star inside, the other purple.

A glowing red tri-edged slicer.

Skad Horn
Similar to the Dragon Horn, a spear-type weapon made from a rare drop enemy part.

Those are the red boxes I've found in the field. Below are the unique weapons for completion of story-mode quests. You'll pick these up quickly once you start doing quests.

8 oz.
Red boxing gloves, dagger type attack. (Normal mode)

12 oz.
Blue boxing gloves, dagger type attack. (Hard mode)

Twin Ketchup
Twin guns in the form of two red bottles. (Normal mode)

Twin Mustard
Twin guns in the form of two yellow bottles. (Hard mode)

Rapid Shower
A ray gun that looks like a red watering can. (Normal mode)

Steady Shower
A ray gun that looks like a blue watering can. (Hard mode)

A white Japanese-style folding fan. (Normal mode) I can't read the kanji for the Hard mode version, but it's bigger and yellow.

A black and yellow photon double-scythe. (Normal mode)

A black and green photon double-scythe. (Hard mode) This thing is crazy powerful and is my current weapon right now, about 3/4 of the way through Hard mode.

There are a few more quest weapons, but those are the interesting ones. There are also some gag weapons available through the password machine in the sewers. I've acquired most of the known ones including a Mario Bros. green pipe canon-type weapon, Samus's arm-canon, a fencing sword, a gigantic blade GS-type, a leek, and a couple of magazines.

I'll keep this post updated with any new rares I find!

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