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Page 29 - Myau

Page 29 - Myau

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 4, '11, 3:53 am 
A four page article in The World of Phantasy Star discusses the evolution of certain character archetypes in the classic Phantasy Star series and the relationships between the characters who embody those archetypes. On page 29 of the book, this article covers Myau, Nei, Rika, and Mieu: the warriors who fight with cat-like agility. This drawing of Myau is used as an illustration for the article. This may well be the most realistic representation of the Musk Cat in any official Phantasy Star products. Aside from the oversized eyes and ears, his head has a very authentic feline appearance.

Nei, Rika, and Mieu are also pictured on the page, but they are omitted from this excerpt. Their illustrations are stock character artwork often seen in other publications.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 4, '11, 2:41 pm 
Myau also seems scarrier than in its in-game all cat, he has the look saying "I will kill you in your sleep"....well at least that's my vision of cats eyes and stares that I got from my girlfriend's cat. I think he's jealous or something because he always have this killer look, like the one Myau is having in the picture

Anyway, sorry for the side-story, it was not intended...

PostPosted: Fri Feb 4, '11, 8:07 pm 
thats weird but... thats a great picture though ^^

PostPosted: Sun Feb 6, '11, 3:40 am 
Cute image of Myau! It does look more cat like than some of the other Myau images I've seen.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 1, '20, 7:01 pm 
Bumping up this former Image Of The Day!

A different look at Myau The Musk Cat from "The World Of Phantasy Star".

PostPosted: Fri Oct 2, '20, 1:05 pm 
The look is slightly different but not too bad at all !

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