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PostPosted: Sat May 18, '13, 2:26 am

God of my fathers, Lord of mercy,
You who fashioned all things by Your word,
You created man in Your wisdom,
So that he might become lord over all the objects of Your creation,

And guide the world in purity, in righteousness,
Making his judgment in the understanding of his spirit.

Give to me Wisdom, which stood at Your throne,
And do not reject me among Your servants,

For I am Your servant and a son to Your servant;
I am a man without strength, short in life,
Lacking in the understanding of judgment and law.

For if there were one perfect among the sons of men,
He would not have Your wisdom, for it is not found in any man.

You chose me for a king over Your people,
And one who gives judgment over Your sons and daughters.

You commanded me to build a temple in Your holy mount,
And an altar in the city of Your house,
The likeness of Your holy tabernacle which You prepared in the beginning.

And Wisdom was with You, She who has knowledge in all Your works,
And stood in glory when You fashioned the cosmos,
Knowing all that would be pleasant in Your sight,
And all that would adhere to Your commandments.

Send it forth into Your holy skies,
And out upon the throne of Your glory;
For it labors with me, it is in my heart,
So that I might understand what is acceptable in Your sight.

It has knowledge of every work, and understanding of each thing,
And it will guide my way in all things, in wisdom,
Guarding me in its glory,

So that my works will be acceptable,
And I might judge Your nation in righteousness,
And be worthy of the thrones of my fathers.

For who among men will understand the word of God?
Or who will know what the Lord desires?

The meditations of men are fragile, and their thoughts fade into nothingness.

For the mortal body wears on the soul,
And the house of earth piles care on the hearts of those who worry.

For we are like those things upon the Earth;
We find only the products of our hands, in weariness.
Who are they in the heavens who have asked after our deeds?

Or who will have understood Your word,
Save that You give to him Wisdom,
And send Your holy spirit forth in exaltation?

This is the manner in which the ways of all upon the earth were made right,
When men learned all that is pleasing to You,
And were made whole in Wisdom.
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