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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 12:41 am 
If you could choose a party of 5 people from any PS classics, who would it consist of and why?

Alys - Come on... SHE'S ALYS!!!
Nei - Come on... SHE'S NEI!!!!
Rune - Leagon, Efess, and Tandle.... 'nuff said
Lutz - Not only is his power legendary, but come on.. Think of some of the arguements between him and Rune.. Mmmm.. Juicy
Chaz - Holder of Elsydeon,most powerful weapon ever, user of Megid,forbidden technique that draws power on the users anger , and a surge of teenage harmones and random mood swings ...What can possibly go wrong? (DOH!)

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 4:21 am 
My lineup would include these folks:

Raja, for plenty of healing in those tight spots and some comedy
Rune, for all those great powerhouse magic abilities
Myau, because I just like the idea of a talking cat in the group
Sari, for the strong fighter that you need now and then

For the fifth position, it would be someone that is more balanced between healing and attacking. Alis, Mieu, Chaz, Rolf... those are all good possibilities. I'd probably go with Alis or Mieu, but it depends on my mood at any given moment.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 5:06 am 
Good answer! Does anyone think they can top that?

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 8:26 pm 
Sean - He has a wide variety of techs, which is great for support or offense. And, he's a sword user! :mrgreen:
Rika - She's reliable and her healing techs are always useful. Also, she's great for melee.
Wren (PSIV) - He's a walking tank! Self-repairing, self-sufficient, and he can blast flares and at enemies. :D
Kara (nice version) - I had to stick her in there! Her slashers are great for damaging multiple enemies and her healing techs are powerful. She's also pretty speedy, too~

I always have trouble with picking the last character. Raja's great for healing, but he's not necessary. Kyra came close, but I picked Kara over her. Sari is strong, but she doesn't offer much in terms of techniques. So, in this case, I'd pick Rune for the last spot, since it never hurts to have a powerful tech-user along. ;)

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 8:30 pm 
Great Answer! I agree, that last person is always a tough choice, after all, there are so many great characters to choose from and it feels like you're disshonoring some of them by not choosing them. I have to keep telling myself that just because I don't choose them, it doesn't mean that they're any less important than the ones I do choose.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 7:50 pm 
I'd go with Alys, Rika, Nei, Alis, and Demi. That gives four healers that can also attack quickly and with great results. Almost everyone has some kind of defense booster too.

Look out world, here comes the all-girl tail kicking squad! :neenerneener:

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 8:14 pm 
xD I dunno.. Alys can punch better than any guy I can think of.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 3:32 am 
I'd just laugh at them and pick some random all something team, Like Mieu, Demi, Wren, Wren, and some random character, or if possible Miun. XD But my real choices would be:

Sari: Like I said in the whose best with knives poll, Sari is one heck of a character.
Kara, the pretty one, surprisingly: Despite what you all may think, pretty dress Kara is quite tough. Consider the rate at which she gains levels, and then of her other form, plus once she reaches a certain point in leveling, she outranks her alter-ego, i guess, and becomes a useful advatage.
Crys: He levels up very nicely, and is a force to be reconned with with a good two handed sword.
Raja: Best healing spells of anyone I've ever played as, plus an okay offensive spell output.
And finally, I'll have to say Rune...sorry Alys...hes an excellent magic user, plus with the strategy of equiping two barriers, instead of a weapon, his defense surpasses almost everyone, and can assist when necesary.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 4, '07, 3:39 am 
Intresting lineup. I usualy perfer brawn (COUGHgryzCOUGH) over Knife weilding tech users (COUGHhahnCOUGH). I love the three mages you have there. =]

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