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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 7:40 pm 
If you lived in Algo...
What planet would you live on?
Which city? What race would you be?
What occupation would you take?
What type of weapon would you use?
If you could only have 5 Techniques and 2 skills, what would they be?
Which 4 would you take with you on trips around the world?

Planet: Motavia - Not only is Motavia gorgous, but it's packed with plenty of monsters to battle with. Theres the hunters guild where you can make money, Termi where you can purchase mementoes, and theres plenty of artifical structures such as the Plate System where you can test your endurance against artifial ogranisms. What's not to love about Motavia?

Race:[/b] Human - Humans have proven themselves to be a very well balanced species. They can heal like Dezolins, and fight like Motavians.

Occupation: Hunter - Who hasn't dreamed of fighting hordes of creatures and getting money for it?

Weapon: Sword

Techs: Megid, Nares, NaWat, Savol, Brose

Skills: Crosscut, Astral

: Alys: For advice, respect, and strength.

Rune: Not many people know Magic and even less people know how to use it as well as Rune. Rune knows everything from reviving spells to instant death spells. He's an obvious choice. The only setback is that he has to equip two sheilds in order to survive.
Wren: Not only is Wren resistant to physical damage, but he's a powerhouse! The ability to recover combined with the ability to carry weavy equipment (guns) makes him the perfect choice when you're stuck between a rock and a tough place. Lastly, He's the voice of logic. If you need very practical advice, Wren is the person to turn to. He isn't swayed by emotion, so he won't have any problem telling it like it is.
Raja: Although Alys will probobly want to strangle him, Raja is the ultimate medical tank. All that TP combined with the ability to recover TP for every character in your party makes him a must-have in any serious fighting team. St. Fire is great for those nasty, hardcore, dark atribute enemies and hot tempered fire atribute enemies. Miracle, Regen, Blessing are all essential for those long winded battles against especialy tough enemies. With the ability to cure any status problem combined with his ability to fully recover ally, Raja is the perfect choice for every team. Not only that, but if he happens to die, Rune can use Rever to put Raja back into the fight. After that, It's NaSar from Raja, and everyone is refreshed and ready to give it their all.

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 31, '07, 8:24 pm 
First response gets candy. =D

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 9:12 am 
Palma, circa Alis' later years as queen. It should be a very nice place to live then. Lots of green, probably few monsters and overall peaceful.

I'd be human... that's just what I am. Probably guns for a weapon - long range and plenty of power, so I don't have to get up close and personal. Maybe slashers instead. I'm not really sure on the occupation. Maybe an adventurer.

On techs I'd take Megid, Nasar, Anti, Deban, and Nathu (Natsu? I forget the spelling). Skills I'm not really sure on - there aren't many good gun related skills in the games.

Companions... well, Raja, for all the reasons you said. Plus he'd bring a softening tone to serious situations. I'd like an android, but I'm not really particular on which. Wren or Demi would be equally fine with me. Mieu for the quick, agile attacker who closes in for a slash and then gets out of the way. Rune would come along for the requisite magic throwing.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 7:06 pm 
Great answer! =]

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 9:14 pm 
I'd live on Motavia, around the introduction of Mother Brain. It was the time when life was easy but the people were still free and not overly lazy or restricted. I'm not sure which city, probably Paseo.

For an occupation, I'd probably go into science or medicine. I'd get a couple of healing techs (Gi/Nares and Rever would be good), Nawat for attacks, and maybe Saner or Deban. Some good skills would be Blessing and Atraxia.

For companions, Nei, Gryz, Rolf, and Demi would be a good team. That has plenty of recovery and damage dealing strength.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 1, '07, 9:28 pm 
Hehe. Now I know who to take with me when I go to Rykros. -Poked Nei- Yooooou!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 2, '07, 7:06 pm 
For me, Hmm I'd say I'd live on Motavia. But perhaps in a greener/blue-er area, like Krup.

I would so be a Numan, excellent magic, plus a pretty good physical depending on how much money you have. (buying stuff makes all the difference) XD

My occupation would be a guardian. Not Universes version, just a well respected hunter qualified for the most dangerous missions.

My arsenal would be here. 2 quick swords 6 projectiles 1 big sword 1 good shield that can be worn as a chestplate too and a couple of hidden weapons.

Techs: My powers would be limitless.
Skills: Some good defensive powers

And finally, I am the companion, never much of leader anyways.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 3, '07, 3:41 am 
Heikabuchi wrote:Hehe. Now I know who to take with me when I go to Rykros. -Poked Nei- Yooooou!

:lol: It sounds like a good supporting team member, doesn't it? I tried to include some traits of all the best ones.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 3, '07, 7:11 am 
haha! We should all take a trip to Motavia and try our luck against some Sandworms! =D

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 3, '07, 7:14 am 
-Returned shortly after being PWNT by a Sandworm- Ahem... What I meant was.... Haha! I'll lead the expadition! -Grabbed Nei and Sparky- We should all take a trip to Motavia and see how long it takes us to get owned by Sandworms! =D

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