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PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, '10, 2:50 pm
Phantasy Star Three Word Story

Introduction: This " Phantasy Star Three Word Story " originated in the Forum Games section of this site and is being compiled here in it's entirety. The story can be found in the Forum Games section of this site at the following link:


Since this story is a collaboration of many, I felt it imperative that everyone who participates be recognized, so, you will find at the bottom of this page a list of the names of those who have contributed to this story. Thank you to each one.

Chapter 1

The Planet Algo Is home too The human Alis who wears a Pink Battle Armour and has a Blood Stained Sword. She has killed more than one insect that dared eat her lunch, making her eat insects she killed.

Myau sneezed on Lena, who then cried and said, "Why did you sneeze on me?". And then she pulled out a tissue and said, " What are you doing here without your bottle of Jaegermeister, we need a bottle now! It's time for . . . us to go to the shop To buy a bottle of Jaegermeister.". They then uncorked the bottle and thought: "This is a celebration because Myau is having a jolly time."

Suddenly, without warning, Chuck Norris came and roundhouse kicked everyone so hard they couldn't breathe without help from Demi's Medic Power. After, Chuck said, "Where am I?", Angry, Demi explained: "the basic defense is a good way to learn how to fight without getting hurt.".

Next, they decided To do like Alex and Luna and go to the supermarket for something good to eat for lunch. After that they needed to find the answers to life, universe, and riddles of the Sandworm Rancher which was slippery and had disappeared into the secrets of Soldiers Temple.

Speechless, they split up and find some keys to the locked doors in the prison that contained Aiedo's secrets and also Kadary's about what happened 1000 years ago when Lutz mooned Myau and became injured really bad. Afterwards, Lutz went out to eat all the hamburgers That alys made on a sunny bank by the Palma coastline.

Time and time again Gryz eats children with some salt granola, and a bag of fresh shortcakes from Aiedo.

Satisfied, Gryz took a microscope to Look at Atlin because he was incredibly good looking In his dreams which came real. But really didn't until right now.

Later, Noah went to Thoul's house to find a magical ban hammer which Noah used to open a box full of deadly Dark Forces. Without realizing it, they began to invade
Fringe Of Algo to find some meaningless piles of worthless posts that were still important to some and contained valuable "."s and "E"s.

Myau is a sneaky little rascal for sneaking around like a rat.

Note: This is the end of Chapter 1. The story will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back soon and see what new adventures await. Thank you for reading.

Story Updates:

Story Contributors:

Silver_Surfer 1



Caged Wolf














Jack Liaas

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