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PostPosted: Thu May 12, '11, 12:10 pm
Godzilla 7 Word Story

Introduction: This " Godzilla 7 Word Story " originated in the Forum Games section of this site and is being compiled here in it's entirety. The story can be found in the Forum Games section of this site at the following link:


Also, since this story is a collaboration of many, I felt it imperative that everyone who participates be recognized, so, you will find at the bottom of this page a list of the names of those who have contributed to this story. Thank you to each one.

Chapter 1

Godzilla, king of all monsters, awoke suddenly to find Anguirus fighting with a giant jellyfish, known throughout the cosmos as Dogora.

Unhappy about being woken, Godzilla decided to grab his Nintendo and take his frustrations out on the classic game Ikari Warriors.

Rodan came up behind Godzilla and said Shouldn't you be helping Anguirus fight Dogora? Godzilla became angry, roaring back his head and blasting a plume of fire into Rodan, who reacted by moving closer to a cliff to get out of the the way of Godzilla's nuclear death ray.

Suddenly, giant Mothra emerged surrounding Godzilla causing Godzilla to unleash his nuclear pulse while his gigantic tail began moving furiously to knock Mothra away.

Meanwhile, Dogora threw its tentacles around Anguirus, who reacted by doing a happy dance on Dogora's toes!

Rodan and Godzilla decided to get together to figure out why Anguirus was dancing because they were bored with fighting. They looked around and finally began dancing too.

A monster dance party ensued as more monsters were attracted by the rhythm. One by one came King Kong, Cyclops, and Gorosaurus, who kangaroo-kicked King Kong
because Kong climbed a building with Gorosaurus' girlfriend.

Eventually, aliens got wind of the party and brought Mechgodzilla from Planet X. His eye beams were transformed into disco lasers and he joined in the party. Godzilla stared at him warily, not ready to put himself in a vulnerable position
yet also not desiring to wreck the party but as fate would have it suddenly Mechagodzilla started dancing too.

The other monsters were all glad, but suddenly Rodan saw something gazing at him with evil glances. It turned out to be Gigan, the one not invited to the party, but had crashed anyway. Gigan lifted a rock and swung it at Godzilla who ducked and the rock flew away.

Just then, the party ended as Mechagodzilla exploded because someone stole his cherished Pokemon toy that he won from a contest. The thief was never found but secretly gloated over his new treasure.

Suddenly, Godzilla realized this wasn't the toys he was looking for so he traveled to Tokyo to find an original one of a kind souvenir so he went to the Shinjuku district and stomped through a mall, until Perry ...........

Note: Short, but sweet. This is all there is so far. The story will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back soon and see what new adventures await. Thank you for reading.

Story Updates:

Story Contributors:


Caged Wolf





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