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PostPosted: Thu May 12, '11, 11:40 am
The Super Mario Three Word Story

Introduction: This " Super Mario Three Word Story " originated in the Forum Games section of this site and is being compiled here in it's entirety. The story can be found in the Forum Games section of this site at the following link:


Also, since this story is a collaboration of many, I felt it imperative that everyone who participates be recognized, so, you will find at the bottom of this page a list of the names of those who have contributed to this story. Thank you to each one.

Chapter 1

Mario was walking one day in the Mushroom Kingdom. It seemed peaceful but Bowser was scheming a plan. He intended to kidnap the princess so he could give his son a gift for the giant Goomba named Johnny Five.

Luigi was jealous of the goomba because the goomba was taller than King Bowser himself and still wasn't the hero of the story. Suddenly, Triclyde appeared hissing at Johnny Five so then Yoshi tongue whipped Triclyde. Earning him a a Playstation Trophy.

Meanwhile, a Boo scared a wondering princess toadstool as she baked a Starshine pie for Mario and Luigi. She ran out to find Toad who was out picking fire flowers from brick blocks.

Princess was kidnapped by none other than Wario and Waluigi his partner on Thursday night. They were doing their regular routine when suddenly, Wart appeared and ran up, kicking Wario's pile of money and scattering it all over the Nimbus Land.

Mallow decided to begin stomping koopa troopas like a tadpole. Yoshi began eating the red fruit like a starving dinosaur. His tongue lapping every morsel and wanting more, stretched too far, looking like Gene Autry riding a two wheeled unicycle.

Mouser threw bombs at Waluigi because he does not believe in two evil brothers being dressed in colours red and green with a little black thrown in.

Hopping along, a happy Yoshi sang the happy song. The happy Yoshi also danced the happy dance because of how happy seeing his friend made him feel.

Ludwig von Koopa sat in his green shell chair thinking of a plan of how to go about being king of Dreamland.

Suddenly, Shyguy remembered about a random game that
everyone enjoyed back when it was first played on Game and Watch.

Yoshi then ate a green koopa promptly vomiting up the shell, aiming to slide a it under Mario's big red hat where Mario kept .....

Note: Short, but sweet. This is all there is so far. The story will be updated on a regular basis, so please check back soon and see what new adventures await. Thank you for reading.

Story Updates:

Story Contributors:




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