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Chapter Nine


The townspeople had scattered as Ayn charged Ryan with his sword. "It seems the prince has finally opened his eyes. Maybe this is our chance to retake Landen and Satera." Sari said to Lune and Alair. Mars had already charged into battle with her sword.

"NOW DIE!" Ayn yelled as he slashed his sword down. Ryan easily evaded the attack. Another quick slash came towards Ryan, but this time he wasn't as lucky. He jumped back away from Ayn and grabbed ahold of his eye. Blood dripped down his face as he threw his shades to the ground.

A confused Ayn glanced to his side and noticed the young Marselle holding her blood stained sword as she began breathing hard. "You did this.. You caused all of this and for what. So you could please the urge to kill?" Mars yelled towards her foe.

Just as soon as Mars yelled those words Ryan removed his hand from his face and begun laughing. "Ryan, just give up now. You're outnumbered and you don't stand a chance." Ayn yelled as he pointed his sword. Ryans laughter continued but eventually came to a stop as he snapped his fingers.

"You're wrong young prince. You and your sister here are both outnumbered. You've lost!" Ryan replied. Ayns mind seemed to come to a stop as the word sister was mentioned. "What.. she's my.. Then the reason behind my mother taking over Landen is... is..."

"Ayn right? Listen we may be brother and sister, half siblings or whatever. But the fact stands right here. He caused all of this just to please himself, for what I do not know. So get ahold of yourself and pay attention, we're surrounded here." Mars replied as a large group of soldiers readied their bows.

Ryan turned his back to the two, only turning his head slightly. "Oh yea, and don't worry young prince. I'll be sure to take care of your beloved Thea for you. Now guards.. FIRE!" He yelled. A flurry of arrows hurled towards the two, they were sure to be dead.

"Thea, I failed you.. Forgive me." Ayn said as he kneeled down. He had already given up. Mars looked around, her life was about to end. "Damnit! Mother, Father, I'm sorry!" She said as she dropped her sword. One arrow struck Mars in the shoulder, another in Ayns leg. The two fell from one arrow but the rest seemed to have disappeared.

A large blast of fire scorched the surrounding area, in what appeared to be a shield that guarded the two. The soldiers all disappeared in the blast and all that remained was a scorched yard, and a confused Ryan. "What just happened!" Ryan yelled.

Laughter was heard from behind him as two figures stood on the roof. Ryan turned to reveal Lune and Lyle, both had smoke coming from their hands. "Lu.. lune.." Mars said as she began to faint from bloodloss. The two jumped from the building, Lune drew a large curved weapon from his side while Lyle ran towards the fallen prince and princess.

"Marselle, Marselle are you alright." Lyle continued to say as he tried to wake up Mars. The wounded Ayn staggered towards Lyle and fell close to him. "You... you're Theas father right.. We have to.. to get her out of Cille. If not.." Ayn said as the pain shot through his leg. "Its alright, you did alright protecting my daughter this long, now lets get you and your sister out of here." Lyle replied as Alair appeared.

"Brother! I leave the rest to you." She yelled as she picked up Mars. The two picked the siblings from the ground and began running towards Landen Castle. "No! I won't lose! I can't lose to the like of you! LUNE!!" Ryan yelled as he shot a blast of shredding wind towards the two running away.

Before it could even reach them Lune jumped in the way. The powerful magic slashed across Lunes chest, causing a minor wound to the large man. "No!" Ryan yelled as Lune began walking towards him. Ryan began stepping back, only to trip over a rock. "No.. please have mercy.. Please Lune.. I'm sorry!" Was the last thing Ryan said as Lune unfolded his slasher and with one swift strike detached Ryans head from his neck.

Back in the castle the Cille guards were nowhere to be found. Maia, who once sat on the throne had disappeared, leaving nothing except a deserted castle, and a few minor prisoners. Mars began to regain conciousness and Alair placed her down, helping her keep her balance. "I'm home?" She asked as she noticed the familiar room.

Alair nodded her head and replied. "We've almost won Mars. We've retaken Landen and Satera. Only one battle remains." Ayn could be seen standing in the corner, his leg wrapped in a bloodstained cloth. "Hey, are you okay?" Mars asked as she walked towards the Cille prince.

Ayn nodded his head slightly. "Forgive me Marselle, if I had known what Ryan and my grandfather were up to. Maybe I could have stopped all this from happening." He replied. Before Mars could reply the sounds of footsteps could be heard coming from a distance. The doorway to the dungeon opened as Sari appeared, next to her was her loving mother Lena.

"Sari! Is everyone alright?" She asked. Behind her staggering up the stairs were two familiar faces. Although they were weak from hunger and their bodies wounded, they were still quite alive. The King and Queen of Landen. "Mom.... Dad..." Mars said as Rhys and Mieu emerged from the dungeon.

Her eyes filled with tears as she ran towards them, jumping into her mother and fathers arms the three had been reunited after a long struggle. But there would not be any peace left until the Kingdom of Cille was destroyed. The journey to Cille would be long and dangerous, but for the time being all Mars wanted was to stay in the warm embrace of her parents.

Chapter Nine End
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