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Chapter Eight

Should I Tell You My Name

Part III

Landen had grown cold since the last time I walked these streets. The once green grass now brown, the homes of innocent villagers in ruins. We were fighting a war for the freedom of Landen, but all we've been able to do is cause more destruction. It was dangerous for me to walk through the streets of my home, but I must hide my face from the guards that patrolled.

The group consisted of Sari, Alair, Lune and myself, as travelling in a large group would cause the guards to become alert of our presence. "We're almost to the town square." I said. We marched down the streets, blending in with the townspeople. In the distance a large structure was seen, a tall man wielding a broad axe stood firm as Leon, chains around his arms and legs was drug on stage.

"Leon!" I spoke out as Lune held me back with one arm. "Marselle, calm yourself. For we can do nothing for the boy at this moment." He said. "Yes, patience is the key." Alair replied. We stood near the stage, glancing up as Ryan appeared. He looked at the audience, not aware that we were in hiding. He took a step forward, spread out his arms and begun to speak to his audience.

"People of Landen! I stand before you, not as a conqueror, but as a man of reason. Your princess, your beloved Marselle has abandoned you to this pitiful existance. All our lives we were forced to live under the crowns rule. To be protected by it, to die for it, and what for? To have our homes ripped away from us."

"You are the cause of our misfortune! Princess Marselle and her family have not forsaken us!" The townspeople screamed out.

"The kingdom of Cille is here to protect you. As I speak, Princess Marselle has allied herself with a ancient beast, one that does nothing but cause death and mayhem. Without us to protect you, you will face the wrath of the ancient beast, the god of the moon. Lune has returned!"

"That can't be true, Lune has been sealed for a thousand years. Surely even Maia of Cille knows that if Lune has returned, we should be fighting together, not against each other." A elderly man replied.

"What I say is true. Before you stands a traitor to Landen. This man has conspired against you, to sacrifice every life here, all for the sake of pleasing Marselle and her bloodlust. The land must be purified, and only you, the people of Landen can do this. It is by your wish, that this man live or die."

Ryans words reached out to the hearts of the villagers. They were terrified of the Cille army, but more of Lune. If only they knew that he was not the Lune he was a thousand years ago. "Kill him!" "He must be silenced!" "No you can't he's just a boy!" The villagers yelled out against each other. It seemed fear had taken over, and Leons fate was decided.

"It has been decided, and the traitor shall be sentenced to Death!" Ryan yelled out. He pointed towards Leon, who gazed out at the audience. "NO!!!" I yelled as ran through the crowd, Sari and the others behind. Pushing the people out of my way I reached the stage, revealing my face for Leon to see. "May...." Leon spoke as Ryan gave the order to the axeman.

The executioner rose the axe high with one hand. "I'm Marselle" I spoke out to him. He looked at me with hope filled eyes and replied. "I know, I always knew.. Marselle" The axe swung down with quick haste, and as it did a voice yelled out. "RYAN!! STOP THIS MADNESS!"

The axe landed the blow to Leons head at that moment. Tears filled my eyes as I watched. Anger filled my soul, I turned around to my comrades, and then to the direction of the voice. A blue-haired youth, clad in armor stood with his sword pointing straight towards Ryan. "Ahh the traitor prince has arrived." Ryan spoke as he jumped off the stage.

"Traitor?! Don't make me laugh. I just wish I would have opened my eyes sooner to my mothers acts. This was not a quest for my mothers honor, you did this.. All for your bloodlust." The blue-haired youth replied. "Mother? So he's the prince of Cille." Sari said. "Prince Ayn of Cille, the heir to the Cille throne, and the first child of King Rhys." She replied.

I glanced in shock at Sari's words. "Fathers first child? How can this be?" I said. "Ryan! How dare you drive my mother to this state of mind. Have you no honor. You, who I trusted most, make me fight against my own family, my own heritage. For that, I won't forgive you." Ayn yelled as he charged towards Ryan. The fate of our countries relied on this battle, so without hesitation I discarded my disguise and charged at Ryan, for the sake of Leons soul, the freedom of my people, and for my family.

Chapter Eight End
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