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Chapter Seven

Should I Tell You My Name

Part II

The next morning Mars decided to take a stroll through town. The sun had barely risen over the horizon as she walked through the streets, glancing at the morning dew on the ground. "I'm so tired." She thought as she closed her eyes and let out a huge yawn. Upon finishing she opened her eyes to see a bouquet of white flowers in front of her. "For you my lady." A familiar voice spoke to her. Turning her head ever slightly she looked passed the flowers to notice Leon standing before her, smiling as he held the bouquet in his hands.

Taking the flowers from his hand she looked at him with a suprised look on her face. "What are you doing?" She asked. Scratching his head he closed his eyes, his voice stuttering as he replied to her. "I th-thought.. maybe you'd like to, to, um.. I dunno, muh-maybe spend the day together?" She giggled at how cute he sounded when he stuttered. "Sure, I'd like that." She replied with a smile on her face. It had been long since Mars had any time to enjoy herself.

With all the battles and meetings it felt good to her to have this time for herself. "So where shall we go?" She asked as she walked towards Leon. Crossing his arms for a moment, then placing his hand on his chin he began thinking. It seemed that Leon didn't think this completely through, standing there Mars began wondering if this was such a good idea. "I got it! Cmon!" He said as he grabbed ahold of Mars' hand. The two walked through the streets towards the outskirts of town. "I know this place, you'll love it." He told Mars.

A few miles into the Elysium fields the two were conversing among one another. "I want to be a great adventurer when I'm older, just like my father before me." He said as the two walked through the fields. "So what is your dream May?" he asked. "My dream?" She replied as she looked at him with a bit of sadness in her eyes. Leon continued to walk before he noticed Mars had stopped behind him. "Whats wrong?" He asked. She turned her gaze towards the sky, watching the clouds pass by.

"I just want to be a normal girl." She replied. Walking to her side and placing his hand on her shoulder he looked into her eyes. "You seem pretty normal to me." He replied as he rubbed his hand through her hair, causing it to become a mess. "Thats not funny!" She yelled as she began chasing him across the fields. He ran ahead, but quickly fell to the ground as a blow struck him in the back of the head. "Oww!!" he mumbled as he sat up.

Looking ahead of him Mars had another rock in her hand, tossing it up repeatedly she had a huge smirk on her face. "Wanna try that again." She replied. Standing to his feet he backed away slowly as she approached him. "Okay okay, I won't do it again." He said. Picking himself up completely he placed his hand over the back of his head, rubbing a huge knot he had. After a few more miles of travelling the two eventually arrived at a large valley.

"Its beautiful!" Mars spoke loudly as she noticed the valley before her. Strewn across the valley were countless flowers, as far as the eye could see the field of flowers seemed everlasting. "You should see them at night. They glow like fireflies in the night sky when they open." He replied to her. "Can we go down there?" She asked, and with a slight nod he replied. "Sure, but take my hand, its dangerous scaling this cliff."

Back in Elysium Castle a knock came to Alairs door. "You may enter." Alair said. The door opened as Sari stood in the hallway. "Have you seen Marselle today?" She asked as Alair shook her head to the question. "I haven't seen her all day? Is something important happening?" Alair replied with a question of her own. Nodding her head slightly she replied. "I'll explain everything later, for now find Marselle for me." Sari replied a bit angrily as she left.

Many hours had passed and the sun began to set beyond the horizon, Mars and Leon stood in the midst of the field as the sun eventually disappeared. "They're even more beautiful." Mars said as the flower began to blossom. Countless lights floated into the night sky as the two gazed upon their beauty. Mars' gaze turned toward Leon, as his gazed turned towards hers as well. "This day has been special, thank you." Mars spoke to her new friend.

Placing his hand on her cheek he felt a teardrop. "Whats wrong?" He asked. Turning completely towards Leon she gazed into his eyes, a brief moment of silence passed before Mars wrapped her arms around Leons neck, kissing him passionately. The lights of the flowers flew pass the two as Leon wrapped his arms around Mars and embraced her. A few hours later the two would arrive back in the town of Divisia in the midst of night.

"I guess I'll see you tomorrow then?" Leon asked as the two arrived in town. "I wouldn't miss it for anything." She replied, kissing his cheek softly. The two went their seperate ways that night, arriving at the castle Alair awaited her friend in the main hallway. "There you are, we've been worried sick Mars." Alair said to her friend. "Sorry to have worried everyone like that, but I'm here now. Is there anything important going on?" Mars asked.

The two walked through the castle, arriving at Sari's room on the third floor. "Come in." Sari said as Alair knocked on the door. The door opened and the two walked in, each sitting around the table. "Welcome home Marselle, but please for now on if you're going to leave the castle for such a period of time tell someone." She said and without a word Mars just nodded her head. "Okay, now I have some information to tell the two of you." She said as she unfolded a map across the table.

"As we know we came from Landen through here and the path was destroyed thanks to Wren's quick thinking at the Control Tower in Aridia." she said as she pointed towards the Elysium-Landen passage on the map. "Now follow my finger, over here there is another passageway in the forest a few miles east of the original passage." She said. "So we should be able to return home through there?" Mars asked. Shaking her head slowly Sari replied. "This passage is not as big as the original. We would have to go in groups of three to arrive in Landen undetected."

A few miles south of Hazatak in Aridia Lune approached the halfway point of the river. "After passing through that hell in Draconia you better appreciate all I'm doing for you girl." He thought as he stepped foot in the water. He revealed a small pendant from his pouch as the water rose above his head. Below the river Lune walked towards the bottom, a small barrier like object surrounded his body as he made his way towards the underworld, a world that housed an old comrade of Lunes. What was his purpose for making this trip?

The next day as Mars Alair and Sari made their way towards the meeting hall they were stopped by a young boy. "Miss Marselle, this is for you." He said as he handed her a letter. Alair glanced at her friend as she opened the letter, revealing a shocking message. "Marselle! Whats wrong." Sari asked as the note fell from Mars hand to the ground below.

Princess Marselle, we have in our hands a young man who we know you've grown very attached to. By the time you have read this his execution will already be underway for the treason against King Cille. If you wish to save this young man from the guillotine you shall return to Landen immediately and give yourself up. The choice is yours and I shall await your arrival... (Ryan)

"Marselle, calm down.. We'll think of a plan." Sari said as Alair wrapped her arms around her friend. Anger was building up inside Mars as her body shook. Cille had already taken everything away from Mars, and she was not about to let them take another precious thing away from her. The group only had a few short hours left before the execution would begin, and time was of the essence. Would they be able to arrive in Landen fast enough, or would they fail?

Chapter Seven End
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