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Chapter Six

Should I Tell You My Name

Part I

A month and half had passed since the Satera rebellion arrived in Elysium Dome. The Cille armies march for Elysium was cut short due to a large amount of fire in the Landen-Elysium passageway, which caused a majority the platforms connecting the two domes to collapse on themselves. "Any word from Wren?" Sari asked as she sat across a table from two women. "Our informant hasn't returned yet. With the passageway down its complicated enough to travel from here to Aridia." The raven-haired woman replied.

"Its been over a month now, you'd think he would have returned by now." The scarlet-haired woman said as she glanced over at the map hanging on the wall. Far southwest in the town of Aerone Lune walked through the town towards the hanger which housed the transport ship from Elysium to Dahlia. Accompanying him were two Dahlian warriors, one male, one female. "Lord Lune." The young woman said. Glancing back towards the two they came to a halt, was it out of respect? Or was it that Lune scared them enough to make them come to a halt?

"How are we going to travel freely through the domes?" She asked. Turning his body completely he crossed his arms as he looked down on the two. "Ready the ship! We're heading for Draconia." he replied. The three boarded the small spacecraft, Lune sitting in his large seat as he waited for departure. "Setting coordinates for Draconia, we'll be ready to leave in five minutes sir." The young man spoke as the two of them continued to operate the controls.

The ship shook as it prepared to depart from the hanger, a faint beeping sound was heard from the monitor that Lune carried with him. "It seems Azura is circling around Draconia, what could this mean?" He thought to himself. The townspeople fled the surrounding area as the ground began to open, the sun shone brightly through the opening as the ship began moving, eventually flying out with great speed into the darkness of space, towards the Draconia dome.

In the midst of the forest that surrounded the castle, a platinum-haired youth made his way along the path that led towards his home. "Such a nice breeze" He thought as the wind blew across his face. The sounds of the chirpers singing soothed him as he walked, eventually coming to a stop. "Whats that?" He thought. "Sounds like splashing. Maybe there a stream over there. A stream means fish, and fish means dinner." He said as he walked off the path into the woods.

Crossing through the woods the surrounding area began to be enveloped in a fog. Making his way through the fog he arrived at the source of the sound. Looking down from the ledge he still heard splashing, but at the same time he heard laughing and talking as well. "Take this Alair!" a young womans voice spoke out as another splash was heard. Down below two women, Mars and Alair soaked in the hotspring as they relaxed. "It feels good to get away and rest, don't you agree?" Alair asked.

Faintly nodding her head Mars replied in a relaxed tone. "Yea" Atop the hill the youth continued to glance down as the splashing came to a stop. "Huh?" He thought as the fog began to clear from the surrounding area. Glancing below the young man noticed the two women below, faintly seeing Mars' bust he fell down the hill, landing near the hotsprings. "What was that?" Alair asked as the sound of a crash was heard. Jumping out of the hotsprings the two grabbed their weapons, coming to a stop. The fog cleared and below them was the youth. His eyes opened as the two stood above him.




A few moments passed and the fully clothed Mars and Alair approached the young man who was facing away from the two. His face was still red as the two brought him a Dimate. "Here this should close up that wound on your head." Alair said as she handed him the item. "Thank you" He replied as he placed the medicine on his wound. "What were you doing spying on us?" Mars asked. Turning around towards Mars his face turned completely red once again. "I.. I.. I.. I.. *Ahem* I heard splashing while I was walking along the trail." He said as he pointed towards the cliff.

"I thought there might be a stream over here so I came here looking for fish." He replied. A brief moment of silence passed before any words were said. "Alright, we'll believe you for now. So do you have a name?" Alair asked the youth. "Leon" he replied. "And you?" "My names Alair and this is.." "I'm May." Mars lied to Leon. The three began to walk along the pathway talking among one another as the sun began to set. "So which way are you two heading?" He asked as they stopped at the crossroads.

Pointing her finger towards the road that lead west Leon crossed his arms. "I see, so you live in Divisia. My home is along the northern road there. So I guess this is where we part ways." He replied. "So you live alone?" Alair asked. Nodding his head he walked towards the northern path, turning around to face the two. "Its not so bad you know, being alone that is. Lets meet again okay?" He spoke those words as he turned and walked down the path.

The two stood there until he had finally disappeared from their site, they turned and went back towards the castle. "How come you lied?" Alair asked. "Its better if he does not know my true name." She replied. It had seemed Mars remembered Sari's words about revealing her true identity. The two arrived at the castle a hour later, meeting up with Sari in the meeting hall. "You've returned!" Sari spoke out as she turned towards the two.

"So any word from Wren yet?" Alair asked. Nodding her head Sari stepped to the side, revealing a young violet-haired woman clad in various cloaks, no younger then Mars. "We haven't discussed anything yet." She said as everyone sat around the table. "So what have you learned?" Mars asked the young woman. "We all know the Cille army is increasing." She said. The three nodded their heads as she revealed a blueprint. "I found this while I was in a frozen place called Frigidia." She said as she pointed to one of the large circles on the blueprint.

"According to this we're not actually one world, but in fact several different worlds. According to this we are here, in a (Dome) called Elysium. And this one above us is Landen." She said. "Yea we know about this thanks to Alair, but continue with your report anyways." Sari replied. A moment of silence passed then the woman pointed to the dome beside Landen. "*Ahem* I did not know that.. Anyways I've marked these three (Domes) in red. The (Domes) of Aquatica, Draconia, and Aridia have already been taken over by Cille."

"And what of the androids in Aridia?" Sari asked. "Wiped out by single person. I know little of this man other then he bears a faint resemblance to that of Maia, king Cilles daughter." She replied. "And what of Wren?" Mars asked. ".....This was all I recovered." The woman said as she revealed a red crystal from her pouch. Slightly looking away Mars gripped her fist tightly. The group had lost a close and valuable ally, as well as a dear friend. Who was this man that had taken over Aridia? And how would they be able to stop someone so strong. Only time would be able to tell as the dawn of a new day approached.


Lune's ship slowly approached the artificial moon Azura, its orbit out of place around the Alisa III. "Lord Lune, what do you think this means?" The young woman asked as she examined the moon. Placing both hands together Lune placed them near his face, glancing at the monitor he thought to himself. "So you've awakened. What are you planning to do Siren?" The ship passed by Azura heading towards Draconia, the whole time Lune trying to understand what could be happening.

Chapter Six End
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