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Chapter Five

The Reason

The town of Landen lay in ruins as Cille soldiers marched through the streets. The majority of the citizens of Landen had been taken prisoner, the others forced to join the Cille army beyond their own free will. Inside Landen Castle Maia, the new Queen of Landen was making her way towards the dungeon. Inside, bound to his shackles, the wounded Rhys sat in his cell. "Finally awake I see." A voice spoke to him as the cell door opened.

Glancing forward only to see the foot of his captor Rhys easily recognized who it was. "Maia, what have you become?" Rhys asked as she stepped inside the cell. Trying to look upward Rhys' head was slammed to the floor, he could feel the pressure of Maia's foot pressing against his head. "Don't you dare look at me. You haven't the right, not anymore." She yelled. Her voice echoed throughout the dungeon, towards the farther side Lena could hear every word spoken.

"Rhys, be strong." Lena mumbled as she tried to squeeze her arms out of her binds. To the right of Lena lay Mieu, her legs and arms bound to the wall, barely conscious she glanced over at Lena who was trying to free herself. "Lena.. Marselle, what news do you have?" She asked. Trying as hard as she could, but eventually giving up Lena rested herself. "I've heard rumors that Marselle is in the safe hands of Sari." Lena said. "Your daughter? So she survived after all." Mieu replied.

Rhys was thrown against the wall, breathing heavily and barely able to stand to his feet he looked at Maia. "What have you done Maia, this is unlike you." He asked. Covering her mouth Maia began to laugh as Rhys asked her that question. "Heartbreak can indeed be a cruel mistress Rhys." was all that she replied with. "The great King Rhys of Landen, fallen by a meer princess." Maia spoke towards him. Her words hit him as though his own body had been pierced by the sharpest of blades. "I only fell because...."

The Day of the Attack

"You're not going any further!" Rhys yelled as he blocked the pathway towards the dungeon. Mieu and Marselle had already descended the stairs and countless soldiers continued to fill the throne room. "Archers, ready!" King Cille yelled. The marksmen of Cille readied their weapons, all pointing towards Rhys as he fought off the footmen with his sword alone. "What say you daughter? Would it please you to give the order?" He asked. Looking up towards her father, then back towards Rhys who was fighting, giving his all for his family.

"I have a plan father, tell them to back down. I'll face Rhys myself." She replied. Having confidence in his daughter the King of Cille backed down, ordering his men to withdraw for the moment. One by one they withdrew, leaving Rhys suspicious. Keeping a firm grip on his sword he looked forward, noticing Maia clad in armor, a longsword in her left hand, walking towards him. "Take the woman prisoner!" Maia yelled as the soldiers captured and bound the unarmed Lena. "Maia, why would you. How.." Rhys said before Maia replied. "I hate you! I hate you and everyone around you!" She yelled.

Placing both hands firm on her weapon she charged Rhys with all her might. Swinging with such strength Rhys dodged the first blow, swinging his sword back he knocked Maia off balance for a second. Swinging his sword towards her she quickly counter attacked, blocking his blade. "Maia, we can work this out. Please, put your weapon down." He asked, looking into her hate filled eyes. "Never! It will never be the same." She replied as she knocked Rhys' weapon from his hand.

"Pick it up and fight me!" Maia yelled. Glancing to his sword Rhys looked back to Maia and rose both his hands. "Forgive me for all I've done Maia. But those things are in the past and best forgotten. I cannot harm you, but if you'd wish to harm me, then so be it." He spoke to her. King Cille walked towards the two, clapping his hands after Rhys' speach. "Fine words from such a dirty Orakian. You shall be greatly rewarded." King Cille replied. Ordering the guards to take Rhys prisoner the guards grabbed Rhys and bounded his arms and legs.

Moments later Rhys and Lena were taken to the dungeon, Landen had fallen and Cille's reign had begun. "Maia, I'll be returning to Cille, I assume you can handle things here?" King Cille asked. Slightly nodding her head she replied to her father. "Everything will be taken care of." King Cille, as well as his troops withdrew from the castle, leaving Maia alone in the throne room. "Damnit!!" she yelled as she threw her sword to the ground.

"...... Because I could never harm you." Were the words that kept repeating in Maia's mind as she ascended the stairs. All the while Rhys was left in his cell injured and bound to the walls. "You gave me something special Rhys, and then you abandoned us. I'll never forgive you for what you've done." Maia thought as the doorway to the dungeon closed behind her. In the darkness of the dungeon the sound of footsteps could be heard.

The footsteps slowly approached the cell that held Lena and Mieu captive. "Heh sorry I'm late." A mans voice spoke out to them. The man could not be heard, but his presence could be felt closeby. "I knew you would come, but you cannot rescue us yet. If you did then Marselle would be in more danger." Lena replied to the voice. Mieu slowly opened her eyes, only to see what appeared to be emerald hair flash in the light that kept flickering.

"I heard she passed through the Marsh of Silence awhile back. I wonder where she could of gotten a crazy idea like that." The voice said, Lena smiled a bit then closed her eyes. "It seems she remembered my story after all." Lena replied. Mieu glanced over in the direction Lena's voice came from, and Lena faced Mieu. "Forgive me, I know I should have never told her the story, but she kept asking me how I helped Rhys so many years ago so I explained everything from start to finish." Lena replied

"I'd best be going, the guard shall return any moment. If I get caught then all shall be for naught." The voice spoke to them. Before they could even say anything the sound of footsteps were the only thing they heard as the guard came into their cell to bring them food. Rhys continued to look at the floor of his cell as he thought about many things. He continued thinking about his wife and daughter, hoping that Marselle was safe out there in the world. Many things crossed his mind that night as he soon fell into a slumber.


Mars was gazing at the stars in her room. The repairs to the castle were coming along but would take more time to finish. Many days and nights had passed since Mars escaped from her home, hoping for the day she would be able to return home. "Mars, your not asleep yet?" Alair asked as she walked inside the room. Not replying Mars looked towards Alair, revealing a small smile towards her she looked back at the stars. "I'll see you tomorrow." Was all that Alair heard as she left the room, closing the door behind her.

Chapter Five End

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