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Chapter Four

The Alliance

Two weeks had passed since Mars was rescued by the rebellion. The Cille army had begun to spread all through Satera, taking the majority of its land for their own. One week prior to the day Sari sent a scout to inspect the surrounding areas, in hopes for the rebellion to move themselves away from Satera. "Princess Sari! He's returned." A young boy yelled as he ran into the room. Sari, as well as Wren and myself stood from our chairs as we waited for the scout to enter.

"So, what news do you bring?" Sari asked as the scout entered the room. The scout was a young man covered in multiple cloaks, his face hidden underneath the majority of them. The only thing that could be seen was parts of his mouth as he talked. "About twenty miles south of here theres a cave that leads to a unknown land. There appears to be a large castle, abandoned about twelve miles south of the exit." He reported.

The two conversed for a few brief moments then the scout left the room. "Marselle, I'm sending you ahead to this new land. If we're able to set up our base of operations there we might have a chance of winning against Cille." Sari said. As Mars accepted the order Sari walked towards the table in the middle of the room. Placing her hand underneath she revealed to Mars a claw weapon. "I'm sorry Marselle, but we weren't able to recover your sword, this is all I can do for you." Sari said as she handed Mars a replacement for her lost weapon.

Attaching the claw to her left arm, and her mothers to the right Mars glanced at the two before her. "We'll follow behind you in two days, that will be enough time for us to gather more allies. We're counting on you Marselle." Sari said. "You sure you want to send just me? Wouldn't it be wiser to send Wren instead?" Mars asked. A few moments of silence passed before Wren replied. "I'll be heading back to Aridia for a few days. The Cille army won't know what hit them when I'm done in the Weather Control Tower!"

The plan had already begun. Wren left the room shortly before Mars did. Sari stared into the fire that blazed in the chimney, thinking about the operation. A day had already passed since Mars left Satera in the midst of night. Emerging from the cave Mars could faintly see a castle in the distance. The sun shone brightly in her face as she walked across the fields, the wind blowing fiercly as she made her way towards the castle.

"This place is huge!" Mars thought as she passed through the main chamber, noticing fallen debris ahead had blocked off entrance to the throne room. It appeared a great battle was fought here, and all the inhabitants either escaped, or perished along with the castle. "~Help me~" A voice called out to Mars. The blades of her weapons extended out as Mars quickly looked around. "Guess I'm just hearing things." Mars said as she retracted the blades of her weapons.

She took a few steps forwards, only to feel the floor underneath her give way. "Ahhh!!" She screamed as she fell into the darkness below her. After a brief fall and a harsh landing on her bottom Mars jumped up in pain, trying to walk it off she noticed a cell before her. "Looks like I found myself in the dungeon. Great, thats my luck." She thought. As she walked towards the cell she placed her hands on the bars, looking in she noticed a woman inside. Her Harlequin shaded hair glowed from the light above, drawing attention away from the chains around her legs.

"Hold on, I'll get you out!" Mars said as the young woman looked at her. Taking a look around the surrounding area Mars noticed a small key below some of the fallen debris from above. Unlocking the cell door Mars made her way inside the cell. Releasing the woman from her shackles she cast a small Res technique to recover the womans energy. "Thank you, but why would you rescue someone you have no connections to?" The woman asked. Finishing her Res Mars stood and glanced down at the woman. "I was taught to always help those in need. You needed help, so I helped." Mars replied.

The young womans eyes widened as she stared up at Mars. "Such kindness from someone so young. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. My name is Alair, and yours?" She asked. "Marselle, but you can call me Mars." replied the young princess. "Well then Mars, what say we get out of this dungeon?" Alair asked her savior. With a slight nod of the head Mars the two looked up at the hole above. "Can't get out that way." Mars said. "I remember when I was taken down here they led me through a series of passageways. If we backtrack we should be able to escape." Alair replied.

The two made their way through the dungeon, crossing many turns, coming to many dead ends it seemed after countless hours they would never make it out. "So you lost you home to this country called Cille? Humans can indeed be cruel when it comes to power." Alair spoke as Mars finished telling the story of her journey. The two made their way down one final hallway, eventually coming to a large staircase. "Finally! Sunlight!!" Mars yelled as she emerged from the dungeon.

Before all was well though Mars and Alair were surrounded by men wearing robes. The blades on Mars weapons extended outward as she prepaired for battle. Keeping herself close to Alair a large man appeared through all the troops, his hair hung in his face as he towered over Mars. "Sister, I've come to rescue you, but it appears your captor has brought you to me instead." He said. His loud voice echoed through the halls of the castle as he revealed his weapon.

"Lune! Brother you have it all wrong. Mars has not captured me, but instead rescued me from my prison." She replied. He placed his hand over his face, rubbing his eyes slightly with his fingers he withdrew his weapon. "I only enjoy battle, but even so I never let a debt go unattended. I'd be a fool not to notice what is going on around me. So I'll hear you out." He replied with a soft voice. A few moments passed and Lune began nodding his head. "I understand, so by joining you I'll be able to enjoy myself in battle." He asked.

With a slight nod of the head and a quick yes Mars answered the tyrants question. "Then I shall call a truce between us of Dahlia, Landen and Satera. But remember child, I still harbor hatred towards Orakio and his descendants. If you once abandon your comrades in battle, I will not hesitate to turn on you." He replied. Placing her hand on Mars shoulder Alair smiled at her new friend. "Princess Marselle! Are you alright?" A familiar voice yelled from the distance.

Sari and the rebellion had finally made their way towards the castle, the few members surrounded Lunes troops with weapons drawn. Lune ordered his troops to withdraw their weapons, Sari looked dumbfounded for a moment. "Its ok Sari, these people are here to help us." Mars said. A moment passed as Sari stared at the giant man before her, eventually taking a few steps towards him and extending her hand. "Glad to have you and your men aboard." Sari said, griping her hand tightly on Lunes as he replied.

"Likewise, I know you'll lead me to my greatest battle." The members of the rebellion withdrew their weapons as a truce was finally formed between Orakio's descendants and Lune. Mars stood there with her new ally and friend Alair as they watched the two come together to work for the greater good. But how long would the truce last between the two? Would Lunes lust for battle bring new hope for the rebellion, or would it destroy them along with Cille.

(Meanwhile at the Weather Control Tower)

Wrens arm sparked as it laid on the floor. A cascade-haired youth as well as a raven-haired man stood before the cyborg with their weapons drawn. "I'm not letting you get any further then this!" Wren yelled as he slammed down on the control panel, damaging it beyond repair. Wren's sensors began to malfunction as the two slowly approached him. With one clean sweep Wrens head was taken right off his body as the cascade-haired youths sword was covered in oil. Wrens motionless body fell to the ground as the youth swiped his blade, returning it to its sheath.

"I heard Princess Marselle has allianced herself with Lune. So Ryan, what do you say? Do you and your group pledge their loyalty to Cille?" He asked as he turned towards the raven-haired man. Removing the shades from his eyes the man revealed two brown eyes full of hatred as the youth said the words Lune. "Of course, if its to take him down for what he's done. Then I'll give my all to Cille." The man replied as he slammed his foot down on Wren's head, shattering it across the room.

Chapter Four End
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