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Chapter One

The Beginning

"Prince Rhys of Landen. You have done well to defeat me. After coming so far, even though all the odds were against you. You managed to defeat me, and now your reward." King Cille spoke out as Maia walked from behind the throne. The battle had ended and Rhys' journey was complete. "Rhys, theres something I have to tell you." Lena spoke as Rhys approached Maia. Maia slowly approached Rhys, but stood in awe at what had happened next.

"Mieu, my companion and dearest friend. We have travelled far on our journey, many things seen, and so many things learned. I know, now deep in my heart that it is you whom I really love. Forgive me Maia, but my heart belongs to another." Rhys spoke out. Maia's, as well as Lena's face turned pale as a ghosts. They stood in awe as Rhys had revealed his true feelings, for the humanoid cyborg Mieu. Mieu was more human-like then they realized. Her cheeks blushed as Rhys held her hand.


The two girls screamed out with such fury. It had seemed Rhys had chosen Mieu instead of Maia or Lena. Lena's head hung low as a tear dripped from her eye, only glancing up at Rhys once. "Rhys, I'm.. I'm.." She said. Maia ran off, one of King Cilles men chased after her in King Cilles stead. "Lyle, please escort our guests out." King Cille spoke. Lyle placed his hand on Rhys' shoulder, and without saying a word escorted Rhys, Mieu and Wren out of Cille castle and eventually to the Sapphire Passageway.

"It seems like we'll never meet again." Lyle asked. "Don't think of it as that my friend. No matter what you are my comrade and whenever need be my kingdom and yours for now on shall be allies." Rhys replied, and with those words the four said their goodbyes and went their seperate ways from that day. Meanwhile back at Cille castle Lena was awaiting for Lyle to return. "Lyle, it seems Rhys made his decision, and what of you?" Lena asked the emerald haired prince. "I believe we should keep Rhys Landen as a close ally but continue to keep an eye on my uncle. He seems to still harbor hatred toward the Orakians." Lyle replied.

In the highest point of the left wing of Cille castle Princess Maia weeped into her pillow. "Maia my dear, I know it hurts now, but alas I knew my plan was all for naught." King Cille said to his daughter. She rose her head, glancing towards her father. "What do you mean your plan?" She asked. He let out a slight chuckle. "Nevermind my dear, just know this. Revenge can be as sweet as the juiciest grape plucked from the vine." He replied. What could King Cille be planning, and how would this peace between Orakians and Layans be now?

Fifteen Years Later

Bards from surrounding towns gathered in the streets of Landen, their musical hymns could be heard as they played their lutes for the upcoming ceremony. "Marselle, are you dressed yet?" A maid spoke out as she knocked on a large door. "Its Mars, not Marselle!" A young woman's voice was heard from behind the door. Today was the day Princess Marselle, the daughter of King Rhys and Queen Mieu of Landen would be turning the age of fifteen, the age of womanhood for Orakians.

Mars turned around, her beautiful dress spun with her as she brushed her cascade hair from over her eyes, revealing her violet colored eyes. "Princess Marselle, I know its your birthday but please act more like a princess and be on time for things." The attendant spoke out. Marselle, or Mars rather as she liked being called was somewhat of a tomboy, enjoying adventure more then staying cooped up inside the castle. Just like her father before her.

"I finally turn fifteen and everyone still treats me like a child. *Sigh* Alright, lets get going." She said as she put on a huge fake smile. She walked through the halls formally like a lady should as she approached the throne room where her ceremony was being held. "Marselle, my beautiful daughter." Mieu spoke out as she rose from her throne. Mars walked up the small stairs towards the thrones her father and mother sat. "Mother, Father, thank you for this lovely ceremony." Mars replied as she sat in her seat.

The ceremony commenced as bards played their songs. The queen of Satera's queendom Lena arrived as the ceremony was beginning to end. "I'm sorry I'm late Rhys, you know how stressful being queen can be." She said. Scratching his head slightly and with a blank stare on his face Rhys replied. "I'm not so sure I do Lena, but I get what you mean." Mieu glanced over to her daughter, noticing the bored look on her face. "Whats wrong Marselle? Isn't this everything you wanted." Mieu asked.

Turning her head ever so slightly towards her mother Mars replied. "No mother this is what you and father..." Before she could finish the sound of a explosion was heard coming from behind the large doorway of the throne room. Rhys stood to his feet, quickly grabbing his sword. At that moment the door burst open, smoke began filling the room as knights wearing the armor of the Layan dragon surrounded all that were inside.

"King Cille! I thought we were allies!" Rhys yelled across the room as his former ally and fiance walked into the room. "Maia, what are you.. I thought we.." Rhys said before he was interupted. "Silence Orakian, your foul words mean nothing to her anymore. I believe this will make a nice addition to my territory." King Cille replied. Archers drew their arrows from their quivers and aimed them directly towards the thrones. "Mom, Dad, whats goin on?" Mars asked.

Arrows began raining down upon everyone inside the throne room. "No!" Mieu yelled out as she jumped in front of her daughter. Countless arrows struck Mieu as she shielded her daughter. "Mieu, get Marselle out of here. I'll hold them off." Rhys yelled as he charged into the frey with his sword. Quickly Mieu grabbed ahold of Mars' arm and ran towards the dungeon. Rhys held the soldiers off that began to chase the two while they descended the stairs.

The fighting could still be heard from above. Mieu was to badly hurt from her wounds to move anymore. "Mom, you can't die. You just can't." Mars said as tears dripped from her eyes. Mieus vision began to fade as she revealed a small claw to her daughter. "Take this and head towards the queendom of Satera, there they will protect you from Cille." Mieu spoke as she handed her daughter the claw she once fought alongside Rhys with. Before Mars could say anything the sound of footsteps were heard descending the stairway. Quickly discarding her dress Mars revealed to be wearing a tunic, much like one a traveller would wear.

Placing the claw on her left arm she pressed a block on the wall, revealing a hidden room that was holding a sheathed long sword attached to a statue of Orakio. "Sorry grampa, I know its early, but I'm borrowing this." She said as she grabbed ahold of the sword. With sword and claw in hand she made her way through the dungeon of Landen and towards the outskirts of town where she make her way towards the Queendom of Satera in the west. Would Mars be able to make her way to Satera? Or would King Cille find her and execute her on behalf of the Layans. These thoughts went through her mind as she ran through the night towards the border of Landen and Satera.

Chapter One End

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