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PostPosted: Sun Sep 12, '10, 11:58 pm 
But on the bright side, we may get Mieu, Demi, and Wren in return.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, '10, 12:52 am 
this calls for the.. Sealab 2021 skit done with Ghost in the Shell cast..

Just look it up on youtube. I can't post the URL cause of swearing and 2 bad split second scenes..

XD this is all about the Robot Apocalypse!

Be prepared to live on the reservation!

How about.. a GIANT BEETLE ROBOT?! ... etle-robot

O.o The videos shows it can actually walk. Add some weapons and HAIL OUR BEETLE OVERLORD ... 1&index=20

It moves o.o

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, '10, 5:47 pm 
I have to say, this development has much better implications than another robot related story I saw the other day. At least the skin may be useful for prosthetic limbs, even if it does need some refinement for connecting to the human body.

There's nothing good about scientists teaching robots how to lie, though. That's a herald of the Robot Apocalypse if there ever was one.

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 13, '10, 7:49 pm 
Interesting idea. I can see how the skin thing might be very helpful. The general idea of robots sounds fascinating, but it's also a little scary. Robots seem to be outsizing humans in almost every field, if you think about it, or atleast the possibility may be there, if not now, then at some future date.

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