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PostPosted: Mon Aug 16, '10, 3:31 am
They say every man has his price. My price was high, very high. I wanted nothing less than the world. And then you promised me the world.

You granted me power. You granted me magic, powerful enough to oppress my opponents. You put me in a position to rule the entire star system with iron-fists. I set up a dictatorship, raised the taxes and consolidated my military power with an army of robots. I closed the ports and airports in order to enforce a feudal society. I let you spread your monsters in the wilderness to spread the fear among the populace.

Your power gave me a castle, an inviolable stronghold. From there, I could command my armies in safety and be safe from your monsters. From there I could rule the world, be untouchable, I could be the feared and powerful ruler of Algo. Your power let me keep weakening the cities, weakening people. I knew I would face opposition, but I knew I could crush any resistance, eliminate the opponents of my government. My greatest opponent was a weak governor, more concerned about eating sweets than ruling the world. With people more and more fearful, more and more isolated in the safety of cities´ walls, my power would be unchallenged. I was sure I had conquered what I wanted. And I helped you to achieve your own goals.

But I was fooled. I thought I had everything to rule the world forever, but I was wrong. I thought that if everybody feared me, I would keep my position as long as I wanted. But I never managed that. What I managed was the most dangerous thing for my ruling: everybody hated me. When a courageous fighter surfaced, with a firm resolution in her mind, to overthrow me, I was doomed. She was not as powerful as me, she was just a weak girl. But she had the power of the entire solar system behind her. Everywhere she went, people would help her in her quest. Everybody wanted to see me dead, only they were not courageous enough to kill me themselves. She and a small group of valuable friends managed to overcome the initial difficulties I imposed and every time they needed help, there was always someone willing to help.

As for my turn, my "friends" were either weak or corrupt. They could be bribed, coerced, convinced to defect to the other side. My power was not enough. Soon, my inviolable fortress was attacked and followers defeated one by one. Most of them fought not for love or conviction; they were plotting to succeed me after my downfall. Soon I had to face this courageous group and fight them alone. Only then I discovered the magic you´ve given me was not powerful enough. They had legendary weapons and a magic crystal which let them overcome the power of your magic. I tried with all my might, but they finally defeated me.

And you, that I trust most, deserted me. You just left me to die and immediately run away. You went to possess the next in power after me. Soon you will have to face the same strong opponents who caused my downfall. And even if they are not powerful enough, others will surface and kill you too. After all, everything you managed is to be hated by everyone. And this will be the cause of your downfall and of all the others who succeed you, if they keep this cycle of hate...
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