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Nei - Tragic Heroine

Nei - Tragic Heroine

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 7, '10, 11:44 pm 
Well done Lyla. I’m very happy to see you’ve done Nei :D . I was so used to you doing PSIV artwork. I can’t complain about anything with this piece. Overall she’s great. :up:

PostPosted: Wed Jul 7, '10, 11:52 pm 
Fantastic work on Nei! Very classic. :clap:

I vote Anna next also.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, '10, 11:51 am 
Beautiful piece here, Lyla, with a tender expression. You've done her justice!

And yes I suggest Anna as well. I'm not really interested in Hugh, unless he's hanging out with Kain or something.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 11, '10, 8:22 pm 
She looks nice. Good work.

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 4:51 pm 
Well, the votes are in then. Anna it is. ^^ She shouldn't be hard at all. That cool, calm expression will come easily, thanks to endless practice drawings with Alys. I might even draw Anna in her alternate outfit, shown in the Compendium. Or should I stick to her sexy blue costume? ;)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, '10, 5:06 pm 
I'm not sure, it's a tough choice. I like her alternate red costume from the text adventure.

Alright then, I'm gong to say go for her alternate costume, just for the sake of something different. :D

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 9:33 pm 
I think I'll do Anna in her text adventure outfit. Do you guys know that it was the basis for Alys' uniform design in IV? I'll probably do the two gals together in one image. Then the similarities will really pop up. :D Only difference is Alys is around 177cm, Anna is around 165cm (I think?) and Al is a brunette while Anna is blonde. Other than that, they're very similar in terms of looks (and personality, maybe).

Or what say you?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 9:46 pm 
I'd say the text adventure outfit. Though her hair is shorter in that version and her armour incorporates a few different colours (I'm sure I saw some pink in there) as well as the bandanna, the scheme is strikingly similar to Alys' with the combination of red and black.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 9:53 pm 
Lyla2284 wrote:Or what say you?
About Alys vs. Anna, or what you should work on next?

I say work on whatever you're most motivated to work on. (Gosh, I'm so helpful.)

As for Alys/Anna, they're definitely similar, since Alys was mostly based on Anna. The biggest difference to me is that Alys's sexuality is toned down a lot. I'm guessing the artists did this on purpose because one of Alys's biggest roles in the game is that of a guardian to Chaz. So, she's probably a little more mature and a better decision maker and leader, rather than Anna's obvious role as eye-candy-for-Rolf. ;) (OK, Anna's more than just that, but she was designed to be the "hot chick" in PSII: younger and with more allure than Alys.)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 13, '10, 10:07 pm 
No, I'm talking about drawing both ladies together in a fan-art piece or as separate fan-art images, for the sake of comparison. And I do agree with you that I never saw Alys as a er... hmm, how do we put it... but you know what I'm talking about here. ^^ Actually, I never saw any of the gals in IV being portrayed as Anna was. As 'hot-chicks', in other words. Though Alys, in my opinion, is still IV's best looking gal, even though her sexuality isn't as obvious as Anna's. And it's understandable, give her role in the game as you pointed out, Tanith.

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