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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 2:59 pm 
There is also a question I would like to ask you : first, did you ever listen to the musics of Phantasy Star II, but in their japanese version ? The great difference between the two sets isn't like in PS I, the musics aren't very different, but there is a HUGE difference : what I call the "drum orchestration". In fact, the musics are the same but there is a haunting drum sound, the same for all the tracks (If I'm correct).
For me : it's a devastation !! I find it totally out of space and very bad to the ears :(
And I'm happy that the Oversea version (european and american and other countries I think) was made free of this sound !
What do you think of it ?

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 3:26 pm 
You know, it's funny, but I don't think I've ever come across the Japanese PS II's music. I'm familiar with the Mark III stuff for PS I, which I really like, but I wasn't even aware of sound differences in PS II.

I actually just tried to find some of it on Youtube, and I didn't have much luck. I found one video that claimed to be from the Japanese soundtrack, but I don't know if it was legitimate. I didn't really hear any difference, but the title was incorrect on it, in the first place, so I don't know.

PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, '12, 8:53 pm 
Ah familiar to the mark III stuff of Phantasy Star ! A smart man you are:)
Not everybody knows that there is a difference between the versions ! I didn't know it 1 month ago !
It's a bit strange because the music for PS III and PS IV are the same in all versions (or it seems if I refer to the Complete Collection soundtrack CD).
I just tried to find some on youtube and you are right : very hard to find...:(
Just a question : I don't know if I have the right to make a link through the musics in MP3 ? I found some links (but for the moment can't remember where !! lol) But if I find it back : can I ?

PostPosted: Tue Jan 17, '12, 12:51 pm 
I'm very happy that you discovered it ! It's always so pleasant to learn new things about Phantasy Star : like I said to my pupils, we lern everyday, even the adults and tgat's so great ! Maybe more about something we love and cherrish here, Phantasy Star : hope we'll learn more and more about it !
But it's often a matter of time : too many things to do...:( Impossible to be bored !

About the link you put, it wasn't the site I spoke about but it's a good link ! I'll note it on my computer. Thanks !
No, no problem I think too : mp3 isn't forbidden but maybe I'll wait an "official answer" from an administrator of the site.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, '12, 10:27 pm 
Before I tell you my favourite five musics, another question ! (Hope you won't be mad at me, Bragatyr ^^) :
What is your favourite Combat music ?
"Hard" question !

For me I'll put them from my best to my "worst" concerning the four PS only :
1) Rise or fall (PSII)
2) Meet them head-on ! (PSIV)
3) Battle (PSI)
4) The different "musics" (PSIII)

In general, I find that the combat musics of the Phantasy Star aren't really fantastic (no luck, it's the music you listen to the more often during the game...) but they are NOT bad ! Even in PSIII, even if these are just some repetitive tracks...
Compare to the battle music of Skies of Arcadia for example (I speak about the composition, not the quality of the music !)... (I'm in love with the combat music of SOA : on the ground and Airship Vs airship... the greatests !!)

PostPosted: Tue Jan 24, '12, 11:22 pm 
Actually, that was exactly what I was thinking of for the next question, so I'm going to go ahead and add it. I'd actually love to get some questions, so please think of some fun ones and I'll add them.

My faves are...

1. Laughter (PS IV)
2. Lassic battle (PS I)
3. Rise or Fall
4. Meet Them Head On
5. Dark Force (PS III)

I have to go with the boss battles, for the most part. Most of them are pretty darn epic. And Rise or Fall is so classic (and has an awesome remix, courtesy of Aeroprism). Dark Force from PS III is one that tends to slip my mind, but it's a really nice song.

And yeah, I have to agree that the normal combat music isn't always the strongest in Phantasy Star, but I think the boss battle themes usually make up for it.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, '12, 12:26 am 
You are mistaken my good friend, Rise or Fall has two excellent remixes from me ;-)

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, '12, 4:06 am 
myau56 wrote:No, no problem I think too : mp3 isn't forbidden but maybe I'll wait an "official answer" from an administrator of the site.

It would not be allowed to link to mp3s of copyrighted music, unless those mp3s are distributed with the permission of the copyright holder. So one cannot post a link to Phantasy Star mp3s unless Sega has released those mp3s for others to post. To the best of my knowledge, Sega has never done that.

Remixes (like Aeroprism's or those on Overclocked) are permitted as long as they are non-commercial in nature. They're a gray area that may fall under Fair Use clauses of copyright law that permit such things.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, '12, 8:46 am 
THOUL : ok, it's what I think you'll answerme, so no link to MP3's : try to find it by ourselves is the best way (or no ! the best way is to buy the fantastic CD of the Phantasy Star 1st series complete album !).

BRAGATYR : Oups sorry if I made this post too soon ! :( (don't think you would be mad at me ^^) : I didn't ask about the boss battle so I'll make a ranking about them separately but now work is calling ! :)

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 25, '12, 2:46 pm 
I'm in the process of re-sampling every good PS song from PS 1-2-3-4 through emulator rips. I combine excellent sampling equipment and a keen ear to get you results that are clearer and crisper than the CDs provided by SEGA and that are MUCH better than the popular youtube available versions ripped a few years ago. I have no moral problem in doing so as they are from products that have been off the shelves and had no official commercial value in well over a decade.

However, due to Thoul's policy, I will refrain from linking here. Send me a personal message if you with to acquire them.

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