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 Post subject: Re: The perfect PS game?
PostPosted: Fri Jul 23, '10, 10:10 pm 
Plotline/Storyline: PSI-esque; you can't get better than mixing Greek mythology with sci-fi and fantasy. Really, it's a geek's dream. ;)

Character design: I'm all for a fantasy/sci-fi look; like Tanith, I don't care for capes, but I do love the robes for the wizards. Sexy outfits for the females is all fine with me, but they should be realistic. Give the gals some sexy fashion (perhaps a skin tight body suit, for instance) yet have it be high-tech clothing (resistant to magic or whatnot). Just an idea.

Music: I'm a huge fan of remixes, particularly the PSI Generations remixes such as "the Tower" tune, heard here.

Battle system: PSI and PSIV; I like pretty, realistic, nature-battle backgrounds, not grids (PSII) and not rather plain (PSIII).

Difficulty: I like PSI's and PSIII's level of difficulty, challenging but not stressful.^^

Dungeons? PSI's 3D style, please.

Map design/dungeon design: I love maps. The booklet that came with PSI was so much fun, it showed maps of the planets but obscured other areas for the sake of surprise. I liked that as it created even more of a sense of suspense.

Concept: Eh, I like the fight-for-all-common-good in the adversity of a corrupt government and system. PSI and PSII has this element that makes the game all the more appealing, realistic, and exciting. For instance, in PSI, getting the roadpass a bit illegally from Scion is just so much fun. ^^

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