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 Post subject: The Office
PostPosted: Fri Dec 3, '10, 6:52 pm 
I recently began watching this tv show "The Office" on DVD and think it's actually kind of funny, along with being kinda weird and odd.

Currently, I just finished watching season 4 of the show and will start on season 5 next.

The premise of the show is about employees who work in an office for a paper company and various office situations and bosses/co-workers they deal with, etc.

Anyone else a fan of this tv show???

 Post subject: Re: The Office
PostPosted: Wed Jul 6, '11, 11:13 pm 
Some big news about "The Office":

Actor James Spader (formerly of "Boston Legal" and other tv shows/movies, etc.) is set to take over the role of the boss on the current season of "The Office". Evidently, he was in one of the episodes last season and will reprise his role.

I know he will be terrific, although I haven't seen any episodes of this show past the season 5 DVD's, I think it was.

I like this show a lot, and will really miss the other guy who played the boss, actor Steve Carrell, as he was really funny.

This show is very fortunate to get James Spader too. The cast and the entire show is very funny. Sometimes a little weird, but still funny. :lol:

Anyone else a fan of "The Office"?

Comments or Opinions?

 Post subject: Re: The Office
PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, '12, 1:10 am 
Just read that James Spader may be leaving "The Office": ... 03321.html

Oooh, that doesn't seem to bode well for the show. He's gonna be hard to replace, unless they can get Steve Carrol to come back, that is.

I love Spader though, he's a terrific actor. It will be interesting to see what he does next.

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