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PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, '11, 1:31 am
On the outskirts of Landen castle a large amount of brush had built up over the castle walls. Celeith, Lena, and Fia had arrived at the outskirts of the castle. The sounds of wings flapping and a woman screaming could be heard in the distance.

"Whats that?"

Fia asked as a winged creature carried a woman from the castle. The three looked on as the creature disappeared in the distance.

"Could that of been the kidnapper we were told about? But wait, thats some sort of.. Dragon?"

Celeith asked her comrades. Lena hacked away at some of the brush against the wall, revealing a passage that lead underneath the city.

"Did you hear that? It sounds like it came from around here."

A mans voice was heard. The sounds of footsteps could be heard, the sound of metal clanking together was getting closer to the group.

"You two go on ahead. I'll try and lure them away from here."

Celeith said.

"Are you sure? No.. Thanks Celeith, we will meet up later after we securely have Rhys outside the castle."

Lena replied. The two women ran down into the passageway, disappearing from sight. Two guards appeared with sword and shield drawn.

"Hold it woman. What are you doing sneaking around the castle?"

One of the guards said. Celeith took a step forward, her hands held upward to show she meant the guards no harm.

"Now now boys, what do you say we be friends?"

Celeith said to the guards. She took one more step, the guard slashed his sword at Celeith, barely grazing her face.

"Don't move! You're under arrest for assisting in the kidnapping of Lady Maia."

The guard said. A small amount of blood dripped down her face. Celeith had lived in the castle for two years, and it struck her as odd that these two guards did not notice who she was.

"Sorry boys, you got the wrong girl. But if you want me you have to catch me first."

She said, quickly lifting a stone with her foot she launched it at the first guard knocking him to the ground. The second guard glanced at his fallen ally then quickly back at Celeith, only to see her running into the woods.

Celeith ran a good ways into the woods, quickly ducking behing a tree. Blood still dripping from her cheek.

"Simple enough. I pray to thee the goddess of Eluria."

Celeith chanted as she placed her finger against her face. The tips of her fingers began to glow.

"Though I may be far from your light, your presence still guides me in this world. Grant me a small amount of your healing light, that I may heal these wounds."

Celeith continued to chant. The two guards arrived in the woods, coming to a quick halt.

"Do you hear that? Wait.. do you see that?"

The guard said as he first heard a voice, then saw a glimmer of light a few feet away.

"Healing Light!"

Celeith said as a warm feeling came across her body. The light covered the gash on her face, the blood stopped and the gash began to fade away.

"I knew it! You're one of those filthy Layans. I knew it the first time the prince brought you to the castle."

The guard shouted as him and the other ran around the tree.

"So you knew who I was the whole time and you still attacked me. What would your prince think about his own guards attacking his close friend. And a Layan, don't fool yourself, even if I tried to explain where I came from you wouldn't believe me anyways."

She replied to the guards. She placed her hand behind her back, slightly gripping the hilt of her sword.

"But if its a fight you want its a fight you'll get. And this is a fight I don't plan on losing!"

She said as she quickly drew her sword from its sheath, pointing it towards the two guards she readied herself for the battle that was ahead of her.

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