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PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, '11, 7:34 am
The sun began to rise in the distance. Celeith had set out early that morning on a trip to Landens neighboring kingdom Satera. Princess Lena, an old friend of Rhys had not given word since the announcement of the wedding.

"Rhys you idiot, its common sence why she hasn't given word, yet you send me on this trip to escort her anyways."

Celeith thought to herself as she crossed the bridge into the Satera kingdom. As she entered the town she stopped at the local tavern located near the entrance. The castle guards would not open the gate for a few more hours so Celeith sat down and waited for the waitress to come to her table.

"What will be your poison missy?"

The waitress asked as she pulled some paper out from her pocket. Celeith asked for a glass of milk, the waitress paused for a moment. She walked away and quickly brought Celeith her drink.

"Sorry I made a silly request, heres some coin for your troubles."

Celeith said, handing the woman a small amount of coins from her pack. A few hours had passed and the sun was shining brightly across the land. The gates of Satera opened as Celeith left the tavern. She glanced up towards one of the towers of the castle, noticing a bird land on the window.

"A messenger bird? But it didn't come from the direction of Landen."

She asked herself. Celeith approached the castle gates, the guardsmen blocked her path with their halberds.

"I come on behalf of Prince Rhys of Landen. I seek a audience with your princess, please allow me to pass."

Celeith spoke to the guards. The guards looked slightly confused, as Celeith did not wear the armor of a knight from Landen.

"Allow her to pass."

A womans voice spoke from the distance. The guards stepped to the side, placing their spears next to them. Celeith walked pass only to be glared at by her newfound "friends". Inside the castle she was led to the guest quarters where Princess Lena was seen sitting near the fireplace.

"Welcome to my home friend. Its been many moons since we last saw each other."

Princess Lena said as she stood from her chair.

"It has my princess. I come here on urgent business regarding the marriage of Prince Rhys and Lady Maia."

She replied. The maids tending to the room excused themselves, only a lone woman stayed with the two.

"I understand your reasons for coming, but I cannot go to the wedding. But not for the reasons you might believe. Recently I received a message relating to a future kidnapping of Lady Maia. Its a shame you came all this way for I was about to leave for Landen."

Lena explained. The story seemed hard to believe for Celeith at first. Lately there had been talk around the town that there was a shady man hanging out nearby the castle, but everytime she would investigate the man was nowhere to be found.

"Lady Lena, if I may allow me to accompany you."

The young woman said. Lena glanced at the woman and replied.

"As you wish Fia. Celeith since we're all heading in that direction why don't you accompany us to Landen?"

"It would be my honor Lena, but how do you plan on getting inside the castle? I can send word that we will be arriving late so the guards will keep the gates open."

Celeith said as the three left the quarters.

"No need, for when we arrive it will have been to late. The kidnapping is inevitable, but if I know Rhys well enough he'll need our assistance for the trouble he is about to get into."

Lena replied as the three crossed through the gates into the town. There seemed to be much more going on then what was being let known. The three women left the kingdom of Satera and made there way for Landen. What dangers would await the three when they arrived. It would take a few hours to get to Landen and time was of the essence.
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