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PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, '11, 2:01 am
The castle began to crumble as the ground quaked. The powers of darkness flooded through the cracks of the castle walls. Three youths had faced a friend inside the throne room and now the darkness inside his body began to disappear.

"No, I won't be destroyed!"

The blue-haired youth shouted out as his body began to deteriorate. The three youths, three young women watched as their former comrade began to leave this world.

"Celeith, we have to leave this place at once! If we don't we will be trapped inside when the place collapses."

A pink-haired girl shouted as her comrade slowly approached the blue-haired youth. Blood dripped from her sword, the blood of her former friend.

"No, it isn't going to end like this! I am going to take you all with me into the darkness!"

The blue-haired youth continued to shout. Celeith slowly approached and the blue-haired youth began to calm.

"Celeith, I'm.. I'm so sorry."

He replied as she wrapped her arms around him. His body began to fade, tears dripped down his cheek as his friend held him in her arms.

"We have to leave now Paige!"

The emerald-haired girl said. Paige looked up, the wind blew through the castle. The emerald-haired girls bandana flowed with the direction the wind blew.

"Sani we just can't leave her here!"

Paige replied. She glanced back towards Celeith and the blue-haired youth. Both of their bodies had begun to fade. Celeith appeared to be crossing into the darkness with her former comrade. Paige ran towards the two, only to stop as their bodies vanished in a flash of light.

Sani grabbed ahold of Paiges arm as a large dragon swooped in the castle. Sani threw Paige on the dragons back and quickly climbed onto the dragon. The castle crumbled to dust as the two escaped the palace on the dragon.

"Come back alive Celeith, you just have to."

Sani thought to herself as she glanced back as the ruins of the castle.

The sounds of birds chirping could be heard all around, a gentle breeze flowed through the air as a blue-haired man clad in armor walked through the forest.

"Perhaps I wandered off the path to far, I should of found the bridge leading into Satera by now."

The man thought to himself as he wandered along the path. The brush had built up over the years and most of the path had disappeared, leaving travelers to rely on maps more. The man looked around to notice familiar landmarks along the road he walked. He continued walking until he came to a clearing in the woods.

"Whats that over there?"

He asked himself as he saw a figure in the distance. He slowly approached to notice a young woman unconscious in the grass. He ran to her, her blonde hair covered her face. The young man looked confused at first, as he had never seen a person with a darker skin tone like this woman had.

"I hope she is alright."

He thought to himself as he kneeled down. The young woman began to move, she made a low moaning sound as she slowly opened her eyes. The light of the sun blinded her at first, but as her eyesight came back the figure of the man was the first thing she saw.

She slid herself backwards away from the man, not knowing who he was she looked at him with a sense of caution in her eyes and in her voice she said..

"Who are you?"

The man stood and took a single step forward. He extended his hand out towards the woman and with a smile on his face he replied..

"I'm Rhys Landen"

Epilogue: The start of how Celeith arrived from her world onto the Alisa III, and how she met Rhys, the prince of the kingdom of Landen. The year is A.W. 3284. Two years had passed since the two met and now her new friend was to marry a young woman named Maia. A joyous occasion would occur on this day, the day of The New Dawn.

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