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PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 2:55 am ... 1c4a5fc216

The Mythical Multi-Console Videogame System (that is not a PC)
Are any of you aware such a thing having existed? I certainly was not until now.
The closest I can come to the realizing anything like this was something titled the "Super 8) converter which allowed your SNES Super Family Computer games.

Anyway, I wonder how accurately this Hyperkin Retron 5 functions…

I have been slowly selling off my videogame systems, but have been reluctant to sell only a handful of series or titles for each system. So this would answer that remaining sentimentality that I havent killed off yet.

PostPosted: Mon Feb 2, '15, 6:00 pm 
We have one of these. I like the idea behind it, and we haven't had any major issues with ours. I did have one save file erased, but I wasn't too upset about it, as I've beaten the game that happened on many tines, and it may be a battery issue anyway. They have been sorting out some of the launch problems and improving the system.

Here's a thread on it.


One of the charms of the system is the use of the actual cartridges, which you can't do on a PC.

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