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 Post subject: Superman walks America
PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, '10, 2:24 pm 
In a new comic book storyline, Superman is getting back to basics, sort of, by trying to reconnect with the average person (and average criminals too) by visiting various places across the US.

Readers can write in with support of their towns, cities, etc., to be chosen and possibly used in some of these stories. ... 3_ST_N.htm

So, do you think this a smart move to have Superman reconnect with everday people, or should he still keep fighting monsters, alien beings, and other super heroes?

Comments or Opinions?

PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, '10, 4:37 pm 
It's nice to read stories with characters reconnecting to their roots every now and then. In many ways, the premise of this storyline reminds me of a Green Lantern run from the 1970s that was about that title character realizing how far he had strayed from the social situations of the day. It became one of the most critically acclaimed story arcs for the character. This could do equally well, especially with the creator of Babylon 5 at the helm.

However, I'm not very thrilled with this particular story so far. I've seen a few pages from it, in which Superman's journey is kicked off. The story vehicle being used to start things rolling is ridiculous. Some random woman slaps Superman and blames him for her husband's death because Superman wasn't around to perform brain surgery with laser beams from his eyes. Never mind that Superman is not a doctor and has, at most, only basic medical training. Never mind that he was off trying to prevent survivors of his home world from declaring war on and conquering Earth. Never mind that most of said survivors were just killed by an attack staged by Superman's father-in-law and sister-in-law, or imprisoned by Superman to prevent their retaliation against innocent people. Never mind that there were other heroes - including an actual PhD! - who could have been contacted more easily and were equally or better qualified to help. No, it's all Superman's fault and he's lost touch with humanity.

The introduction to the story arc just feels very hollow. I hope the rest of it is better.

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