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The telemental and the girls leave the old man´s house and go straight to the city gates. They know there may be people looking for them after what they have made at the Sleazy Club, but they knew that the club most probably was illegal itself, so they had a chance of leaving the city unharmed. Though people kept staring at them on the streets because of their odd look, no one has said or done anything to prevent them from leaving the city. As they crossed the city gates and left, the golden-haired girl let out a sigh of relief.

“Finally! What a terrible place it is! People in this world are like nothing I´ve ever seen before. Everybody seems to be dishonest. What a bunch of crooks!”
“That is true. I´m shocked. It is hard to believe there is a person here who is really good, who is needed for saving the universe.”
“Girls, don´t be so harsh with people here. Surely they are nothing like Algolians, but that doesn´t mean everybody is evil.”
“When I find one person who is worthy consideration in this planet, maybe I change my mind.”
“Well, let´s not waste more time. We must find Marlena.”
“That is true, Nei, but where will we find her?”
“I don´t know, Anna, but my best guess is that we should go north.”
“Hey, telemental, can´t you sense her? Aren´t you powerful enough to track her down?”
“No, I can´t.”
“How could you track us?”
“Well, I could sense your spirits calling me.”
“And how could you find her for the first time? You were from Motavia, how could you know about her, if she lived in a spaceship very far from Algol?”
“Someone has told me.”
“Who? Just tell me.”
“That I can´t tell.”
“Ahhh, you are the greatest jerk I´ve ever met! Come on, Nei, let´s look for the princess. This man won´t help.”
“Oh, I´m feeling a bit drowsy.”
“I´m a bit sleepy as well. That old rascal must have put some drug in the soup, in order to make us sleep, so that he could steal our things.”
“True. If I ever see that man again, I´ll not cut out only his hair.”
“Girls! I know it is not always easy, but you are being too aggressive lately!”
“This is a warning for you telemental. If you don´t start cooperating, maybe you end like that rascal, Don Capri, wasn´t that his name?” The golden-haired girls smiles at the telemental with a sadistic smile, which causes him to swallow hard.

The group started walking north. After some minutes, the telemental starts singing a song.

“There I was on a July Morning... looking for love.”
“Hey? What is that? Stop it!”
“With the strenght of a new day dawning.”
“Stop! Stop! Stop! We are worried here and you are singing. Stop!”
“Oh, Anna, can´t I even sing?”
“No, I don´t want you singing as if we were taking a pleasant trip.”
“Didn´t you like the song?”
“I´ve never heard a song like that.”
“Because it is not Algolian. It is a song from the Earthmen.”
“Earthmen? Why are you singing songs from Earthmen? What do you have to do with those evil men?”
“Anna, not every Earthmen was evil.”
“I don´t want to hear about that. I don´t want to hear anything about those who tried to destroy our solar system, those who killed me.”

The group resumed walking north, but they didn´t have much hopes of finding the princess. If she was alive, in more than a day, she could have walked at least fifty miles, which meant that they had an area of more than two thousand square miles to look for her. It was an almost impossible task. But both the purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl felt that they had to try to find the princess, no matter what.

As the group walks several hundred yards, the telemental took the magazine he has taken from the old man out of his backpack and started reading it.

“It can´t be! It can´t be! No, not her! This cannot be true! No, I imagined she was not like that...”
“What is the telemental talking about, Anna?”
“I don´t know, Nei.”
“No, it must not be her. It must be a mistake, a big joke. Not her, it can´t be her. She was supposed to be pure...”
“Oh, my God, what is up with him?”
“No, she was meant to be mine, only mine. What is all that? That can´t be true! That can´t be true! It must not be her. It is disgusting, what she is doing... two guys... no, I can´t believe it is her...”
“It must be something on the air of this planet. First the princess started mumbling like crazy, now it´s the telemental´s turn...”
“Don´t say that, Anna. Something really serious has happened with Marlena...”
“Sorry, Nei, I know, I trust her. As for this guy...”
“No, they can´t have done that to her... I can´t believe it is her... it must not be her... she was meant to be mine... only mine... it can´t be her... no, not with her...”
“Hey, give me this magazine!” The golden-haired girl takes the magazine from the telemental´s hands and starts examining its cover.
“Wha... what...?”
“What is this thing? I can´t understand what is written, it is written in a strange language, with some sticks and drawings. The only word I can read from here is dojinshi... what does that mean?”
“I´ve never heard such a word in my life...”
“Let´s see, yuck!”
“What is that, Anna?”
“It is an adult magazine! Throw this crap away, mad man!”
“No no no! Please, Anna, don´t throw it away!”
“Why not? Are you a pervert? Do you like those things?”
“No, it is not that.”
“What is it, so? Why were you acting like mad, not believing in what you had just seen?”
“I... I... that is because there is someone in this magazine... she should not be there...”
“Do you know her?”
“No... yes... in a certain way...”
“Throw away that damned magazine. We must find Marlena.”
“Give it back to me! I need to ask her something, If I ever find her...”
“What was in that magazine, Anna?”
“Things you should consider yourself luck for not have seen them. Oh, it was an adult magazine with lots of disgusting pictures. A woman, two men, two women.. yuck.”
“Was it that made the telemental so excited?”
“I don´t know, he told me he somewhat knows someone in that magazine.”
“I prefer to think he is a pervert.”
“I didn´t understand exactly what he was mumbling, but if it is what I´m thinking, I think we will have some problems with him soon.”
“I hope you are wrong. And I hope we find Marlena soon.”
“I´m praying for that too.”

The princess is looking at the lake with love in her eyes. Because of the weakness and exhaustion, the princess was not in her normal state of mind. She fell into a delirium state.

“Where am I?”
The princess couldn´t see anything. The place she was in was completely dark.
“Is anybody there? Am I dead?”
The room was in a complete silence.
“Please, where I am?”
Suddenly, a strong white light blinds the princess. It takes some seconds for the princess to get accustomed to the light. An ethereal feminine figure appears, encircled by the light.
The woman just stares at the princess.
“Laya, I can´t stand it anymore.”
The woman is still silent.
“I only want to say, if there is a way... take this cup away from me.”
The woman stares deeply in the princess eyes.
“Listen , surely I´ve exceeded expectations...”
The woman remains silent.
“Could you ask as much from any other woman?”
The woman keeps staring at the princess eyes, unmoved.
“Do you mean it is not you...”
The ethereal image doesn´t make any movement.
“Do you mean it is me who had chosen this path?”
The woman doesn´t move. Her eyes shine brighter than before.
“No... I´ve made up my mind... if it was me who decided so, let it be. I´ll go through all that, until the end.”
The woman shakes her head, agreeing with the princess.
“So be it! If this is my destiny, I´ll fulfill it.”
The woman disappears.

They princess returns from her delirious state. She is still looking at the waters of the lake, which are calm. She doesn´t know how many time has passed since she reached the lake, but no one has seen her since.

“Leave me. You are dying!”
“I´ve made up my mind. I´ll not leave you. I´ll keep on trying till the end.”
“Please, let me go!”
“No, even if I die, I´ll bring you back.”
“No, you can´t die. The universe can´t live without your love. You are meant to do great things... my time has already gone. I´ve already done what I had to do...”
“Why did you keep asking me to come? You are the healer...”
“I never meant to do you any harm. I don´t want you to die for me. I just wanted to finish some unfinished business...”
I know I have to make it. Even if it costs my life.”
“If you die and bring me back, I´ll die of remorse. Leave me and save yourself. I´m already grateful for what you have done to me.”
“I´ll not leave you, no matter what you or anybody else says.”

The princess kept focused on her task. Though exhausted, she keep focused, looking the waters of the lake with love. She was suffering a lot from pain, cold, weakness and exhaustion, but she did not complain, she just looked at the waters with love in her eyes. After a long time, a lily petal pops up from the bottom of the lake to the surface.

The group has been walking for one hour, but they haven´t reached the point where they have telelported to the day before yet. The telemental doesn´t have any hopes that they may find the princess, but the girls oblige him to follow them. Suddenly, the telemental stops. Only after one minute walking, the golden-haired girl notices that he has stopped.

“Hey, why did you stop?”
“Wait! There is something...”
“What do you have in you crazy mind?”
“I´ve felt something... That is... I´ve found it!”
“The princess?”
“No, the person we came here to revive. I can feel the energy again...”
“Really?” The purple-haired girl feels a flow of emotions on her heart and starts running towards the telmemental. “Really? That means Marlena...”
“I don´t know. Maybe.”
“Who else could be if not her? She must have found the person she was looking for. She must be alive. Laya be praised for that! God be praised for that! Anyone who exists and may be held responsible for that be praised!”
“Wait, Nei, don´t rejoice so much. I don´t know if it is Marlena´s work.”
“It doesn´t matter. Now that you know where she is, let´s meet her.”
“I´ve told you, Nei. I don´t know...”
“It doesn´t matter, telemental!” The golden-haired girl interrupts the conversation. “Just teleport us there!”
“Alright, we have nowhere else to go, anyway.”

The telemental draws a circle on the floor. The girls got inside the circle along with they belongings. The purple-haired girl can´t hide her feelings, she cries while she embraces the golden-haired girl. “The princess is alive! Marlena is alive! I´m so happy...” The telemental casts the spell and a white plasma circle rises from the ground. Soon, the plasma circle engulfs them and a small explosion happens.

A white mist forms in the surface of a small lake. The mist rises from the lake surface and suddenly there is a plasma circle over the lake surface. Suddenly, a man and two girls dive on the water.

“Gasp! What is it? Stupid telemental!” The golden-haired girl rises her head above the water surface.
“Oh... help me!” The telemental is trying to swim to the surface, but he in entangled in the packs straps.
“Where are you, Nei?”

Suddenly the telemental feels himself pulled to the surface. The purple-haired girl is pulling him.

“Oh, thanks... thanks, Nei, we have made it!”
“Shut up, stop shaking your arms or you will make us both drown!”
“Let´s swim to the margin.”

The group swims to the margin of the lake. The purple-haired girl is so agile that she reaches the margin of the lake before the golden-haired girl, even pulling the telemental with her. There, she releases the telemental and exits the lake. Her clothers are drenched, her backpack too. But at least they all are alive. She starts looking her surroundings, there is no one near.

“What a beautiful place! This beautiful lake, these trees, these crystals... It is nothing like what we have seen on this planet. It is so beautiful, so calm...”
“Help me with these bags, please.”
“Who did tell you to teleport us in the middle of the water?” The golden-haired girl is angry with the telemental.
“I just teleported to the place where the energy was coming. How could I guess it was from the lake?”
“What could I expect from you, anyway? What a strange place is this!”
“Wait! Wait!” The purple-haired girl screams, interrupting the conversation. “I can see someone on the other side of the lake. It is her! Marlena!” The purple-haired girl starts running towards the princess. “I can recognize her cyan hair! Marlena! You are alive! You have made it!”
“Marlena? Thank God she is alive...”
“Well, it must be her who brought back the person...”
“Let´s go to her.”
“Marlena! Marlena! Are you OK? Marlena...”

The purple-haired girl is shocked at the state which the princess is. She is lying on the floor, with her hand touching the water of the lake. Her dress is ripped up in many places, she is dirty, her hair is a complete mess and she looks like dying.

“Don´t interrupt me, Nei, this is pretty serious.”
“Oh, you look so bad, are you sure everything is alright?”
The princess slowly nods. “Now leave me alone, Nei. When I finish this task, we talk.”

The golden-haired girl and the telemental reach the place where the princess is. Both the purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl are puzzled.

“What is she doing?”
“Shhh! She is trying to revive the person. Don´t interrupt her, she must be focused on the task.”
“Well... she doesn´t look fine. What can we do?”
“Wait, Anna, just wait.”

The girls seated near the princess to wait, while the telemental, who was very anxious, kept walking in circles. The girls were restless with the princess’ overall situation, but they had nothing better to do, just wait and see if the princess was able to revive the person. The purple-haired girl started asking questions to the telemental.

“Hey? You have already seen me and Anna being revived. How does that work?”
“Well, usually the princess takes the corpse, puts one of her hands over it and starts concentrating on reviving the body. The body starts recovering gradually until it becomes completely recovered, though still lifeless. After some more time, the person returns to life.”
“Interesting. But I don´t see any corpse here.”
“Well, I’m sure the corpse must be on the bottom of the lake. When we found you, Nei, your body was pretty decayed, but miraculously she recovered your body exactly as it was. I don´t know about this person she is trying to revive now, but I trust her powers. If there is anyone in the world who can do so, it is her.”
“We can only hope. She is so tired, she looks exhausted, sick. I´m afraid, really afraid. She almost died to bring Anna back. How can she do it this time, being in such a state?”
“She must do it!”

The purple-haired girl is scared by the telemental´s last sentence. There is fire in his eyes, they appear to be red, not yellow. She decides to end the conversation. As she turns to the golden-haired girl, she notices the other girl is praying, so she whispers to her.

“Anna? Sorry for interrupting you. Can I ask you something?”
“Oh, Nei, you can ask me anything you want.”
“Could you teach me how to pray... in your religion?”
“Of course, Nei! I´ll be glad.”
“Thanks, Anna.”

The girls stay praying for a while. The telemental keeps walking in circles. He is anxious and, as the time passes, he becomes more and more angry at the princess. He wants the princess to revive the last person badly, even if that costs her life. “She made me fall in love with her, but I don´t really need her, I need the other person. If she dies, it will be a pity, but I´ll have what I need in my hands.”

Meanwhile, the princess is suffering the greatest pains she had ever to endure in her life. Her body is almost collapsing of exhaustion, but she keeps focused on her task. Nothing can stop her now, only if death itself.

“Queen Marlena, I´m glad you have tried to revive me, but that will be impossible. I just wished to live longer and do what I was supposed to do before my life was tragically interrupted, but if that is not possible, I´m at ease with that. What I can not tolerate is that you sacrifice your blessed life in a futile attempt of trying to revive me. Your life is far more important than mine, you are a blessing to this universe like no one else. Please, majesty, I beg you to release yourself from this ordeal and let my spirit go forever. I´ll always be thankful for your goodwill and love. I´ll always remember you and protect you. Just let me go and spare your own life.”
“No, I´ll not leave you. You will be here again. It doesn´t matter how much it costs for me, you just need to return.”
“Who has put this decision in your mind? I acknowledge I committed a mistake calling for you. I wanted to live, I was being selfish. But now I release you from this impossible task.”
“It is me, only me who wants you back and I´ll do it, even if it is the last act of love in my life.”
“Queen Marlena...”

The princess was decided to taking her task to the ultimate consequences. She was barely alive, but she kept on focused, looking at the lake surface with love in her eyes. The cyan of her eyes reflected in the lake surface created such a beautiful scene that no one could endure looking at it for long.

After one hour of no noticeable activity, bubbles started erupting from the lake surface.

“Look there! Something is happening!” The purple-haired girl pointed to the spot where the bubbles appeared.
“I wonder what it may be...” The golden-haired girl was not excited.
“Don´t give up! Don´t give up!” The telemental speaks directly to the princess´ mind.

After some minutes of bubbles coming up, several small fragments started to gather in the lake surface, exactly where the princess had her right hand touching the water. As the fragments multiplied, the purple-haired girl noticed something was happening there.

“Look, Anna, these fragments... They are gathering near Marlena... could they be...”
“Parts of the mysterious person´s body?”
“Yes, Anna, what else they could be?”
“I don´t know. I really don´t know.”
“Well, let´s hope they are. I wish the princess can finish this task soon. I fear for her life...”

The telemental was not moved by the fragments. They looked like small particles of dust floating on the water. As the time passed, the telemental became more anxious. He had just one thing in mind: he wanted that person revived.

After some minutes, the small particles started gathering together, gluing on each other, forming larger fragments. At the sight of that phenomenon, the princess started crying. She was sure her efforts were not being useless. She could feel the warmth the spirit of the person being revived.

“Look there! What a strange thing! The particles are gluing on each other, getting bigger. I think she has made it!”
“What? Nei, are you sure?”
“Look at the lake, Anna! Something is happening over there. I hope it doesn’t last long.”
“What a strange thing... the parts there look like fragments of bones, tissues and skin. It is disgusting, looks like the remains of a person sliced in a blender.”
“It is disgusting, but at the same time, amazing! It is a miracle before our eyes!”
“Thank God my body was preserved on the spaceship. Yuck!”
“By the way, Anna, can you feel a scent of flowers in the air?”
“No, I can´t feel anything.”
“Strange. The scent has appeared out of nowhere.”

The telemental moves toward the princess. He inspects the fragments on the lake surface. He notices the air near the princess is very cold, as she is taking heat from the environment to reconstruct the body. He kneels near the princess´ head.

“Don´t ever think about quitting!”
“What is that man doing to the princess?” The golden-haired girl is angry.
“Don´t stop! If you stop, that will mean death for you!”
“Hey, what the hell are you doing? Are you mad? Stop shouting at the princess! Isn’t it what you wanted from her? Leave her alone!”
“Don´t talk to me like that!”
“If you don´t stop, you will taste the blades of my slasher.”

The telemental leaves the princess. His eyes are on fire. He is acting like a mad man, but he prefers avoid confronting the golden-haired woman for now.

“Leave me... majesty... leave me...”
“Not now. I´ll save you!”
“Leave me... you will not be able to do it... I don´t want to see you suffering anymore.”
“Soon you will be by my side.”
“No... it is impossible. I´ll use my last energies to save you, to heal you. I can´t stand seeing people suffering...”
“You will live, believe in me. You will live...”
“Oh, majesty, please... leave me... I sacrificed my life to save the life of the others...”
“That means you really deserve to live again!”
“Maybe, but not by your suffering, not by your sacrifice...”

The process of revival keeps going. The small fragments soon become large pieces: bones, organs, tissues, flesh, blood, skin, hair and clothes. As the minutes pass, the parts start forming an human body, placing themselves in their proper places. The princess is almost losing her last forces, but she keeps focused on her task. The telemental is anxious and angry. She keeps repeating inside the princess´ mind “Don´t quit your task!” “Keep on doing that!” “If you stop, you will pay with your life! You mean nothing to me!” “She is holy! Bring her back!”. The girls are apprehensive, they can´t stay quiet anymore. The golden-haired girl feels a bit of disgust to see the mysterious´ person internal body parts, while the purple-haired girl is amazed at the sight of such a miracle.

“That is a terrible sight. My stomach is turning...”
“Oh, Anna, it is not so bad. I see the scene as a miracle.”
“I just don´t have the nerve. I´m not a butcher...”
“But you act as so with your slicers against your enemies...”
“I know, but those scenes disgust me. I wish I could change the enemies minds and solve the problems peacefully.”
“Come on, Anna! You were the one who went in a kill frenzy when you saw the enemies!”
“That is true, but when it is over, I feel regret... I don´t know what it is...”
“Hmmm. You surprise me, Anna... your cold and somber expression... your gentle touch... your empathy... your love for Rolf...”
“I wish I could understand myself better, Nei... It is very hard. It is painful... By the way, what is this smell? Smells like an open perfume vial...”
“It is the scent I’ve told you before... I think it comes from that woman...”
“Looks like she is one more strange person for the club...”

As the tissues and organs are all restored, the princess gently preserves the modesty of the person being revived by restoring the clothes before the skin. A large piece of pink cloth can be seen over the partially reconstructed body. The purple-haired girl can´t prevent smiling at the sight of the clothes covering the private parts of the body. She is also surprised at how much control over the process of revival the princess has. Meanwhile, the princess is trembling, sweating coldly. The previous exhaustion and the efforts in resurrecting the person are taking its toll on her health. She almost passes out. She knows that, if she passes out, the person will not be able to be revived anymore, so she uses her last energies to keep the focus. Her inner struggle is unthinkable, she is on the verge of passing away.

The body soon recovers its original shape. It is a young woman, with a very long brown hair. It is the same woman who appeared on the princess’ dreams. She is wearing a pink dress that goes down to her ankles. Her body is arranged in a way that her head and shoulders rest on the margin of the lake, while the rest of her body is on the water. Her corpse is almost recovered, but still lifeless. There is a big wound on her belly that has not closed.

At the sight of the woman, the telemental’s eyes flash with happiness. The golden-haired looks suspiciously at him.

“Nei, look the telemental! Look how he is excited at the sight of the woman!”
“Yes, he is scaring me.”
“And the princess was right! The last person was a woman. She looks very pretty.”
“There is something on her... She is attractive, indeed.”
“Look at her hair! It reaches her hips! She is very pretty indeed!”
“Her face is strikingly beautiful as well.”
“I just hope she is not ridiculous as every other person we have known in this planet.”
“Yes, people from this planet are terrible!”
“By the way, she looked like the woman in the telemental’s magazine...”
“Yeah... I´m afraid the princess was right about the telemental’s plans?”
“Which plans?”
“He wanted us revived because we are pretty women...”
“Why would he do that? Is he a necrophile?”
“No, a necrophile would want our corpses. I think he intends to take that woman as his third wife...”
“Third? Is he married?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Why the third, so?”
“Because you would be the first and me the second.”
“To marry him? I´d never do that, he is a jerk. Look how he treats Marlena, who is the sweetest person I´ve ever met.”
“I´m afraid he tries to force us...”
“And, if she wanted to marry pretty women, why not marrying the princess, who is the prettiest of us all?”
“I think it has to do with me being the guardian, that woman the healer...”
“If it is really his real intention, he must be prepared to face deception. I´ll never marry this man.”
“Neither will I. I hope we are mistaken about him, but I advise you to have your claws ready. Just in case.”

The princess keeps on focused. The sun sets very late, for it is summer on the city, which lies in the deep north of the planet they are into. There is no light. The golden-haired girl lights up a flashlight. She and the purple-haired girl eat part of the food they have got from the old man´s house. The food is still wet from being thrown at the lake, but it is better than nothing. The telemental doesn’t seem to care about food. He just keeps walking in circles and shouting at the princess’ mind aggressive words, threatening to kill her if she stops. There is another source of light. The princess’ eyes are shining a cyan light over the body of the woman being revived.

After two hours, the princess is still trying to revive the woman, her belly wound is still open. The girls are deadly tired and stay embraced, as the environment grows colder and colder every minute. The telemental barks at the princess.

“What are you doing? Are you fooling me? It used to be so fast, why can´t you revive her?”
“Don´t listen to him... listen, Queen Marlena, my wound will never close. I´m beyond help.”
“Don´t say that, dear, I´ll bring you back, no matter what.”
“It must be something magic, it will never close. Leave me and save our life!”
“Answer me, damned princess? Why is it taking so long? She is the holy one! Bring her back now!”
“I can use my last energy to protect you from him. Just leave me. You must leave. Leave the dead be dead! Thanks for your love, your dedication, your help. Now, leave me, majesty...”
“No, I´ll never leave you! NEVER!”

The golden-haired girl is annoyed with the telemental and throws her slasher towards him. The slashes flies closely to his neck scaring him. He turns to the golden-haired girl with fire in his eyes. They have become completely red.

“What are you trying to do?”
“Leave the princess, madman, or the next time you will lose you head!”
“Come on, do you think you can defeat me?”
“Shut up and leave her!”
“I´m tired of you! If you are not helping, stay away!”
“You are the one that is not helping. The last thing the princess needs is someone shouting at her.”
“You don´t understand...”
“Can you see that, Nei? He is threatening Marlena!”
“I can´t believe that! Marlena has done everything he asked, risked her life and he still threatens her..”
“If he doesn’t stop, I´ll have to attack him.”
“Poor Marlena! With all that love... what a terrible ordeal...”

The princess uses her last energies and, very slowly, the wound starts closing. It takes one hour to the princess to finally close the wound entirely, from the back to the belly of the woman. The telemental keeps walking in circles and shouting at the princess’ mind all the time. The golden-haired girl, though tired, was alert because she feared the telemental would harm the princess. The purple-haired girl was subdued, tired and kept praying for the princess’ health.

The woman’s corpse was perfectly recovered. She looked like she had just died. Now it was time for the next step, the hardest step of all. To make the life flow again into the body of the deceased person was the most exhausting step. The princess passed out when she tried to revive the purple-haired girl and went into a coma for many days when she revived the golden-haired girl. In the sad state she was, it was a very dangerous move.

“No, leave me...”
“I... I... won´t...”
“Leave me... you are dying, queen Marlena. Save yourself...”
“No... I... will... not... let... you... go...”
“Please! Don´t do that!”
“You... must... live... you... are... ho... ly...”
“No, the world can´t live without your love!”
“It... is... time...”
“You are the most important, not me. Everything the universe needs is love. It can thrive without healing, without holiness, without hope, without reason, without protection. Without love, it can´t exist.”
“Love... is... what... makes... me... bring... you... back...”
“No! Marlena... I wish I’ve never met you. How can I live knowing you died for me?”
“I... love... love... love... you...”

The princess was trembling, with her head bent down, sweating cold, with pains all over her body and with high fever. She was also in a state of shock. She takes the last effort to revive the woman. Her cyan eyes start to glow in the dark, sending all her love to the dead woman. The princess sighs and suffers a cardiac arrest. Blood starts dripping from her eyes and mouth. There is a huge flash of light out of her eyes and the princess falls on the floor.

Shocked by the sight of the terrible scene, the purple-haired girl runs madly towards the princess. She sits on the floor and takes the princess in her arms. The golden-haired girl runs after the purple-haired girl. The telemental runs toward the woman, examines her, but notices she is not breathing.

“Damn! She didn´t make it! The woman is not alive! Damn! Damn! She failed! Stupid princess! Without the holy one, it can´t be done! Stupid princess!”
“What? What are you saying?” The golden-haired girl stares deeply at the eyes of the telemental. Each one eyes the other with anger.
“Marlena... Marlena...” The purple-haired girl embraces the princess and caress her hair.

The golden-haired girl keeps staring at the telemental in anger, ready to attack him. The telemental stares her back, still cursing the princess for not being able to revive the woman. Suddenly, both jump out of the floor, scared.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” The purple-haired girl releases a deafening wail of pain, that echoes and re-echoes through the rocky walls which surround the lake. The princess’ heart has stopped.
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