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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, '11, 3:45 pm
For the Last Time

The group walked a few hundreds of yards, nobody said a word. After some minutes, the purple-haired girl couldn't hold her anxiety anymore, so she approached the princess.

“Marlena, my dear, where are we going now?”
“Well, Nei, we are going south, to the Orakian city of Agoe. Hopefully, from there, we will be able to take a ship to Rysel.”
“Is it very far from here?”
“Not too much. Just don't ask me why the Laya's Temples are located far from the Layan cities in this continent.”
“That is a bit awkward. By the way, Marlena, is it safe for us to go to an Orakian city? Aren't them your enemies?”
“Well, in the past it used to be. Nowadays, as long as we don't meddle with their affairs, it is not dangerous. Besides that, I have money and, you know, with money you can do miracles.”
“Yes, I know. Marlena, how are you feeling?”
“About what, Nei?”
“About everything. You look sad.”
“Well, Nei, you know, lots of things happened in the past few days. It is not easy, it is still not easy. I've lost my father, my home, everything...” The princess' eyes become wet.
“It is hard, very hard. Unfortunately we shared the same fate.”
“Yes, Nei. It is very hard, but what can I do? All those things are now in my past. No prayers or tears will bring my father back again. Empty phrases, lush eulogies with not rebuild my kingdom, will not bring back the lives of those who perished.”
“But... you could. If there is anyone in this world who can bring back life, it is you.”
“I know, Nei, but I wish I couldn't.”
“Oh, sorry, Nei. I didn't mean to say I didn't want you back. It is not that, dear, I'm glad I could bring you back. But I'm tired of all that. I wish it was someone else who had this powers. I wish I could live my life as a common girl...”
“They say you carry no cross heavier than the one you are able to carry.”
“Sorry, Marlena, I was listening to you and Nei talking...”
“No problems, Anna. The words you've just said... they have a deep meaning...”
“Sorry, Marlena, I didn't want to confuse you...”
“No, Anna, these words have a wisdom on them. I wonder where you have found them.”
“Well, there were some ancient books in Motavia at my time. People were not much into them as most believed only in the Mother Brain. I quite liked them because they used to comfort me during the toughest times, they gave me hope. After we discovered the truth behing the Mother Brain, I started to believe in this philosophy even more.”
“It is really interesting. I wish I could know it better.”
“Me too. Unfortunately, after all those years, the remaining books must have been gone for good.”
“Yes, that is really sad.”
“Look there! It is another city! Is it that city you were talking about, Marlena?”
“Yes, it is. Let's try to find some ship to take us to Rysel.”
“Well, I'm hungry... can we make a brief pause on our journey?”
“Of course, Nei. I have some spare money to spend. Anyway, I'll never need it anymore when we leave this planet.”
“Great! Let's go. I hope to find food tastier than that junk we eat at the telemental's home.”
“Oh, Nei, only you to make me smile at the present circumstances...”

The telemental approaches the princess.

“What's up?”
“Where will eat something and then we will take the boat to Rysel, which is not too far from one of the Laya's temples.”
“That is fine. I'll just ask you something, princess, don't waste too much time.”
“Why? Is that something really important or it is just you unnecessarily hurrying me?”
“No, this time it is serious. I sense some energy waning. It is almost disappearing.”
“And why is that? Did this happen with the other girls?”
“No, there is something strange...”
“Don't worry, in just a few hours we will be at the temple and then we may leave as soon as you want.”
“Thanks, Marlena. Seriously. Thanks for helping me.”
“Oh, nevermind.”

The group entered the city under suspicious eyes. They knew the princess was a Layan. Though they did not hate the Layans as before, they didn't like their presence either. Even knowing the Layans are not monsters or witches, but just common people, they still had prejudice against them. The princess didn't seem to care, she just advanced as if nothing has happened. As they have found the Inn, they took seat on a vacant table. The telemental cast aside the large bundle of clothes he had been carrying since they left Shusoran. The waiter approached eyeing him with disapproval and pulled the bundle to a corner. Then, they ordered some food.

“Marlena, being from here, what do you suggest us?”
“Well, I don't know. What do you like to eat.”
“Anything but those tasteless vegetables the telemental served us at his home.”
“Come on, Nei, they were not that bad!”
“Well, I want to eat something tasty. Meat, pasta, these things.”
“Then you should order Steak au Reine Alis sauce.”
“Hey, do you have Dezorian Gnocchi here as well? I love it!”
“So just order them, Nei. How about you, Anna?”
“I'd prefer something lighter. A fish, perhaps?”
“The Elysium Salmon is quite tasty. Or maybe you'd prefer locust...”
“No, locusts remind me of Motavian locustas. Maybe I'll try that salmon.”
“It is quite a good. And what would you like, Mr. Telemental?”
“You know, always the same.”
“I'm afraid there is nothing here like you are used to eat. Let's call the waiter.”
A bearded man comes close to the table. “Are you ready to order?”
“Yes. Let's start with the girl there. She wants a Steak au Reine Alis sauce plus Dezorian Gnocchi.”
“That is good. What this beautiful lady will want?”
“She will have an Elysium Salmon.”
“Nice. And you, my lady, what do you want?”
“I'm not hungry at all, but bring me a Landen Salad.”
“Alright. And you, Mr? Gosh!”
“What is it?”
“Sorry, it is just... his eyes are from an unusual color...”
“Well, don't you have anything without meat?”
“We have chicken, pork, fish...”
“No, you didn't understand. No animal flesh.”
“Uhn, we have pasta. You can choose minced-meat sauce, chicken-juice sauce or meat-juice sauce.”
“You didn't understand. I don't want any kind of animal in my food. No meat, no meat-juice, nothing at all!”
“How strange! Why would someone order something like that?”
“Please!” The princess interrupted. “Bring him a Landen Salad, but instead of the chicken pieces, add some potato. Is this OK for you?”
“Yes, that is fine.”
“Alright. What will you drink? May I suggest you a special wine?”
“Do you drink wine? I'm not much into it, but if you like it, we can order it. What do you think?”
“Yes! Yes! Yes!”
“Ha, Nei, that is fine. Bring the best wine you have.”
“Hey, I don't drink alcohol.”
“So bring some lemon juice to our old sour grandpa!” The purple-haired girl sticks her tongue out of her mouth.
“Ha, you did deserve it, telemental.” The golden-haired girl joins the purple-haired girl in teasing the telemental.
“Girls, girls, just a second. That is everything. Thanks.”
“As your wish, your highness.”
“Hey, do you know...?”
“Yes, we know you, princess.”

The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl stay teasing and mocking the telemental for a while. The princess shyly smiles at their jokes, but she has something else on her mind. She feels a strange sensation, that she can't explain. It is as if she feels there is something longing for her, somewhere.

The dishes are served. The purple-haired girl is very excited. She tried a bit of each dish and loved everything. The golden-haired girl appreciated the food, as it was much like Motavian food, but with some exotic tastes added. The princess was not hungry, but forced herself to eat something, as she had not eaten anything since she has arrived at her planet. The telemental ate the salad and did not made any remark about the taste of the food.

When the wine was served, the purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl delighted with the quality of the wine.

“This wine is delicious” If we had nothing to do, I'd drink it till I got drunk!”
“Nei, you have never been drunk.”
“There is always a first time.”
“Ha, girls, is it that good?” The princess takes just a sip of the wine. “Yes, it is very good. Hmmmm, there is something... unusual...”
“It is only me or did you feel an scent of lilies in the wine?”
“Oh, Marlena, you had just taken a sip and you are already drunk.”
“No, Nei, I'm not joking.”
“I don't know, lilies or not, I'd take all the bottles if I could. By the way, what is the name of this wine?”
“I don't know... let me see...” The princess looks to the label and then looks down, remaining in silence.
“What happened? Marlena?”
“It... it is from... Cille...”
“Oh, Marlena, sorry...”
“No, don't worry, you didn't do anything to feel sorry for. It is just me... Well, let's get moving?”
“Yes, I'm full!”
“Too bad, Nei, now I'd order the dessert...”
“Ah! Please, do it, do it, do it!”
“But aren't you full?”
“No, no.”
“Let's leave the desert for Rysel. If we are lucky, we'll be there in less than three hours.”
“Alright.” The purple-haired girl is not exactly happy.
“Mr, here is the bill.” The waiter hands the bill to the telemental.
“Hey? Me?”
“Yeah, aren't you the only man in the table?” The golden-haired girl resumes teasing the telemental.
“But... but... how will I pay it? I'm not from here.”
“The telemental will wash the dishes! The telemental will wash the dishes!”
“Please, Nei, stop!”
“Give me the bill, telemental. Hmm... a hundred and ten meseta...”
“Meseta? It is the same money we use in Algol. I could pay that.”
“Now you have lost the opportunity. Let's see what I have...” The princess searches her box with money and jewels “Damn, only thousand-meseta bills.”
“Thousand? Oh...”
“Please, waiter, here is the money. You can keep the change for two hundred meseta.”
“Thanks for your generosity, my lady!”
“See? When you have the money, you can be a Layan, a monster, the devil itself. Everybody treats you like a princess.”
“Unfortunately that is not always true ...”

The group leaves the Inn. Before heading to the port, the telemental complains.

“Would you mind helping me to carry this bundle of clothes? I'm tired, it is slowing our progress.”
“What do you suggest?”
“Isn't there a way to get some backpacks? We could split the weight.”
“Alright, alright, I'll see if I find something.”

The princess advances to a shop on the same street. After five minutes, she comes out with four large backpacks.

“Do you think they are enough?”
“Let's try.”

The telemental opens the bundle and starts loading one of the backpacks carelessly.

“Wait, wait! This is not the way of storing our clothes. Please, fold them adequately.”
“Oh, my, we don't have time for that.”
“That is not a matter of having time or not. It won't do this way. We can help you, but, please, fold the clothes adequately.”

The group manages to store most of the things into the backpacks. The rest is tied again on the ragged sheet and carried by the telemental, but the bundle is now small, so the telemental can carry it with ease. The group heads to the port, which is just three blocks away from they Inn. Arriving there, they hire a fast boat to cross the sea and reach Rysel. The fare is cheap for the princess, a hundred meseta each. She pays the fare and the group embarks the ship.

“Sailing again. It feels so good!”
“You do really like traveling, Nei.”
“Yeah. In fact, I like being free, seeing new things. My whole life was lived hiding from people.”
“Just because you are different...”
“Yes... do you know what I like about your people? No one has ever asked me about my pointy ears.”
“I think that is because here, the concept of a biomonster doesn't exist. Of course there are monsters, but you are so human-like that no one is worried.”
“Well, maybe it is because of that. Or it is because we walk with a more uncommon person than me.”
“Do you mean the telemental?”
“I don't think it is because of that. People probably mistake him for one of the old sages.”
“Maybe it is that. Look, the telemental...
“He is not feeling well. What is happening?”
“Oh, I'm dizzy...”
“It must be motion sickness.”
“I don't know, I feel nausea, princess.”
“Enter the cabin and try to get some rest.”
“I will.”
“How about you girls? I'm used to travel by boat, but you don't seem to be. Don't you feel motion sickness?”
“Oh, no, Marlena, after traveling by Jet Scooter, with Kain as a pilot, we've already experienced the worst in terms of motion sickness.”
“Kain... have you never noticed, Nei?”
“Kain... the way he looked at you.”
“Well, sometimes I caught him staring at me in a different way.”
“Yes, he did.”
“That guy, Kain, was in love with Nei?”
“Yes, he was. Oh, how he suffered when you died, Nei.”
“Poor Kain. He was somewhat reckless, but deep inside he was a nice guy. If I only knew, I´d want to know him better...”
“Well... it is too late now, unfortunately, for you and for me.
“It is so good to know at least someone has fell in love with me, even when I am the way I am... But it is so sad to know I'll not be able to live this love...”
“Looks like we three are bounded by the same fate. Hey, what is that, Marlena? Are you feeling sea sick too?”
“No, Anna, it is not like that. It is something strange, I can´t tell. Can´t you feel the scent of lilies on the breeze?”
“No, I can´t.”
“Neither do I, Marlena. And I have a better smelling sense than a common human.”
“Strange. It is not the first time. I´m afraid something is going on.”
“Well, just calm down, Marlena. You can´t do anything now.”
“You are right, Anna, but I´m still scared.”

The trip was uneventful. The weather was fine, no surrounding mists on their way, the sea was calm as well. After two hours, they caught a glimpse of Rysel.

“The village looks lovely. I wonder if there are many tasty sweets in there.”
“Oh, Nei, didn´t you forget them? I thought you would forget...”
“Of course not! My mouth is full of water since we embarked this boat.”
“Alright, Nei. As soon as we get there, I´ll buy you some sweets.”

The telemental appears, still feeling dizzy.

“Are you feeling better?”
“Luckily this trip is almost over. Oh, princess, don´t ask me to enter a boat so soon.”
“Don´t worry. It all depends on you now.”

The boat arrived at its destination. The group disembarked and the purple-haired girl made them go straight to the delicatessen. There, she couldn´t decide which sweets she would want, so the princess bought lots of them. Neither the princess nor the telemental wanted to eat anything, so the girls delighted themselves with some tasty Palmian sweets. The princess was happy to see the girls having some pleasure because her own life had become an unending streak of sorrow, suffering and anxiety. They walked a bit more than a mile and finally reached the Laya´s temple.

The temple was an impressive construction. Suspended by forty-feet tall columns, the triangular roof, in a Greek style, was decorated with beautiful engravings of symbols and images representing Laya and other important figures for Layan people. The gates were impressive, being 20-feet tall, made of massive iron. People wondered how they managed to open and close the massive gates. As they entered the temple, they were greeted with a lush shiny marble floor, perfectly polished. There were sculptures on the sides and golden engravings on the columns. The ceiling was painted with impressive images. There was a red carpet who lead the visitors to the altar.

“Please, I´d ask you to stay here. I´ll go to the altar, to say a prayer for my deceased father and all the people who was killed by the robots in CIlle. Only Layans can pray at the altar.”
“That is fine, Marlena, just take your time and don´t worry about us. Leave your backpack with me” The golden-haired girl said so with an assuring gesture.

The princess walks slowly to the altar. The altar is a large square in the middle of the floor, made of blue marble. The princess kneels down at the altar and start muttering prayers in silence, for her father and mother, for Laya, for Layans, for every living thing and for every soul in the universe. She is so concentrated that she enters in a trance. Suddenly, she has a mystic experience, with an image coming to her mind.

The brown-haired girl is knelt down in an altar. She is wounded. Her limbs are loose, she barely can remain on her knees. Her head is bent down. There is a sense of despair, as if her soul was leaving her body. As a last effort, the girl bends up lightly her head, her green eyes devoid life.

“It is almost over.”
“I can´t stand anymore, please, save me.”
“You know, it doesn´t depend only on me.”
“I know. It is your love that keeps me alive, but I don´t know for how long. Please, try...”
“I swear you I will try...”

The images disappear from the princess mind. She is alone in the altar again. She mutters another prayer to Laya and return to meet her companions.

“I´m done. We can leave this planet now.”
“Well, first I need to go somewhere else.”
“Be quick.”
“I´ve had the same dream again, but this time I was awake. Her time is running out.”
“Did you feel that person? Did you see that person?”
“I did.”
“Let´s hurry. I almost can´t sense the energy anymore.”

The group leaves the Laya's temple.

“Where will we go now?”
“It is an island, Sage Island. Have you ever heard about it?”
“I have heard about it, but I'm not really sure where it is.”
“Don't worry. I'll find it. I sense... we must travel west...”
“So let's go.”

The group travels to the west. The telemental tries to hurry the group, but none of the girls feel inclined to run. They are somewhat tired of walking, specially the purple-haired girl, who had eaten a lot. After a couple of miles, the telemental stops at the entrance of a cave.

“We must get in.”
“What for?”
“This cave links Aquatica to other segments of your spaceship.”
“Well... I'm not sure but I've heard that you need some kind of key to be able to enter these caves...”
“Don't worry, there is another way. Magic!”
“If you are saying so...”

The telemental focuses his attention for some seconds. “Open the gates!” Magically, the group feels a strange pull and when they notice, they are inside a strange room. The floor is made of metal components, the aisles are suspended bridges made of light metal. They can see machinery and electronic components through the metal grid of the floor. The aisles are lighted by some unnatural light source.

“Impressive! I've never seen something like that in my life!”
“That reminds me the state-of-art buildings we used to have at my time.” The golden-haired girl is not so surprised.
“I've never dreamed we had such a place like that in our planet.”
“It must be the spaceship structure. Let's go, girls.”

They walk through the corridors. The princess can't stop looking at the environment.

“Damn, these passages form a maze!”
“Ha, man, stop whining, you have never seen a real maze in your life.” The purple-haired girl says mockingly.
“No, Nei, you have never seen a real maze in your life. The climatrol is nothing compared to the structures in Dezoris.”
“Yes, we have spent months exploring the palaces to find these Nei weapons.”
“I wish I could have been with you all, Anna...”
“Well, Nei, I wish you were with us, but at least now I'm glad that you are here with me.” The golden-haired girl lets out one of her rare smiles. The princess is surprised how her smile is beautiful, how she looks lovely when she is not with her usual somber expression.

The maze is not that complicated and in a few minutes they exit the cavern. They find themselves in the middle of green plains.

“Where are we, telemental?”
“Haven't you been here before?”
“Not that I know of. We were forbidden to wander through Orakian lands.”
“I see. Let's keep moving west, I have a good feeling about that.”

The group walks a couple of miles more. Soon the girls are tired, specially the princess, who was not so used to walk long distances and has got blisters on her feet again. The sun is almost setting and they start complaining to the telemental they need some rest. He asks them just a mile more. The girls keep walking, though complaining more than ever. Only the golden-haired girl doesn't complain too much, but because she is not of talking too much.

The group is walking near the shoreline. There is another group of people walking near them, but the princess, looking down, doesn't notice them. The group consists of a blue-haired man, walking hand-in-hand with a short brown-haired woman. They are followed closely by a red-haired woman and a tall black-haired man, with some strange metal things hanging from his body. The blue-haired man catches a glimpse of the group and, at the sight of a familiar face, starts moving toward the princess. He is pulled by the brown-haired woman.

“But, Lena, my love, I just want to say hi to her. After all, she was someone special to me.”
“I don't want you talking with that woman!”
“Don't be jealous. I've chosen you, I love you. Just some words...”
“Alright, alright!” The brown-haired girl is fuming in rage.

The blue-haired man advances towards the princess.

“What?” The princess turns to face the man.
“Oh, Maia, by Orakio! I thought you were dead!”
“For your frustration, I was not at home when your damned robots murdered everybody in Cille.”
“Please, Maia, it was not me...”
“Do you expect me to believe in your story?”
The blue-haired man kneels in front of the princess “Forgive me, Maia, but I didn't have anything to do with those robots, they were rogue androids.”

Meanwhile, the brown-haired girl comments to her companions.

“Gahhh! Look, that rascal, he has knelt down to her! That witch puts him under a spell! I can't stand it!”
“Cool down, Lena, he has married you, hasn't he? He loves you.”
“No, Mieu, you don't understand anything about love. It doesn't matter if you have human feelings or not, you can't see, it is on his face.”

“I've never expected something like that from your damned Orakians. I was the first to convince my people you were not bad and then you pay back destroying my kingdom!”
“Please, Maia, be reasonable.”
“Reasonable?” The princess points her finger towards the blue-haired man face “First you turned me down because of prejudice. You loved me so dearly, you would marry me without your father consent. Then, when you learned I was a Layan, where has all that love gone?”
“It is not that, Maia...”
“How can it be a thing other than that? You turned me down because I was a Layan. You didn't want to marry the Layan girl. Why would a prince marry the memory-less stranger found on the beach, but not marry a princess? Because the princess was Layan! Don't lie to me.”
“Please, Maia, try to understand...”
“And to think I've almost married you. I've loved you. I've given myself to you...”
“But Maia, I still feel the same thing for you, I can't help it...”

“Enough!” The brown-haired girl is bursting with jealousy “I can't stay here while that witch treats my husband like that!”
“Please, Lena, don't! Oh, my...”

The brown-haired girl runs towards the princess.

“Oh, Wren, I fear master Lena will do something wrong... She is out of her mind!”
“That is why I prefer to not have human feelings, Mieu. They are not rational at all.”
“Well, sometimes it is better. By the way, have you noticed that girl, with those pointy ears? She has claws like mine.”
“But my sensors detect she is a living thing, not an android.”
“I wonder where she has got those claws... Oh, no! Lena, no!” Both androids shake their heads negatively.

“Witch! Take my husband out of your spell!” The brown-haired girl pushes the princess violently.
“Hey!” The princess slaps the face of the brown-haired girl. “I was not talking to you.”
“Lena, what are you doing?”
“Rhys, she has hit me and you are on her side!” The brown-haired girl falls on her knees and starts crying.
“It is not that, Lena...”
“Mieu! Wren! I've been attacked by a Layan! Protect me! Kill her!”
“Lena, you are out of your mind!”
“Attack them, I'm ordering you!”
“Wren, I don't think we should. Maia just slapped her face, it is not a serious threat.”
“Why don't you obey my commands? Are you under the spell of that witch too? Kill her!”
“Sorry, Mieu, I trust your judgement, but we need to attack the girl. Master Lena is ordering us.”
“Oh my, what can we do? My sense of duty makes me attack the girl, but my human emotions tell me it is wrong.”

The black-haired man readies his gun while large metal claws pop up from the red-haired woman's hands. She positions herself for attacking.

“Kill her! Kill this witch! Wha...?”

A slicer flies through the air so fast that when everybody tries to understand what happened, they just see the golden-haired girl with a dark smile in the corner of her mouth, polishing her slicer which has just returned from the flight. The black-haired man and the red-haired woman are stunned. His gun was chopped in half by the slicer. Her claws were cut out from her hands and lay on the floor.

“What is that? My claws? That woman...”
“She is just too fast.”
“You are no match for me.”
“Mieu! Wren! Are you ok?” The blue-haired man has just turned his head to face the androids.
“She has broken our androids! Who is this woman? Must be another witch! Let's get away from here, these Layans are all crazy!” The brown-haired woman starts running away.
“Androids?” The purple-haired girl whispers to the telemental. “I could swear the girl with claws was a human. Their technology is amazing!”
“Yeah, she is very well-crafted. She is even hot.”
“Sorry, Maia, I didn't want the things to be like that.”
“Please, Rhys, forget about me, will you?”
“Maia... I really loved...”
“No, Rhys, please, I don't want to hear from you anymore...” The princess turns away.
“Are you alright? Excuse me...” The golden-haired girl asks the red-haired woman.
“Don't worry. We will be fine. We are androids.”
“I admit I've never seen something like that.” The black-haired man throws away the useless remains of his gun.
“Take that as a lesson. You need to train more. You need to be ready when the time comes. You need to be strong and fast as this blonde girl here.” The telemental speaks to the androids.
“When the time comes? Could you care to explain?”
“Forget about that, woman. The last thing you will get from this man is an answer.”
“And you.” The telemental shouts at the blue-haired man “Raise your son to be stronger and more valiant than you are.”
“What son? I have no sons.”
“You will remember me.”

The blue-haired man leaves, followed by his androids. The brown-haired girl is waiting them at the distance, completely mad. When the blue-haired man gets near her, she shouts at him.

“I was never so humiliated in my whole life.”
“Please, Lena, don't start it again...”
“Don't start it again? You let that witch hit me and you did nothing! And you, your useless pieces of junk, were defeated by a mere girl!”
“Stop it, Lena, let's go home.”
“Are you not paying attention to me?” The brown-haired girl pushes the blue-haired man.
“Lena!” The blue-haired girl turns back and see the group moving away “Maia...”
“What? You are looking at her!” The brown-haired girl slaps the blue-haired man's face.
“Today it will be a long night back home, Wren...”
“Even I, who don't understand human emotions very well, know that, Mieu. Luckily we will be busy fixing our damaged parts...”

“That man was your ex-fiancé?”
“Yes, Nei... I wish I had never seen his face again...”
“I see...”
“Hey, it is your fault, telemental! Where are you taking us?”
“I thought the Sage Isle was this way.”
“The Sage Isle is in Aquatica! You are completely lost!”
“So let's stop losing time and teleport there.”
“What a crazy woman was that, Anna.”
“Yes, luckily the guardian was ready, Nei.”
“I don't know how that man chose her instead of Marlena.”
“Who can tell what goes inside the human heart, Nei?”
“You are right...”
“Be ready, girls. It will be very fast.”

The white mists rise from the floor and engulf the group. Before they could realize what was happening, another white mist was rising from the floor of a cave. Soon, a loud crack could be heard and the group found itself inside a strange cave. The cold has lighted out some torches hanging on the wall.

“We have been expecting you!” Some white-robed men approach the group.
“It is about time!”
“Did you bring them to us?”
“Yes, here they are. Please, Nei, hand them the sword and the gun. Anna, lend them your slasher for a few minutes.”
“Nei? Did you called this woman Nei?”
“Yes, it is her.”
“She was named after the word of power...”
“No, the word of power was named after her. Can you feel the power of these weapons?”
“Yes, we can. Leave us alone for some minutes, we will learn their power and transform it in the Ancient Word of Power.”
“I hope this time you can get rid of the evil force forever. Its cause is about to be defeated in Algol, so it must be the last time you will see Dark Force.”
“Those are great news.”

“It is finished!”
“It is finished. I'm done...”
“Don't say that, I am just going to help you.”
“My time has come. I can't resist any longer...”
“No, you will not die... not now...”
“No, not now...”

A scent of lilies fills the air. The purple-haired girl notices the princess crying.

“What is up, girls?”
“I don't know. Marlena is having another of those crisis.”
“I'm worried, she is crying.”
“Oh no... that can't be... that person... gone forever...”
“Not yet...” The princess wipe the tears from her eyes. “But we must save her immediately!”
“Her? Is she really a woman? Then the princess was right about you, telemental.”
“It is not time for that, Anna. Let's hurry.”
“We have got it. Now we are ready for the final battle. Here are the legendary weapons. I'd like to thank you all for this. You will be responsible for the future of our planet.”
“Thank the princess here, she is the one who made it possible. Now, forgive me, but I have urgent business to attend somewhere else. It will be a long journey.”
“We see. Peace be with you all. We will be praying, supporting your teleport spell as a sign of gratitude.”
“Thanks. Let's get ready girls.”
“I'm tired!”
“Don't worry, Nei, you will have lots of time to sleep in this journey. It will be very long.”

The telemental touches the girls' foreheads the same way he did when they teleported to the princess' spaceship. Then, he draws a circle on the floor. The girls enter the circle and he casts the spell. The plasma ring grows much faster than the usual because of the help of the sages. Soon they disappear without igniting anything. The princess feels a blend of sadness and relief as she leaves her former land for the last time. The telemental feels a blend of relief and worry. It is the last part of his journey, but he is still unsure whether he will be successful or not.
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