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PostPosted: Tue Jan 11, '11, 12:22 am
A Queen Without a Throne

The telemental advances some paces to see what happened to the princess' castle. He notices that the upper part of the castle walls is broken, heaps of rocks lay on the ground. Parts of the walls seem to be have been scorched by fire.

“By Laya, tell me that isn´t true!”
“Let´s see what happened.”

The telemental, the purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl hurry towards the castle and leave the princess behind. She walks very slowly towards the castle, in state of shock. Tears come down from her cyan eyes. “That can´t be true. That can´t be true! Why? Laya, why?” She falls on her knees and starts crying bitterly.

As the group approaches the castle, they are puzzled.

“What happened here? Marlena´s castle is destroyed. Looks like there is no one inside.” The golden-haired girl is very serious.
“Poor Marlena. I know what is to have your house set on fire, but to have your entire homeland wiped out is too much!”
“That is really strange. There should be no war. Let´s get inside and see what happened. Be ready, girls.”
“Don´t worry, it has been 1,000 years since I hunted my last scoundrel. I´m thirsty for some more scoundrel blood!”
“Anna! Don´t say that!”
“Oh, my, these girls are crazy!”

The group carefully advances through a breach in the castle wall. All the houses were burned and they are partly ruined, some even collapsed entirely to the floor. They notice some charred bodies on the streets and among the ruins. They advance towards the palace and it is partly in ruins as well. As they enter the main hall, they see a mixture of pomp and tragedy, with polished marble stones scorched by fire, the finest carpets they have seen in their lives partly destroyed, pieces of wood everywhere, lots of broken furniture and expensive decorative objects on the ground. They explore briefly some of the corridors, but the wooden structure is not safe and even the masonry is collapsing. They leave the palace to find the princess crying, laid on the grass, in front of a waterless fountain.

“Why? Why did Laya let it happen? My whole city is destroyed!”
“I wonder who have done such evil deeds...”
“Orakians, for sure! Damned Orakians!”
“How can you be so sure?”
“Look, parts of their damned robots are scattered in the city! Scoundrels! I´ve never thought Rhys would do something like that to us...”
“Marlena...” The golden-haired girl embraces the princess.
“It is your fault, you devil!” The princess screams at the telemental. “While you took me from home, my city was wiped out. I´d rather be killed with them than to be here, alive, to see such a scene. My dad... he must have perished. He would not abandon our kingdom unguarded. What can I do now? It is all your fault!”

The telemental remained silent. He knew he could not be held responsible for what has happened to the princess' hometown, but he knew nothing he could say would have a positive impact on the princess' mood. The two girls embraced the princess. The telemental sat on the border or the dried fountain and, with his face buried in his hands, feeling sad for the princess. “That should not have happened with her... what I feel for her... I wish I could make her happy... all this love to the others is paid back with all this sorrow, she doesn't deserve this fate...”

The girls tried to comfort the princess, but they both knew that nothing that could be said or done would really help. The two girls had lost loving ones before, so they knew how hard it is to tragically lose loved people and suddenly be on their own. After almost one hour, the princess sat up and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“We must move on with our journey...”
“Where do we go from here?” The purple-haired girl looks worried.
“We must find someone. There is another kingdom nearby. My uncle is the king there. Maybe we can find some help, if it was not destroyed.”
“Princess, I know it is a painful process to do so, but I wonder if you wouldn't like to risk entering the palace. There may something remaining you would like to retrieve. I can enter with you while the girls wait here outside.”
“I'm not sure... I think I should take a last look on the things...”
“So let's go and see if it is safe to visit your room.”

The telemental stands up and helps the princess to stand up. Then, he advances slowly to the broken doors of the palace, waiting for the princess to steady her pace. She is still subdued. The telemental looks at her and notices there is something missing on her, a joie de vivre she used to have in her eyes even when she was angry at him.

The telemental climbs the steps leading to the palace and enters through the broken door. There, he waits for the princess, expecting her to be shocked at the site of palace's main hall, but, as she enters, she just looks down and shakes her head.

“Your room is upstairs, isn't it?”
The princess shakes her head affirmatively.
“I'll climb it to check whether it is safe or not. Then, if safe, you may follow me.”

The telemental lightly squeeze the princess' left shoulder as a sign of affection. He is dealing with a very difficult situation. “I'm not sure whether she really hates me or not, but I have to be very careful now. If I do something wrong now, she will never help me again... Even with all that sorrow, she still irradiates love. What a power she has!”

The telemental carefully climbs the wooden steps of the stairs. The stairs shake a bit, but they are firm enough to be safely climbed. As he reaches the upper hall, he asks in a loud whisper “Left or Right?” The princess just stretches her right arm to indicate the right corridor. As the telemental enters the corridor, he catchs a glimpse of a dead body. So he whispers to the princess, who is starting to climb up the stairs “Wait!.” He goes to the dead body and checks that it is from a murdered servant. “I must take this body out of the princess' way.” He looks at one of the rooms and finds a big hole on the wooden floor. So, he pulls the corpse and sends it down the hole. The corpse goes down crashing, making a loud noise.

“What was that? Are you OK?”
“Yes, yes, don't worry, princess. I've just sent down some wood which was blocking our path.”
“Can I go up?”
“Yes, but be careful.”

The telemental advances through the corridor. He knows the princess' room is the room at the end of the corridor. The room doesn't have a door anymore and he can see ashes and dust from the opening. As the princess reaches the upper floor, the telemental is entering her room, blocking her view.

“How does my room look like? Is everything destroyed?”
“No, not everything, though there isn't much left standing. You may want to check it by yourself.”

The telemental checks if there are dead bodies hidden inside the room, but there aren't. The princess enters the room and, though sad, her reaction is far less emotional than the telemental expected it would be. The princess started to explore the room, trying to find things that could still be useful. She opened her wardrobe to find most of its contents rotten or burned. She opens some drawers that were not burned and start separating some clothes which can still be worn.

“What do you think you are doing? Are you concerned about clothes?”
“Yes, the girls will need it.”
“Come on, Marlena!”
“We don't have anything left. How do you expect we can survive without clothes, money and food?”
“Alright, but hurry. While you are there, I'll check the other rooms.”

The telemental leaves the room while the princess choose things that can still be saved. Though she is sad to see her things destroyed, she is somewhat resigned to her fate. The telemental checks the other rooms, but he doesn't see anything useful on them. Most are completely burned or lack useful objects. He spots another corpse in a room, but he ignores it.
He then enters the left corridor and keeps searching the rooms. Part of the floor has collapsed, so he advances carefully. He finally reaches the room at the end of the corner. It is a very large room. As he enters, he sees another corpse. The corpse it partially decayed and belongs to a man who should be in his forties. The corpse has a cape on his back and besides the head there is a crown fallen on the floor. He can't suppress an exclamation “Awgh!”. He approaches the corpse. “Oh, my, this must be the king. The princess can't see that!”. He stays dazed for some seconds, not knowing what to do. Then he thinks on leaving the room and telling the princess it is not safe to reach there. When he turns back, it is too late, the princess is standing at the door, tears flowing from her eyes. She had heard the telemental exclamation.

“Dear father...”

The princess kneels down besides her father's corpse. She kisses his forehead and mutters a prayer to Laya. “Oh, dad! Oh, dad... Sorry for not being here with you, dad. I love you so much, dad, you were the most precious thing in my life... I'll always have you and mom in my heart... I'll always honor your memory... Cille's memory... Laya's memory... ” Then the princess take her father's royal ring from his hand, his crown and his scepter who were resting near his body. She gets a piece of the rotten curtain and places it carefully over her father's body, covering it. “Goodbye, father. Goodbye. Peace be with you.” She goes to the wardrobe, searching for something. She takes out a box, opens it and takes from the box a royal diadem, similar to the one she wears, but a bit different. Then, she takes out the diadem she was wearing and places the new one on her head. She also puts the royal ring in her right ring finger. Despite the tears that insist falling from her eyes, the princess looks changed, colder.

“Let's go. I need to take some things more from my bedroom.”
“Do you wish to bury him? We could do that.”
“It is better not worry about that now. It would take us a lot of time to properly bury him. Anyway, my father is not inside that corpse anymore.”
“Well, if you prefer this way...”
“Please, take these things out and return to help me.”
“Do you want to keep these memento from your deceased parents?”
“Memento? What memento? These things are my property.”
“Oh, sorry, princess...”
“I'm not a princess anymore. Now I am Queen Marlena of Cille.”
“Whatever. Don't waste too much time.”

The princess returned to her room while the telemental went outside. He left the things the princess had given him with the girls, who were excited to see such beautiful jewelry, as they have only seen things like that on magazines. The telemental returned to the princess' room. Arriving there, he found a large bundle of clothes laying on the floor. The princess had tied the clothes inside a ragged sheet. He saw that the princess had just opened a safe hidden in her wardrobe and were putting the contents of the safe into the box where her mother's diadem was stored before.

“What are you taking there?”
“Only the useful things.”
“I see. May I help you?”
“No, I'm almost done.”

The princess gets the last contents of the safe, puts them on the box and turns to the telemental.

“Let's go. There is nothing else I really need here.”
“Alright. What is that you were getting... whoa!”
“My family's jewels. My father had already given them to me when my mother died.”
“Your family was very rich.”
“Sorry, princess, but it is strange for me to see you as a princess.”
“Sometimes it is strange for me too.”

The princess leaves her room without looking back. The telemental follows her carrying her bundle. They climb downstairs and soon they are out.

“Marlena, are you feeling fine? I was worried about you.”
“Well, Nei, I guess it is over for me. My kingdom has gone.”
“And what will you do now?”
“I'll let the time bury these things for me.”
“And what are those things you have taken? They are so beautiful.”
“Oh, they are my property. Property of Cille's royal family. Sometimes I forget, Anna, you may not be accustomed to monarchy things.”
“Yes, I'm not. I've never lived in a monarchy.”
“These are the king's scepter, the king's crown, the princess' diadem and, inside the box, my family´s jewels.”
“That means...”
“Yes, my father was there...” The princess looks down.
“Oh, Marlena, I'm so sorry. I wish you had not seen that. I myself had seen my parents bodies after they were murdered and that was the worst moment of my life.”
“Thanks, Anna. I think it was better this way. It closes the cycle. Of course it is terrible to see such a scene, but I think it would be worse if I´ve never had the opportunity to say goodbye...”
“What?” the purple-haired girl, who was not paying attention, looked confused. “What has happened?”
“Nei, she has found her father dead.”
“Oh, my, I can't believe that! Poor Marlena! You didn't deserve that.”
“Thanks, Nei.”
“Sorry for asking that for you, but what is this ring? And this diadem you are wearing, it is not your diadem...”
“Ladies, this is Queen Marlena of Cille.” The telemental exits the palace carrying the large bundle.
“What?” The golden-haired girl stares the telemental with a reproaching look.
“Well, my father is dead, I'm her only heir, so I've crowned myself queen...”
“That is so strange to think of you as a queen, Marlena. Queens are meant to be serious and untouchable old women. Your are so young, so pretty, so sweet, so nice...”
“Thanks, Nei. Let's get moving, after all I'm a queen without a throne, without a kingdom, without subjects. Shusoran is not far from here, just a few miles south. I think we can reach there before the sunset. I just hope it is still standing.”
“Let's move, so. Hey, Marlena... majesty... what is this bundle the telemental is carrying.”
“This is what I could save from my things.”
“Damn, this bundle is very heavy!”
“You always complain of my things on purpose. Grow up. Can´t you see Marlena is facing the most difficult moment of her life?”
“I think I have seen a small cart near that house. I'll take it.”
“Yes, go on, steal my property.”
“Excuse me, nasty tempered majesty. May you lend me your royal cart?”
“Enough!” The golden-haired girl loses her usual cold temper. “If you keep on talking this way with the princess, I´ll cut you in two with my slashers! Don´t you have just a bit of compassion behind these evil yellow eyes?”
“Please, Anna, leave him. I´m not paying attention to what he says. I just don´t want to see anyone dead anymore... Nevermore...”

The group walks silently, distancing themselves from the dead city. The telemental is worried. He thinks the princess´ last words are a stab at him, meaning that she will not help her to revive the last person. The princess never looks back at her hometown. They advance half a mile when suddenly, the princess seem disturbed.

“Save me.”
“No, please, don´t start that again! Not now, please.”
“I´m dying.”
“Can´t you see how I am? What I had just faced?”
“My father is dead! Let me mourn his death.”
“Let the dead be dead!”
“Please... I´m the healer...”
“Heal yourself!”
“I need you. The universe needs you!”
"Leave me alone! I´m just a poor and lonely girl!”
“You are the personification of love. Please...”

The voice goes away. The princess seems tormented by it. The telemental and the girls watch her as she seems to be struggling with herself. Suddenly, she calms down, takes some deep breaths and resume walking.

“What happened, princess Marlena? Is everything fine?”
“It was that voice again, but it has gone. Let´s resume walking...”
“Marlena, if you need something, just tell me.”
“Don´t worry, telemental, let´s go to Shusoran.”

The princess leads the way to Shusoran in silence. She doesn´t look like the princess they have known. The purple-haired girl lets her advance some yards in order to have a private conversation with the telemental, who was behind, pulling the cart with the clothes.

“I´m worried about Marlena.”
“Me too. She doesn´t look well.”
“But there is something else going on with her.”
“What do you mean?”
“In her eyes. There is something different.”
“I´ve noticed that, but I don´t know what it is.”
“Her expression used to be so lively, so emotional. Now she looks like Anna: cold, sad.”
“I hope she eventually returns to the previous form.”
“Me too, but these scars will never mend. I know that.”

They walk for approximately a mile until the reach the island shores. The sea breeze is refreshing. Though the climate is cool, they all feel relieved by the sea breeze after the long walk.

“Hmmm, looks like the sand bank is gone again. We will have to cross the sea by boat.”
“What? How is that?” The telemental is puzzled.
“There used to be a sand back which connected Cille island to the main continent, but depending on the tides, it is submerged. We will need to find a boat to cross the channel.”
“Where will we find a boat these days? There is no one here.”
“The harbor is less than a mile to the left. There must be some small fishing boat left behind.”
“Well, let´s go, then.”
“This beach is so beautiful... different from the Motavian beaches.” The purple-haired girl is delighted with the sight.
“I used to come here a lot when I was younger, Nei. Many good memories...”

They resumed walking, looking for the harbor. The purple-haired girl was so excited that she took of her sandals and decided to walk in the shoreline, feeling the waves washing her feet. Soon, the princess joined her.

“Nei... do you like to walk on the shore?”
“Oh, Marlena. No... yes... in fact, I´ve never had the opportunity to walk freely on the shore.”
“Yes. Rolf has taken me once or twice to the beach, but I could not walk around freely. People hated me there.”
“No! That is so sad. Just because...”
“Yes, just because I was different. Every time I went outside, I had to hide my ears. If not, people would insult me, beat me. They even tried to kill me.”
“That is terrible!”
“Yes, I met Rolf this way. My adoptive parents were killed, their house burned down by a mob who demanded them to hand me in order to get me killed. I managed to flee from the burning house. I was alone, had nowhere to go. Everywhere there were people who would kill me. I was desperate.”
“Oh, Nei, I have never imagined you had endured all these terrible things in your life.” The princess hugs the purple-haired girl.
“I was just a child these days. One day, I was cornered by a hunter. Then Rolf appeared. He saved me, adopted me as his sister and treated me as so. Oh, Rolf...”
“I imagine your brother was really an excellent person. No wonder Anna loved him. How many years did you live with him? Ten? You look older than me.”
“Just one. In fact, Marlena, I´m only two.”
“Really? How is that?”
“You know, I´m the result of a failed experiment with human and animal DNA.”
“Don´t say that! For me, you are the result of a successful experiment, whatever DNA means.”
“Ha, Marlena, thank you so much. DNA is the thing that carries our genetic traits. It is what makes you be the way you are. That is why you look partly like your mother and partly like your father.”
“Well, I can understand that.”
“So, resuming my story, my rhythm of aging is by far faster than a normal human.”
“I don´t know, maybe this rate slows in the future, otherwise I´ll not live much longer. Maybe 10, 12 years...”
“Oh, that would be so sad, Nei. You deserve to live forever. If the world was made only of Neis, it would be much better.”
“Thanks, Marlena. You are so sweet. I feel myself so loved when you are near me.”
“Oh, Nei, if it wasn´t for you and Anna, I don´t know what would be of me now.”

Meanwhile, the telemental and the golden-haired girl stayed walking at the gravel road which bordered the beach. The telemental randomly said.

“This cart is so heavy. Why do the princess need so much? I´d throw half of the things away.”
“Oh, please, why don´t you shut your mouth. You are so annoying!”
“But the bundle is so heavy!”
“What would you expect? It is all we three have. I don´t have anything, Nei doesn´t have anything as well. We need clothes, things...”
“You girls...”
“Hey! Are you complaining about us? It was you who went after us. Why didn´t you leave us alone?”
“You are needed.”
“Would you care to explain why?”
“There is something going on with this universe. I need you to build a brighter future.”
“Don´t answer in riddles. Why can´t you explain us what you have in mind?”
“Not yet. That could be dangerous.”
“Dangerous? How could it be dangerous? I think you are hiding something important from us.”
“Me? No, it is not that...”
“If it is not that, please, tell us! I´m tired of you. I don´t know how Marlena agreed to help you.”
“Anna, let´s leave the things as they are. First, I have a task to perform here, to help her people and then we are almost finished.”
“It is better for your safety that you are not fooling us. I´ve killed stronger people than you with my own hands.”

Soon they caught a glimpse of the harbor. It was not a large harbor and it was partly destroyed. There were some parts of ships floating on the water or lying on the sand. At the sight of the harbor, the purple-haired girl runs excitedly on the sand. She arrives the harbor and searches for a boat. The rest of the group keep their paces. As they arrived at the harbor, they discover that the situation is not promising.

“Oh, the harbor is in ruins as well. There are many parts of boats floating on the water and scattered on the sand. I wonder someone managed to escape the robot attack and left them adrift when they abandoned the city.”
“Yes, this is very bad. I don´t think we will find any boat that can carry us to that city you have mentioned.”
“Well, if we don´t find a boat, you will build one. Or teleport us there.”
“Oh, my...”
“Hey, Marlena, I´ve found something!”
“What is that, Nei?”
“Come here and see. I think we are lucky.”

The princess advanced to where the purple-haired girl´s voice has come from. The purple-haired girl was in front of some abandoned warehouses. The telemental and the golden-haired girl followed the princess.

“Looks like there are some small boats here. Come, take a look!”

The group entered one of the abandoned warehouses, which contained several small fishing boats.

“Let´s check them to see if they can be used.”
“I´m no specialist in boats. The closest thing to a boat I´ve even been was that Jet Scooter. But I think the best way is to try them is to take them to the water and see if they whether they make water or not.”
“Great idea, Anna! Let the telemental pull the boats to the water.”
“Why? Must it be always me?”
“You are the only man here. Be a gentleman once in your life.”
“You are really mean to me, princess. Don´t hate me like that.”

The telemental chooses the largest boat and pulls it to the water with the help of a rail placed by the door of the warehouse with this purpose. The task is not so difficult. Soon the boat hits the water.

“Looks like it is good. Ladies, please, come aboard.”
“Let´s sail!” The purple-haired girl is excited.
“The boat has no sails. How will we make it move?”
“There are some rows here. You know what you are supposed to do, don´t you?”
“Oh, Marlena, you really hate me!”
“Alright, I help him.” The golden-haired girl volunteer to row the boat.
“Lift the anchor! Captain Marlena, we are at your orders!” The purple-haired girl speaks mockingly.
“Oh, Nei, you are so fun, so upbeat. It is so good to have you around.”
“Thanks, Marlena, you are so kind.”
“Let´s put this boat in motion!”
“Well, Captain Marlena, do you know where that city is? Or will you get us lost in the sea?”
“Just move straight to that small island. Sooner than you expect, we will be able to see the continent.”

The boat was put in motion. The telemental had a hard time rowing the boat. As for the golden-haired girl, she was at ease. She was responsible for ninety percent of the speed of the boat.

“Puff, that is so hard.”
“Come on, straighten your arms! Move your arms the right way. It is not that hard!”
“Anna, you are really strong! I´d never think a blonde bombshell would be so strong!”
“Shut up, concentrate in rowing and you will help me more than this cheap flirtation.”

Soon they could see the continent past the small island. There were some guards patrolling the shores, mostly near the harbor. The princess advised them to not go straight to the harbor because she didn´t know whether they were allies or enemies. The telemental and the golden-haired girl rowed towards a deserted spot on the shore. The sea was calm and the trip didn´t take more than 20 minutes. As they approached the shore, the princess recognized the guards as Shusoran guards. As soon as hit the shore lightly and were unloading the boat, guards came towards them running, with swords drawn.

“Hands up! Who are you?”

The princess, who had her back turned to the guards, turned to face them.

“Can´t you see who I am?”
“By Laya, it is princess Marlena! Forgive us, your highness, we didn´t recognize you.”
“You are forgiven. Can you take us to the palace?”
“Of course, your highness, your wishes are our commands, your highness. Please, let us help you.”
“By Laya, we didn´t know you were alive!”

The group was taken to the palace. There, they were attended by servants, who were all happy to see the princess alive. Cille and Shusoran had very close relations in the past, as the princess´ father and the king of Shusoran were brothers, so every citizen knew the princess well. After some minutes of rest, a tall, green-haired man, enters the room.

“I can´t believe that! Maia! Thanks, Laya, thanks!”
“Oh, cousin Lyle! I´m so glad to see you...”

The princess rushes toward the green-haired man. Meanwhile, the purple-haired girl, from her seat, touches the golden-haired girl ribs with her elbow and whispers.

“Hey, look Marlena´s cousin. He is so handsome!”
“He is very hot!”
“Well, considering how pretty the princess is, it was kinda expected.”
“You are right, Nei.”
“Well, Anna, have you never dreamt of being a princess? That is your chance!”
“Stop that, Nei. He is very handsome, but he is no Rolf...”

The green-haired man hugs the princess.

“Maia, we all thought you were dead!”
“No, cousin, I was not at home when it was attacked.”
“We know that, but you father has told us...”
“Told you what, dear cousin?”
“That you had committed suicide...”
“Yes, has told us one day he had heard a huge explosion on your bedroom. When he went to see what has happened, he had just found out ashes and a farewell letter from you stating that you couldn´t stand living without Rhys any longer.”
“I can´t believe that! I´ve left him a letter saying that I´d be out for some days, but that I´d return.”
“Well, that I can´t tell, I only know what he told us.”
“By the way, cousin, what happened to my kingdom?”
“Orakian robots attacked it. Sorry, I´ve tried to send an army to help your father, but when we arrived there, the robots had already destroyed the kingdom.”
“Why? Do you know who had sent them?”
“I´ve sent an army to Agoe to press them, but they begged us to not invade as they were not responsible for the attack. Later, I´ve sent Rhys a letter demanding apologies, but he also told us he was not responsible for that. He said they must have been rogue androids. I´m so sorry, dear cousin, your kingdom...”
“Thanks, Lyle. Now I´m a queen without a kingdom...”
“Yes, you know, my father is dead, I´m his only heir...”
“That is true.... sorry, we didn´t know you were alive...”
“Do you mean you intended to take the throne, I mean, you father?”
“Well, yes.”
“Lyle! How can you two do such a thing to me? Isn´t it enough that my kingdom was wiped out, all my relatives killed?”
“We didn´t know... sorry.”
“Well, now you know.”
“Yes, dear. I wish we could unify our kingdoms another way...”
The princess pushes the green-haired man. “Stop that, Lyle, you know I love you, but only as a cousin.”
“Damn! You still have that Orakian on your mind.”
“No, Lyle, it is not that. In fact, I think I have never really loved him...”
“So why not accept my proposal?”
“Lyle, you will never understand. Excuse me, cousin.”
“We could rebuild Cille together...”
“That means you'd not help unless I marry you, cousin.”
“It is not like that... remember, Maia, it was our father's wish. Your father wish...”
“Forget about that, Lyle. I just don't feel anything for you.”
“Your heart is still with that Orakian, isn't it?”
“No, dear cousin, I despise him now. I've never felt that thing either for you or for him or for anybody else. Leave me now, cousin. It is still too painful to endure the loss of my whole kingdom, my father, my relatives, my friends, acquaintances...”
“Sorry to hear that, Maia.”

The green-haired man leaves the princess and goes to the rest of the group.

“Ladies and gentlemen. I don't know you, but as you are with my cousin, you are my guests for tonight. If you need anything, you may ask one of the servants.”
“Oh, thanks... highness.” The golden-haired girl answers as she blushes.

The green-haired man leaves the room. The princess reunite with the group.

“Why, Marlena? He has been a gentleman with us. He even invited us to stay.” The golden-haired girl was puzzled with the reaction of the princess.
“Why? When he mentioned you are his guests for today, that means he wants everyone of us out of his palace by tomorrow morning.”
“Really? I didn't know he meant that literally.”
“Haven't you heard the things he told me? He just want to convince me to marry him.”
“That wouldn't be so bad, Marlena. He is your cousin.”
“He is a hottie...” The purple-haired girl's eyes are shining.
“Please, girls, I don't feel anything for him other than cousin affection. In fact, I've never felt that for no one, neither Rhys. I'd only marry him because I had nothing else, had lost my memory and he was being kind to me...”
“I'm sorry to hear that, Marlena. Someday you will find someone...”
“I don't think so, Anna, it must be something with me. Everybody feels that thing for me, I don't feel that thing for anybody...”
“Well, princess, we have something to discuss.”
“Well, there is one person remaining...”
“I don't want to know about that anymore.”
“Please, princess...”
“No. You have never given me a proper reason for that. Find someone else who can do it.”
“I don't know anyone else who can do it.”
“That is your problem. I just want to forget all those things.”
“What will you do so?”
“Maybe I'll dedicate my life to Laya, I don't know. I just don't want to know anything about you, your girls, your responsibilities. I wish I had never left my home with you, mad man.”
“Please, Marlena, think it over. I need you.”
“Everybody needs me. No one cares for what I need or want...”
The telemental turns to the other girls. “Well, girls, I'm hungry and thirsty. Where can I find something to eat?”
“I don't know, just do like my cousin ordered, call the servants.”
“Well, I'll go for it.”
“Girls, I hope you don't feel offended by that, but after a day like this one, all I want to do is to sleep.”
“Oh, Marlena, don't mind us, go for it. We will not be long as well, will we, Nei?”
“No, we won't. Have a good night, Marlena. You surely need that.”

The princess call one of the servants and ask for a place to rest. The servant takes her out of the room.

“Poor Marlena! What she had to endure. I'm surprised how she has not broken up in tears and despair.”
“Yes, Nei, that was too much for her. Strong as I am, I don't think I would remain calm as she is.”
“She is suffering a lot. And this telemental? I don't know yet what he wants from us.”
“Oh, I can't understand him. He wanted Marlena to revive us, but he never said a word why he needs us. Besides, he never talks to us, he never asks us meaningful things. I'm afraid he is up to something really bad.”
“I'm a bit afraid too. I wonder how Marlena feels, being forced into this situation...”

The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl soon felt the weariness of the day and went to sleep themselves. They were taken to the same room as the princess, only now each had one bed to sleep. Both girls stopped a moment to look at the princess and noticed a strange air on her “I wonder what that means, Nei. I hope she finds the peace she deserves.”.

During the night, the princess has a strange dream.

“What is that? Where I am?” The princess looks around to see the building she is inside. “I've never seen a place like that. It is so large, my footsteps echo through the walls.... The ceiling is so high, with arches... they form a peculiar geometric form I've never seen before. The ceiling, there is something painted on it... I wonder what those symbols mean.” She wanders through the building, amazed. “Look at these colored windows... they form images... it is so beautiful to see the light reflecting these images all around the building... what is the meaning of those images?” She inspects the images. “Looks like they are trying to tell a story, of a man, I just can't understand... all those symbols... I just feel at peace, love...”

Suddenly a scent feels the air. “What is that? This smells so good! I wonder from where this scent comes from?...” The princess walks through the corridors, among the wooden benches, trying to find the origin of the scent. “It is getting stronger... oh, that is it! These flowers... they are so beautiful...” The princess finds a large flowerbed behind some benches, filled with lilies. “I feel peace... I feel comfortable...” Suddenly, she feels a light touch on her right shoulder. It is a lily petal. She looks up and there are many petals falling. “Oh, what a beautiful thing, it is raining flowers. They are coming from the ceiling... They are coming from the sky... This is wonderful!” The princess closes her eyes and opens her arms to feel the soft touch of the petals all over her body. After some minutes. the princess is buried to her knees in the lilies. “This is the peace I was longing for...” She opens her eyes and catches a glimpse of a woman in a beautiful white gown smiling at her. The princess is impressed with the beauty of her smile and the light that comes from her green eyes. The woman just nods at her and disappears. Soon the images fade away into the blackness of the night.

The princess wakes up, it is already morning. She is a bit confused and it takes some seconds for her to put her mind in order. She notices both the purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl are sleeping. She gets up, in silence, trying to not wake up the girls. She hears some noises from outside, seems like there is a heated argument going on outside. She opens the window carefully and she is not really surprised by the scene her eyes meet.

“You don't understand, you fool! Soon your empire will be wiped-out, as your cousin's were!”
“Stop talking nonsense, mad man! I wonder what kind of business my cousin has with you. She must be mad as well.”
“Let's see who will cry and who will laugh in the end. I offered you an opportunity to change the fate of your people.”
“Go away, mad man. Take my cousin with you. I don't want to see you again. If you say anything else, you will be arrested.”
“Stop that, you two. I'll leave Shusoran immediately, as I'm not welcome in my uncle´ s lands.”
“What is happening?” The purple-haired girl asks with a drowsy voice, as she was just waken up by the princess' screams.
“Girls, let's pack our things and leave. My cousin wants me out of his kingdom, so be it.”
“But... but why?”
“My cousin Lyle and the telemental are discussing outside.”
“Always that man. I wonder when we will get rid of this idiot.” The golden-haired girl is really angry at the telemental.
“Well, it is his fault, but from what I have heard from the conversation, my cousin wants me out. I never expected that from him, but looks like everybody who wanted to marry me wants me to suffer afterwards...”

The princess dresses quickly and leaves the room.

“When will this girl find peace?”
“I hope it is not too late, Anna.”
“What do you mean, Nei?”
“I'm afraid she may die soon.”

The girls also get dressed and leave. The princess doesn't bother to talk with the green-haired man. She just waits to her group be reunited and then tell them what she has in mind.

“Well, enough of my planet. I have nothing left in this place. I just wish to pay a visit to the Laya´s Temple and then you can take me to the next woman I'll revive.”
“Great! I knew you would eventually make up your mind. Hey, who has said the person is a woman?” The telemental is surprised.
“I can sense it is a woman. I think I already know her face.”
“That is impossible, you must be out of your mind. Anyway, princess, as a sign of respect for you, we will not leave your planet so soon.”
“Why not? Now that I want to go away, you want to keep me here.”
“That is because I have some business before leaving.”
“What are these business? Could you please tell me?”
“Remember about the crisis I've told you before? I have to do something to help saving your planet from that evil force.”
“Really? I didn't expect an altruistic move from your part.”
“Don't be so hard on me, Marlena. Let's go, it will not take too long.”

The group departs for the Laya´s Temple. The princess never looks back at Shusoran. She walks with her head down, in silence. The telemental is worried about her, he thinks that, in such a state of mind, she may not be able to revive the last person. The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl are worried as well, but for another reason. They fear that love they have seen in her eyes may soon be gone forever.

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