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PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:58 pm
Awaken the Guardian

After some days of rest, the telemental goes to the princess.

"Princess Marlena, I know you want to avoid this subject, but I´ll need your help once more."
"You lied to me. You´ve asked me to come and try to revive one person. I almost died to bring Nei back and you just ignore her. Now you ask me to try to revive another person. What for?"
"Princess, don´t say these things to me, you are not being fair. Try to understand that my goal needs someone else than Nei. She alone is not powerful enough to save the universe."
"You owe me explanations. If you cared to explain me what are your plans, maybe I´d help you of my own will. But you keep all those secrets and mysteries."
"Marlena, it is too early for you to understand, but I promise you this person will be able to answer your questions and Nei´s questions too."
"Oh, my! Well, who is this person? Where is this person? Don´t tell me you will need to bury hundreds of holes in the desert again to find the body."
"Oh, no, this time I know exactly were this person can be found."
"Well, that is a start. When do you want to travel?"
"No, stop that. You urged me to come and revive Nei, but there was no hurry. I thought she had died days before you came to me, but she has been dead for centuries and there was no need to hurry. My feet are still wounded, I´m not fully recovered yet from Nei´s resurrection and you want to hurry me to revive someone who, knowing you well, must be dead for a million years."
"Princess, that is not funny. The person is dead for a long time, but that doesn´t mean we can waste time. Look, this planet is facing a crisis, your homeland is facing a crisis as well. If we don´t hurry, my quest may be useless."
"My homeland? What do you know I don´t know?"
"I know your land will face a great crisis soon."
"Let me return home so. I don´t want to stay here fooling around while my people is struggling back home."
"Cool down, princess. You will not return now, your presence is not needed in your homeland by now. Please, help me accomplish this mission. You don´t know yet what we are trying to accomplish, but later you will see how important my quest is, more important than anything else."
"Well, well, well, you always avoid giving me reasons for your quest. If you are so desperate to go, let´s call Nei and get the things ready."
"No no no, Nei will not come with us. It is not safe."
"Do you mean it is dangerous for me?"
"Not exactly, but as soon as we get there, you will see."
"When will we leave?"
"As soon as you are ready. There is no other way, we´ll have to teleport there."
"Hmmm, better so. It would be impossible for me to walk long distances. Let´s just tell Nei we are about to leave."
"Alright, go tell her while I prepare our journey."

The princess leaves the room and goes upstairs, where Nei is. While she is telling Nei about her journey, the telemental goes outside with a telescope and starts looking at the sky. The princess returns and sees the telemental searching something in the sky.

"What are you doing? What is that?"
"This is a telescope. We use that to look the sky."
"What does this thing do?"
"It magnifies the space objects, so we can see them properly."
"And what are you looking for?"
"I´m calculating our path. Teleport is only possible when you know exactly from where you are departing to where you are arriving."
"Will it take too long? It is already late."
"Don´t worry, princess, just some minutes."

The princess waits impatiently while the telemental searches the sky with his telescope. After a couple of minutes he screams "Aha! got it!" Then, he takes the telescope back to his cottage and returns.

"Let´s go to the marble pad. Be ready to teleport."
"Will you knock me unconscious again?"
"Not this time, it will be a short trip."

Nei appears on the window to say some words to them.

"Can't I go with you?"
"It is better not, Nei. It will be hard to keep just two of us there. Three would be much more dangerous."
"But I'd like so much to see new things."
"Sorry, Nei, this time it is impossible. There are things there you wouldn't like to see."
"Well, if you are saying so..."
"Don't worry, when you wake up tomorrow, we will have already returned."
"So be it. Goodbye, Marlena. Don't be long. I'm sure you will make it!"
"Thanks, Nei. You are so sweet. I'll do my best."
"Hey, Nei, there will be a surprise for you when we return. I'm sure you will like it. Have a good night!"

They leave Nei behind, who stays on the window waving to them. When they reach the marble pad, the telemental draws a circle on the floor, warns the princess to not leave the circle and starts casting the spell. A small white smoke starts coming out of the floor and soon a plasma ring engulfs the telemental and the princess. As the plasma circle grows, the surroundings get hotter and hotter. There is a small explosion as the plasma ring becomes only a white smoke. The telemental and the princess disappear. Nei thinks to herself "At my time, teleport was so easier and safer. I wonder what has happened to Algol..."

"How do you feel, princess?"
"It feels so strange. We are levitating."
"Look down. Isn´t it beautiful?"
"Yes, it is. I´ve never been in such heights before."
"Enjoy the trip, soon we will arrive in our destination."
"Where are we going?"
"Soon you will see."
"Wow! How beautiful your planet is from here! I think I´m the first from my people to go that high."
"I´m sure you aren´t. It won´t be long till you are answered."
"I do hope so. The only thing I'm sure is that you will not be the one who will answer my questions..."
"Oh, such a beautiful princess with such a nasty temper..."

The telemental and the girl climb to the outerspace inside a translucid plasma bubble. The princess is so amazed with the experience that she doesn´t notice the spaceship above them. Soon, a plasma circle starts to rise from the floor of the spaceship and, after a loud crack, the princess and the telemental are inside it.

"Oh, my! Grantz!"

A bubble of energy surrounds the princess and the telemental. The spaceship is completely in the dark. The temperature outside is very cold and the spaceship has no atmosphere inside.

"Pheew! That was close!"
"What happened? Where are we?"
"Inside a spaceship."
"A what?"
"A spaceship. A vehicle to travel in the outerspace."
"Amazing! I didn´t know such a thing existed!"
"You are more used to spaceships than you can think of."
"I know you will not tell me why, so let's do what we have come to do. It is so dark, can't you provide us some light."
"Take the flashlight in my backpack. I cannot distract myself from the spell I've cast. If this protection bubble bursts, we will die immediately. The air inside the spaceship has leaked out."

The princess takes the flashlight and turns it on. The interior of the spaceship is preserved as if it was still operational, though all systems are dead. The princess starts exploring the ship by pointing the flashlight to different directions.

"Yuck! That is terrible. There are many bodies on the floor."
"There has been a great fight on this spaceship. Men of great courage sacrificed themselves to restore the peace on Algol."
"The sight has shocked me! I've never seen an horrible scene like that."
"You've never been in a battlefield, the sights and sounds are much worse than that. We need to search the person we came to revive. Besides that, there are some legendary weapons that I'd like you to gather for me. They may be needed in the future."
"Alright. just tell me when you see something you are looking for. I don't want to look at this terrifying scene for too long."
"Let's hurry. I can't keep this protecting spell going for too long and I have to save some energy to teleport us back."

The princess and the telemental start walking through the corridors of the spaceship. There are dead people wearing capes everywhere.

"How long since they have died?"
"A thousand years."
"Really? Their bodies are preserved as if they have died today."
"That is because all the air has leaked from the spaceship. They could be preserved in this condition forever."
"Hmmm, living and learning."

As they turn to the left at the end of a corridor, the telemental stops in front of a pile of corpses.

"Oh, Rudolf, Amy. You are saviours of Algol. May your souls rest in peace."
"Who are they?"
"People who fought bravely to save Algol."
"They were so young..."
"Yes, but they are true heroes."
"Poor guys."
"Look, there is Neishot. Please, Marlena, take that gun for me."
"Alright, I'll take it for you."

The princess approaches the blond man, whose corpse is still holding the gun. She carefully takes the gun out of his hand and, before leaving, she mutters a prayer while touching both Rudo's and Amy's forehead.

"Maybe their souls rest in peace."
"Yes, let's keep on moving."

After walking through another corridor, in another pile of bodies, they spot a green haired girl laying on the floor, with other dead bodies over her corpse.

"Poor Shir! May her soul rest in peace."
"So young... so beautful..."

The princess goes to the girl and mutters a prayer while touching her forehead. As she stands up and turns the flashlight, a purple-haired man is shown.

"Hugh... may his soul rest in peace."
"Poor guy."

The princess repeats the ritual of praying for his soul. As they move on, they find a crumpled heap of electronics.

"What was that?"
"This is the Mother Brain Nei has told you. These heroes came here to destroy it because it was destroying Algol."
"Nei told me people used to worship it back then."
"Yes, but it was the source of all evil."
"Hmmm, she will be shocked to learn that."

They advance to a large room, with hundreds of dead bodies. There is another purple-haired man dead, surrounded by many other caped corpses.

"Kain! Brave man! It is better that Nei didn't see it."
"Poor young man. Why Nei shouldn't see it? Did she know this man?"
"Yes, she knew him. She knew them all. But she didn't know Kain loved her..."
"Oh, that is very sad. How do you know all these things?"
"I can listen to their souls sometimes."
"That is scary, isn't it?"
"Only the first three times..."

The princess goes to the dead man's body and repeats the ritual of prayer. The advance to the middle of the room where there are many dead bodies, most of them slaughtered, unlike the other corpses who had few signs of violence. As the princess illuminates the center of the circle with her flashlight, they can see a blond woman soaked in blood, dead, in front of a blue-haired man, dead, with an expression of anger in his face.

"Finally, we have found the person we came to revive."

Looking to the ceiling, the telemental sees a small crack on the spaceship structure. "Now I understand everything."

"What? Please, tell me."
"Poor Rolf. It was all about love..."
"Yes, now I can see it. This girl, she most likely sacrificed herself to protect him. That must have made him so angry that his Megid spell caused that crack on the ceiling, killing everyone. I can still feel his anger filling this place, even after a thousand years."
"What a sad story! Hey, did you say Rolf? Isn't he..."
"Yes, he is Nei's brother."
"So we came here to revive him..."
"Not him, her."
"She is the guardian."
"These courageous heroes had already done their part to protect Algol. As much as I'd like to see them alive again, resurrecting them would be abusing your power, as they are not needed for the future. Only Anna is needed."
"I don't understand, but if you are saying so..."
"Pick his sword, please. And try to revive her."
"I'll try, but I can't promise you I'll succeed."
"Please, princess Marlena, for all the love that is in your heart, try."
"I will."

The princess takes the blue-haired man's sword and lay it on the telemental's feet. Then, she mutters a prayer for the blue-haired man and changes her attention to the golden-haired girl. The princess sits on the floor, grabs the golden-haired girl's body and embraces it. She focus herself on the task, putting her right hand over the partly disemboweled abdomen of the girl. After some minutes of concentration, she hears a voice inside her head "Hurry, my magical power is running out!" The girl becomes desperate and starts soaking the golden-haired girl's body with her tears. After some minutes more, the golden-haired girls wounds seems to start closing, with the vital organs returning to their original positions. As the environment is very cold, the reviving process cannot drain energy from the environment, so it starts draining heat and energy from the princess own body. The telemental senses the reviving process is near-completion, so he draws a circle on the floor to teleport them back as soon as the golden-haired girl is revived. The princess feels extreme pains in her body, but she can't give up. She looks to the golden-haired girl with so much love in her eyes that if someone stared her eyes at that moment, his heart would stop.

The golden-haired girl's body was already recovered, but she wasn't alive yet. The telemental, running out of power, said to the princess by telepathy "Sorry, princess, I can't stand anymore. I have to go. I hope you can forgive me." He started the process of teleport, planning to teleport only himself and leaving the princess to die on the spaceship. Before he could complete the teleport spell, he heard a loud wail coming from the princess', as she fell on the floor unconscious. She had made it, the golden-haired girl was breathing again, so he changed his mind and teleported them all out of the spaceship.


A mist rises from the marble pad. The first starlight of the day is illuminating the pad, as the day is just dawning. The purple-haired girl watches the scene from the window of her bedroom. She could get much sleep, so she just waited by the window. As the mists rose, she started climbing downstairs. Suddenly, a loud crack caused the environment besides the marble pad to freeze. A man and two women appeared on the pad. The telemental takes a deep breath and them look to the girls. The golden-haired girl is like waking from a long sleep, partially in state of shock. The princess lays motionless on the floor.

"Am I alive? Why did you sacrificed yourself to me?"

The purple-haired girl runs towards the marble pad. She is dressed in a stunning dress borrowed from the princess. At first, the golden-haired girl doesn't pay much attention as she only notices the shadow of a girl with the corner of her eye and doesn't recognize her.

"Gee, it is cold here. What happened? Marlena?"
"This girl, this girl..." The golden-haired girl caresses the princess' face with her hands "This girl gave her life to me..."
"What have you done to her? Your assassin!" The purple-haired girl grabs the telemental by the hem of his robe and touches the point of her right hand claws in the telemental's jugular.

The golden-haired girl lifts her head a bit to see what is happening.

"These ears... Nei?"

Surprised, the purple-haired girl turns her head and for the first time she looks clearly at the golden-haired girl. Even more surprised, she releases the telelmental.

"Anna? Is it you?"
"Nei? You are alive! How is it possible?"
"Anna, I've never thought I'd see you again." The purple-haired girl turns to the golden-haired girl and hugs her.
"Neither did I. I'm so happy to see you alive again! How is it possible?"
"It was this woman... Marlena..." Tears start coming out of the purple-haired girl's purple eyes.
"My God, did she revive you as well?"
"Yes, she did. But now she looks like dead."
"I think she sacrificed herself to revive me. What for? No, I didn't deserve that."
"Wait a minute, ladies! She is not dead yet. Let's help her inside. Nei, please, take these weapons home."

The telemental and the golden-haired girl lifted the princess from the ground and took her to the cottage. They placed her in the bed, in the telemental's room upstairs. She was in coma, breathing so lightly that she seemed to be dead.

"Oh, by Mother Brain, what happened to her?"
"Don't say that name, Nei!"
"Why, Anna?"
"Girls, I know you are excited to tell the other the news, but let's wait for the princess to recover, so we can answer the questions of everybody."
"Poor Marlena! I love her so much! She is the most wonderful person I've ever met."
"She is really amazing. Is she a princess? Where is she from?"
"Oh, Anna, from a far place, I've heard. The telemental can explain you better."
"Anyway. I'm so happy to see you again, Nei. Let's pray for her recovery."
"Pray? Anna, I didn't know you were religious."
"If you had seen what I have seen, you'd be religious as well. Come, pray with me."

The two girls stayed by the bedside praying for the princess' recovery. They didn't notice when the telemental left the room. The telemental went to his private room. He didn't want to show it to the girls, but he was praying for the princess too.
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