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PostPosted: Tue Jan 4, '11, 4:51 pm
The Art of Making Enemies

The princess opens her eyes. She feels her body aching, as if she had been trampled by an elephant. She blinks to adjust her eyes to the environment. It is dark and she can see the stars behind something blurred. As the seconds pass, her eyes gain focus and the blurred image becomes the face of a girl, who is shyly smiling as she strokes the princess´ hair lightly with her right hand. Her purple eyes show some excitation as she sees the princess open her cyan eyes.

The princess tries to lift her head and torso, but she still feels weak. The purple-haired girl puts her hand under the princess neck to support her. The princess feels something cold touching her skin and turns her head to look at it. She is scared by the sight of three parallel sharp blades coming from under her neck. She felt that terrible feeling inside her chest, but the girl holding her put her left hand in her chest to prevent her from moving and said sweetly "Don´t worry, I will not harm you."

The princess gave a deep sigh. She was helped by the other girl to move to the seated position. She looked at the girl´s left hand and it also had sharp blades coming out of it. She turned her head to look at the girl and noticed she had strange pointed ears. The girl hugged her, with tears in her eyes.

"Thanks for what you have done to me! Thanks!"
"Oh, that is fine." The princess, surprised by the display of affection, just held softly the girl´s arms.
"What you have done to me is unbelievable! I love you!"
"Hey, the sleeping beauty is awake!" The telemental, who was doing something else, turns himself to the girls.
"You rascal! I've almost died to bring this girl back and you talk to me like that?"
"Don´t be angry, that was just a joke. Well, we need to move on, it is already dark. Your nap cost two hours."
"Nap? I've fainted!"
"Anyway. Let´s move on. Dangerous creatures may be near us."
"Alright, alright. OUCH!"
"What was that?" The purple-haired girl seems worried.
"It is my back, it still hurts. But let´s get moving, or Mr. Arrogance will kill me."
"Well, I will help you, you can lean on me if you want, Ms..., I think we weren´t introduced yet."
"Marlena. And what is your name, pretty girl."
"My name is Nei."

The princess held the arm of the purple-haired girl and the two started walking slowly. It was not easy for both girls. The princess was weakened by the great effort she had done to revive the other girl. The purple-haired girl was a bit "rusty", after being dead for a thousand years. The telemental lead the group, not caring too much about the girls. The girls tried to discover things about themselves.

"Excuse me for asking, but you look a bit different..."
"Ah, don't worry. I´m not completely human..."
"Really? Well, your ears..."
"Yes, they are different. I was the result of a bioengineering experiment which didn´t work very well. I have some animal parts. That is why my ears look like that."
"Sorry, Nei, I don´t understand... bioengineering?"
"Have you never heard about that?"
"No. It must be something from your planet..."
"Aren't you from Motavia?"
"No, I´m not."
"You must be from Palma."
"Me? No. I´m from Cille, in Aquatica."
"I´ve never heard about that place."
"The telemental can explain you better. It is from outside your solar system."
"Wow! I thought we didn't have technology to go that far."
"Ladies, could you stop gossiping and hurry?" The telemental screamed at them. "Later I´ll explain everything for you."
"Damn it! He is a liar! He says so then he doesn't explain anything for us." The princess whispered to the purple-haired girl.
"Who is this man, after all?"
"I don´t know, but he is the one who has brought me here to revive you."
"Hmmm. He really owes us some explanations."
"Silence, girls!"
"What is that?" The princess was fuming with rage.
"There is something around!"

Some monsters appeared. The telemental would tell the girls to protected themselves, but Nei's fighting instinct was very strong and before he could say anything, she was already ripping her claws through a caterpillar body, leaving it pouring out blood like a fountain.

"I thought these biomonsters were gone for good." The purple-haired girl is surprised.
"Well, sort of, but I have some things to explain you later. Let me finish these others. THUNDER!" Electric discharges rip the other caterpillars apart. "We are safe for the moment, but let´s hurry!"
"Wow! I've never seen someone as fast as you are!" The princess, surprised, compliments the purple-haired girl.
"Thanks! Being partly-animal has its advantages." The purple-haired girl giggles and sticks her tongue out of her mouth in a joking way.
"Use your speed to move faster! I don´t want to spend the whole night walking in the sands and fighting monsters."
"Gee, it is cold! Let´s hurry."
"Well, with the clothes you wear, Nei, what would you expect? But let´s hurry before I strangle this Mr. Arrogance."
"Mr Arrogance? Oh, girl, you are funny! I really like you!"
"Thanks, Nei, I like you too."

The rest of the journey was uneventful. The girls exchanged only a few words to avoid further unpleasant words from the telemental. The princess hated the telemental more than ever and the purple-haired girl had already grown a disliking for him. As the time passed, walking was becoming easier for the purple-haired girl as she was getting used to walking again. For the princess, on the other hand, it was becoming almost unbearable. Her muscles were tired, some even strained and she could barely keep moving them. Her feet were filled with blisters, some of them bursting. When she arrived at the telemental´s cottage, her feet wrappings had many dried blood spots and some blisters that burst were so bad that the skin was completely destroyed in these parts. The purple-haired girl provided her a lot of support in the last mile and almost carried her home at the very end of the journey. The telemental seemed deaf to the princess´ complaints and sighs of pain.

"Please, I can´t stand it anymore. Help me to the bed upstairs, Nei, please."
"Yes, of course, Marlena. Oh, dear, your feet are looking very bad. It must be terrible."
"It is terrible. I have to lay down immediately."

The telemental ignored the girls for the moment. As he returned home, he went to one very small room under the stairs, where he kept a small library and lab.

"I can´t believe! Oh, how comfortable this bed is! How much I longed for some rest! Thank Laya for that!"
"Laya?" The purple-haired girl looked puzzled.
"Don´t you know about Laya?"
"Sorry, I've never heard about her. She must have lived after I... died..."
"Oh, maybe, she was a Holy woman who was our spiritual leader and lead our people in a fierce war against an evil enemy. She sacrificed herself to end the war, but we still praise her and believe she watches over us."
"Hmmm, here people used to worship Mother Brain, but that was more than a thousand years ago, according to the telemental, so I don´t know if they still do that."
"Can you help me removing these wrappings? My feet are a mass of flesh and blood."
"Oh yes, of course. Let´s try to unwrap them carefully."
"You are so kind, Nei. Please, do so... AAAAAAGGGHH!"
"Forgive me, Marlena, the cloth is glued on your wounds."
"Pl-leas-se, spar-kle so-o-me water... ouch!... on th-he woun-und..."
"I will, I will..."

The purple-haired girl kept unwrapping the princess´ feet with caution to not injure them further. When the purple-haired girl removed the last piece of cloth, she took a step backwards to see a better picture of the princess´ feet. The sight was terrible. The soft skin of the princess feet was ripped open in many places. There were lots of blisters which would burst if not taken care of. The princess couldn't even place her feet on the floor, the pain was unbearable.

"Oh, poor Marlena, your feet..."
"Ouch! It hurts a lot!"
"Oh, girl, what that man has made to you?"
"Maybe it is my fault, Nei, but I have never walked long distances."
"I see. Let me try to relieve your pain."

The purple-haired girl covers the sore feet with her both hands and starts moving them slowly, touching the skin very lightly. At first she sees the princess looking at her with curiosity, but after some seconds the princess close her eyes and start breathing more slowly. The pain on her face disappears and the princess sighs in relief. The purple-haired girl gives a broad smile when she sees the relief in the princess´ face.

"Well, looks like these thousand years didn´t make me forget it."
"Oh, the pain is almost gone, though they look as bad as they were before."
"I´m glad you are feeling better, Marlena."
"Thank you so much, Nei. You are being very kind to me."
"Nevermind." The purple-haired girl blushes.
"You two, don´t you want to eat something before sleeping?" The telemental screams from outside.
"Yeah, I´m hungry." The purple-haired girl screams back.
"Then just come down, there is some food at the kitchen."
"You rascal!" the purple-haired girl unlocks the door and opens it. "Look how are her feet!"
"Hmmm, well, I think I´ll bring her something."
"Why do you treat me this way?"

The telemental had already turned his back and climbed down the stairs, so he didn't answer the princess.

"This man, Nei, I don´t know what´s up with him. He never answers my questions and he ignores my suffering."
"This guy is weird. It was him who ordered you to revive me, but he didn´t say a word to me since you have brought me to life again. Besides, he has yellow eyes..."
"I will not waste my time trying to understand this man anymore. I just want to go home."
"I´m afraid of him. But he owes me some answers."
"If you are lucky, he may answer only one of your many questions."
The telemental noisily enters the room. "Here is your food, ladies. Eat well, you need it."
"I´m so hungry I´d eat an entire cow now." The purple-haired grabbed her plate excited.
"Sorry, no meat in my house. But you should like the food."
"No meat! Oh..."
"Don´t worry, it is tasty, you will see."

The telemental sits in a chair by the corner of the room and watch the girls eating. The princess eats in silence, but the purple-haired girl is excited, so the telemental tells her to finish eating because he will be answering questions only after dinner. The purple-haired girl eats in a hurry just in order to start with the questions."

"I have finished this tepid and tasteless thing you call food. Now let´s start answering my questions!"
"What do you want to know, dear?"
"First of all, why did you want to revive me?"
"Nei, it is something I had to do. The future of the entire universe may depend on you."
"I can´t explain it to you now."
"See? What have I told you, Nei?"
"Please, princess Marlena, don´t start that!"
"Princess? Well, nevermind. What about those biomonsters? Was my sacrifice useless? What about this climate?"
"Dear Nei, your sacrifice was not useless. There were no more biomonsters for almost a thousand years. It is just that nowadays Algol is facing another crisis. I can sense an evil force rising just now. The climate is consequence of past events. With luck, we will be able to bring someone who can explain that better for you."
"That is ok. Marlena, you are right, he never answers our questions. You mentioned an evil force... Neifirst? Back then, when I defeated her, I had to die with her. When you revived me, she must have been revived as well."
"Oh my! This may be possible, Nei! We have to investigate. She must be in the old Climatrol! We must go there immediately!"
"Oh no, not me! I´ll not go anywhere with my feet like that."
"We are deadly tired, man!"
"Alright, girls, so go sleep and tomorrow we go after your sister, Nei. We have to hurry!"
"No but. Good night, girls."
"Where will I sleep?"
"The bed is large enough for you both!"
"..." The telemental leaves the room before the girls can say anything.
"Ahhhh! I hate this man!"
"He is very weird, Marlena."
"Anyway, let´s get some rest because he will wake us up at dawn. I don´t know what I´ll do with my feet..."
"Poor Marlena."
"Well, Nei, can you help me? I want to wash myself."
"Alright. I'll fill the bathtub."
"Thanks, Nei."
"Err.. Marlena?"
"I too wish to wash myself, but I don´t have any clothes other than this I´m wearing."
"Don´t worry, Nei, I can lend you something. You are just a bit taller than me. Just open my trunk and choose something for you."
"Thanks, Marlena, you are so sweet. Besides that, your body assets are larger than mine, so I think your clothes will fit me perfectly. Can I choose anything?"
"My body assets? Nei, oh, Nei, were you paying attention to that? Anyway, feel as it were your own clothes."

The princess walks carefully into the bathroom, while the purple-haired girl opens the princess´ trunk. Though the princess´ feet are still sore, she doesn't feel the pain she should. She enters the bathtub and blesses the warm water touching her body. Meanwhile, Nei is impressed with the princess´ clothes.

"Marlena, dear, where did you buy those clothes? They are stunning! Every piece is made of the purest silk and cotton! They must be very expensive! I just don´t know what to choose! I have never owned anything other than leotards like this one I´m wearing."
"They are common in my homeland. Well, I have the best clothes available over there made by the best tailors."
"You must be one of these girls who are really into fashion!"
"No, Nei, not much. In fact I don´t really care about fashion at all. It is just that I´m obliged to dress high-quality clothes."
"Obliged? Why so?"
"Well, Nei, I haven´t told you before, but I´m a princess."
"A princess? A real princess?"
"Yes, a real princess. My dad is the king."
"Wow! That is why the telemental called you princess..."
"Yes, it is so."
"Unbelievable! I've never thought I´d meet a princess. You know, monarchy in Algol was overthrown a long, long time ago, since the inception of the Mother Brain."
"What is this Mother Brain?"
"It is a huge computer system that controls everything: the weather, harvesting, transportation, building things, manufacturing..."
"That is a strange idea."
"Stranger than that is that no one knows who made it."
"Well... I´m finished here. If you want, you can wash yourself now. Do you mind if I don´t wait for you? I´m deadly tired."
"Don´t worry, Marlena, errr... princess. Sorry, I don´t know how to properly address you."
"Just Marlena is fine. Ah, I've seen you had already chosen a dress. Well, have a good night, Nei."
"Good night, Marlena."

The princess sits on the bed and start combing her long blue hair before lying down, while the purple-haired girl enters the bathroom. The bathtub is almost full again, as the princess left the faucet open for her. The purple-haired girl undresses herself and touches the warm water with the tip of her right toes. It feels like the first time she has ever felt water. It has been a thousand years since the last time. As she enters the bathtub, she feels so comfortable. "Ah, it is so good to be alive!". She starts thinking better about what has happened, how awkward it is to be alive again, after a thousand years. She thinks about her past as well. She wonders what may have happened to Rolf and his friends, whether they succeeded on their mission or not. Tears flow from her eyes. "How I miss Rolf..."

The purple-haired girl exits the bathtub, dries herself with a towel and puts on the nightgown the princess has lent her. She feels so comfortable inside the pure silk nightgown. She realizes how good she when wearing a beautiful dress. She remembers how Kain used to look her in a different way...

She exits the bathroom and finds the princess already laid on one side of the bed. She carefully lays on the other side, in order to not wake the princess. It is an awkward feeling "Sleeping in the same bed with another person, another woman." She tries to erase these thoughts from her mind and get some sleep, but she is too excited to sleep now. Millions of thoughts kept her awake. She turns to the other side and faces the princess back. She feels a strange attraction to the princess. She touches the girl´s uncovered arm. "Your skin is so soft." She caresses lightly the arm. "You are so pretty, Marlena." She can´t stop herself from caressing the princess. "Oh, Marlena, I've never felt like that." She starts caressing the princess´ body...

"Uh... oh... Marlena?"
"What are you doing?"
"No... nothing."
"Nothing? You were touching me."
"Sorry, Marlena, I don´t know what happened. I was there and then I felt an urge to touch you..."
"I didn't think you were..."
"I´m not! I just don´t know what has happened."
"That´s alright, Nei. Let´s sleep because soon the telemental will be waking us."
"Yes, it is already 1 am."
"How do you know that?"
"There, in the alarm-clock. It is 1:13."
"Is this a clock? Sorry, I´ve never seen such a thing before?"
"Really? It is a clock, it shows the hours and the minutes."
"Interesting. Well, let´s sleep, so."
"OK. Sorry about that, Marlena."
"I've already forgotten that. Good night, Nei."
"Good night."

The purple-haired girl was still confused by the strange force that has driven her to the princess, but the weight of the tiredness made it impossible for her to keep awake, so her mind floated into a dream.



The noise wakened up the princess. She tried to cover her ears with the pillow, but the noise was still loud. The purple-haired girl was wakened by the noise as well. The princess, angrily, threw her pillow on the wall, stood up and opened the window.

"Hey, what is that?"
"Good morning, princess!"
"Good morning? Are you demolishing the house?"
"Not yet. It is good that you are awake, we must leave as soon as possible."
"Oh, my..."
"What is he doing, Marlena."
"I just don´t know, Nei. Let´s get ready for another journey..."
"How are your feet?"
"They still look bad, but better than yesterday. Thank Laya I felt no pain after you made that massage to them."
"I´m so glad I could help you. Well... Marlena?"
"Sorry for yesterday night."
"Don´t worry about that, Nei."
"I´ll change my clothes in the bathroom. Feel free to choose a comfortable dress for you."
"Thank you very much, Marlena."
"And there is one thing else, Nei. If I catch you peeping through the keyhole..."
"Marlena!" The purple-haired girl blushes.
"Ha, it was only a joke, Nei, don´t worry."

The girls got dressed and ready for the new day´s journey. Meanwhile, the telemental kept himself busy with his tools. He was building something in the back porch. The girls went to the kitchen and ate some bread with coffee.

Then, the telemental enters the kitchen.

"Good morning, ladies. I have everything ready for our journey."
"Where are we going, after all?" The purple-haired girl asked carelessly.
"We are going to the climatrol. We need to check whether your sister is revived or not."
"Oh yes, now I remembered."
"Well, let´s hurry. If she is alive, she may leave the climatrol. If that happens, our search will be much harder."
"That is true. Does the climatrol still exist?
"Most probably there are only ruins left. Since it was disabled by you and your friends, Nei, it never went operational again. The lake has dried up, so we can reach there walking."
"Hmmm, that explains the hot climate. Well, if it is dried up, it will be much easier. In my times, we had to enter it underwater."
"More important than that" the princess interrupted the conversation "Is it too far from here?"
"Just a bit less than the plateau."
"Oh, my, I can´t believe. I´ll not be able to do it!"
"Save your curses, dear princess."
"Why? Will you teleport us there?"
"No, I can´t spend my magic on that. The enemy we will face is powerful."
"So what?"
"Come out and see."

The telemental moves out of the kitchen and stays, with arms crossed, looking at the princess´ face to see her reaction. But the princess only frowns when she sees the telemental´s surprise.

"What is that?"
"A carriage. For you."
"Who will pull it?"
"Don´t say that. Is it true?"
"Yes, it is true. It is the only way."
"Why did you do that?"
"Because I love you." The telemental says that staring deeply at the princess cyan eyes.
"Because I love you."
"Are you insane?" The princess is furious.
"Oh!" The telemental shakes his head as if going out of a trance. "You complained too much about the walking yesterday and your feet don´t look well, so I think the only way to get there is carrying you, at least for part of the journey."
"Hmm, thanks." The princess is still uneasy.
"Let´s start the journey before it gets too hot."

The princess climbs into the improvised carriage, wondering why both the telemental and the purple-haired girl were acting so strangely towards her. The telemental tries to pull the carriage and it isn't so heavy as he thought it would be.

"Hey, princess, you are so light. It is not that hard to pull you. Well, lucky is on our side, we may get there sooner than I expected."

But the journey was not so uneventful. They have met dozens of caterpillars, sandworms, flies and locustas on the way. At first, the princess was still scared, but soon she got accustomed to all those fights, mainly because the telemental and the purple-haired girl were able to handle them with ease. After one hour and a half, rusty ruins could be seen shining in the middle of the desert.

"Look, look, there! There is something there!" The purple-haired girl jumps in excitation.
"That must be the climatrol, let´s hurry!"
"Hey, don´t leave me here!" The princess was left in the carriage.
"Oh, Marlena, I think you can walk from here. I´m tired of pulling you."
"Alright, alright!"

The purple-haired girl runs fast towards the ruins, so she reaches there much before the others. The princess has a hard time walking, as her feet are still wounded, but she eventually managed to reach the gates of the building.

"This looks like the entrance of the climatrol..." The purple-haired girl looks worried.
"What happened, Nei?"
"Ah, Marlena, you know, this is the place I´ve died..."
"Oh, dear."
"If my sister was revived, will I survive if she dies again?"
"Oh, Nei, I´ll do everything I can for you."
"Marlena, you are so kind. I hope your help is not needed."
"Girls, look! There are no footprints here, so, most probably, no one has exited these ruins recently. Let´s get inside."
"Oh, well, my fate is already sealed, let´s go..."

The trio entered the building. The telemental lead the group through the ruins, holding a powerful flashlight. Everything inside was dark, the walls and ceiling were crumpled in many places, making it difficult to walk inside the ruined building. The mazes had become large halls with piles of rusty iron bars and broken electronic components. The group advanced carefully. There was no sign of life. The smell of dust and mold was very strong. They have found some stairs they had to climb up, but they were partly destroyed, so the telemental had to take some junk and make a pile of junk to allow the girls to reach the upper part of the stairs. As soon as Nei climbed up the stairs, she felt a strange sensation.

"There is someone over there."
"Where?" The telemental seemed worried.
"I don´t know, but I can sense it."
"Is it your sister?"
"I think so." Deception and fear were clearly noticed in the purple-haired girl´s voice.
"Nei, I´ll protect you, I swear."
"Thanks, Marlena." The purple-haired girl gave a shy smile, but her mood was still bleak.

The group advanced more carefully, trying to hear or see something, but they were unable to do so. After some time, they could hear the steps of someone running and, suddenly, a familiar image appeared in front of the group.

"Aha! I knew it! Someone has revived you, sister! Now it is time to face your death again."
"Shut up, you are the one who will die!" screamed the telemental.
"Nei, didn't you learn anything? You died when you killed me. You will die again. You can´t defeat me."
"Marlena, Nei, protect themselves, I´ll finish her off now."
"Hey, I´m not talking to you, man! You are too arrogant! I´ll only fight my sister."
"Neifirst, you wretched devil, it is time for you to die again! Your sister is the hope of the universe, you are just another evil plaguing the mankind. Prepare to die!"
"Do you think yourself so powerful? Why don´t you try defeating me first? Be ready!"
"Be careful, my sister is more agile than me!"
"Haha, see? Even my sister recognizes I´m more powerful than her."
"Marlena, I´m so afraid. I don´t want to die."
"You will not, dear, I´ll protect you with my life."
"Nooo!" The purple-haired girl screamed as she saw her sister attacking the telemental.

The princess and the purple-haired girl are thrown towards the wall with the energy unleashed by the spell. Energy waves hit the purple-haired´s sister body, shattering the skin, muscles, organs and bones. Tiny pieces of her body are thrown violently towards the wall behind her. The result is gruesome: tiny pieces of her body and stains of blood splattered along the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! It is painful!"
"What happened?"
"It is no use, Marlena, I´m dying."
"No, you will not die! I won´t let that happen."
"Princess, do something. We can´t let her die!"
"Ahhhhhhhhh! I feel my body bursting!"

"No, Nei, you will not die!" The princess tightly hugged the purple-haired girl "I won´t let you die, Nei. Not again. You cannot die, you don´t deserve that. Laya, help me!" Tears start to flow from the princess´ eyes, soaking the purple-haired girl´s forehead. "Nei, stay with us, please, please. Don´t leave us. We love you, Nei. Stay with us, stay with us..."

The princess stayed holding the purple-haired girl for some minutes. The telemental watched the scene silently, but inside he was a turmoil of feelings. If the purple-haired girl died, he would be powerless to achieve his goals.

After some minutes, the princess softened the hold on the purple-haired girl. With her eyes soaked, she looked at the purple-haired girl´s face. The girl was breathing slowly, as if she was sleeping. The princess ran her fingers lightly over the purple-haired girl´s eyelids and the opened her eyes. The girl sees the princess looking at her with so much love in her eyes that she gets confused.

"You are alive!"

The purple-haired girl lays her head on the princess´ chest and starts crying. The princess gently strokes the purple hair, embracing the girl again. The telemental, watching the scene, closes his eyes and sighs in relief.

"Thanks, Marlena, thanks, thanks, thanks, I love you."
"You deserve it."
"I don´t know how you do that, but you are the most amazing person in the whole universe!"
"Oh, Nei!"
"Yes, you are. I love you. I love you."

The purple-haired girl soaks the princess´ dress with her tears, making it transparent, but the princess doesn't care. She is too happy to see Nei alive to care about her pains, problems or modesty. The purple-haired girl had an image to keep forever in her mind, the image of the love in the princess´ eyes.


The blue-haired robed man was drinking an refreshment, seated in a comfortable couch when he feels something strange "This anger, this hate, this energy... oh, it can´t be! I must check this immediately." So he stands up, gets his wand and talks to the blue-furred man seated in the other comfortable couch, opposite to the one he is seated.

"Grandmaster Dorin, I really appreciate your hospitality, but I need to leave Tonoe before the time I had planned. Something very wrong has just happened."
"Oh, Rune, don´t be detained by this old man here. I know it must be something really important."
"Thanks again, I hope to see you soon."

The blue-haired robbed man leaves the old man´s house and hurries through the desert. "Whoever triggered Megid, he must be crazy! I know it is not Chaz neither Zio, so who else could be? Is there somewhere else in this battle?" The blue-haired robbed man runs through the desert dunes. "Luckily the person responsible for that is not too far. I must check that immediately."

After climbing a small dune, the blue-haired robbed man sees a small group consisting of a robed man and two women. "They are moving in a slow pace through the desert and they are quite close to the place where Megid was triggered, so it must be one of them." He climbs down the dune running and intercepts the group.

"Hey!" The robed man from the group steps up to talk with the man.
"What are you doing here?"
"It is none of your business!"
"None of my business? Do you know who I am, weirdo?"
"Hey! How do you know that?"
"I know many, many things."
"You are..."
"Yes, just like you."
"You are not like me, weirdo. Don´t you know I´m..."
"Lutz? I know. I wish they´d choose a proper Esper to be the next Lutz, not a weakling like you. A real telemental, like the first Lutz."
"Hey, stop that, otherwise I´ll have to teach you a lesson, weirdo."
"Why don´t you try?"
"My hands are clean and I don´t want to make them dirty by having to beat you up."
"Don´t make me laugh! You are powerless."
"Why did you use Megid, weirdo? You know you are forbidden to do so."
"I had to deal with some enemies."
"This is not the way to deal with enemies. If I hadn't more urging affairs to attend, I'd teach you a lesson right away. By the way, who is that girl? She looks like Rika."
"She is Nei."
"You are lying, weirdo. How is it possible?"
"We revived her."
"You are mad! What are you thinking?"
"It is none of your business."
"Man, we are facing the greatest crisis this entire solar system has ever faced and, instead of helping, you are doing nonsense things."
"Don´t worry, you don´t need me. You are just puppets under The Great Light. My goal is beyond."
"Nonsense, weirdo. You are really mad."
"Do you want an advice, Rune?"
"An advice from a mad man? How worthy!"
"Watch carefully your step and stop being a jerk. You may have already committed a huge mistake by now. If you wish to succeed, be humble."
"Look who is saying that! Weirdo, shut up, I don´t want to see your face again, otherwise you will end badly hurt!"
"Alright, Rune, alright. Soon you will remember me."
"Yeah, when I visit the sanatorium to do charity, I´ll probably find you there. Goodbye, weirdo, and, if you are not helping, stop messing with serious things."
"Goodbye! Cheers to the great Lutz!"

As the blue-haired robed man moves away, the two girls looked puzzled at each other. The princess whispered "This has happened before. I wonder what the telemental is up to." The group resumed the journey back home, which was uneventful, interrupted occasionally by some flies and sandworms which were easily eliminated.

The group arrives at the telemental's cottage.

"Home, at last! I think you can walk from here, princess."
"Yeah. How much was the ride?" The princess says so mockingly.
"I´ll charge you in the appropriate time." The telemental was serious.
"And now? You've got me revived, I deeply thank you both. But where do we go from here?"
"Well, ladies, enter the cottage, I´ll talk to you after I get put these things in their proper places."
"Well, let´s go, Marlena, I really need a glass of water immediately or my throat will close."

The telemental arranges the carriage while the girls enter the cottage. When he is finished, he enters the cottage to find the girls seated on the couch, chatting excitedly.

"Well, ladies, let´s talk about our next steps."
"What do you have in mind?"
"Now that you are here, Nei, we need to find someone else."
"Great, you take me home first and then you search this someone else. I´m tired of this planet, I miss my home, my people, my dad. He must be worried, it is taking so long."
"I´m afraid it is not the proper time to return, princess."
"Why not? You have told me you needed me to revive someone, which was Nei. Now she is alive, my task was completed."
"The problem is... this person we will be looking for... is not alive as well."
"Yeah, unfortunately. The universe needs this person alive again to fight the ultimate evil."
"Oh, stop it. I've almost died to bring Nei back. I´m glad to have revived her, she is so sweet and deserves to be alive. But I´m not sure if I´ll survive another resurrection."
"You are being too hard on her, man! Poor Marlena!"
"But we need to do that. You need to try."
"Why? Explain us now!"
"I can´t explain you now, but this person will be able to explain you many things."
"Hey! Remember what that Rune man told you! He told you to stop messing around with your things. I know I should be thankful for being revived, but I don´t feel comfortable at all with this situation. I still don´t know why you needed to revive me."
"Don´t be afraid, girls. Everything will be alright."
"I hope so, I really hope so."
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