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PostPosted: Wed Mar 2, '11, 2:30 am
The Sane Telemental

Inside the plasma bubble, the telemental traveled back to Algol. Tough he appeared to be quiet and concentrated on his teleport spell, his mind was troubled with many thoughts. He was feeling sad, tears falling from his eyes.

"I´ve done it all wrong! How could I be so blind? Now I lost everything. I lost their love, I´ll never have my dreams made real! I blundered everything! Now I´ll have to live with the shame of my failure, the burden of being a criminal! I´ll never have the love I longed so much for. Where was my mind? I killed her! What have I done with all my power? Killed her. She was such a marvellous woman... she made me see the truth. And I killed her. I don't even know her name... Everything is useless now. I´ll never be able to face that woman again... that girl... Marlena... I´ve lost all her love... I feel that her love was something I could have had. Now I know her love was the most precious thing I could ever have in my life. And not only I lost it, but I also harmed her deeply. I've taken her love from her... Now everything is wasted. I think I should end it all, letting the bubble burst, so all this suffering would end. But that would be the solution of the cowards. No, I have to live and face the truth. I have to pay for my crimes. I must return to Algol!."

The solitary trip continued for some time. For the telemental, it seemed like years. He was feeling lonely, a strange emptiness inside himself. Though he was used to live alone, as he was a loner, he felt now he had lost something he would never have again. He started thinking of all the time with the company of the girls. Though he never developed a strong relationship with any of the girls, he felt as if those were the best days of his life. And he knew he would never have them again. "I don´t know what will happen to me. Maybe I´m executed for my crimes. Maybe I´ll spend the rest of my life imprisoned. Maybe nothing will happen to me. But I´m sure all that love, the company of those terrific women, I´ll never have again. I´ll never share their company again. I´ll never laugh with them. I´ll never look at those shining purple eyes, those shining blue eyes, those shining green... eyes..." The telemental cried, as he had never cried before in his life. He started feeling compassion. He started having empathy for the others. He started thinking on the other people, not only on himself. He regretted not having helped the Algolians during the crisis caused by the Profound Darkness. He regretted not helping the Palmians more actively in the princess' homeworld. He regretted murdering people on the braided woman's planet. Not to mention what he felt for what he had done to the braided woman. But now it was too late and he couldn´t change the past.

The telemental approached a white planet in silence. A white mist appeared in front of a large temple. The white mist grew in plasma circles and a loud crack was heard, but the surroundings were unaffected, as the surroundings were covered by snow. The telemental was near the main gate of the temple. The temple was a large marble building, with high walls and towers. There were pure crystals in the windows and domes. The white building mixed with the white color of the snow, making it almost invisible. The temple stood solitary in the snowy plains, surrounded by large mountains. It had something of magic, mystic, giving an eerie feel in the visitors. But the telemental was used to that.

As he tried to cross the large temple gates, he was stopped by two white-robed men. The men immediately recognized him as an esper, so the telemental was admitted inside. Crossing the large white marbled hall, the telemental was received by a white-robed woman. She politely asked him what he wanted. The telemental demanded an audience with their leader. The woman took him to a small room, where he was served some refreshments.

His mind was in a turmoil. The telemental was anxious because he knew his future would be sealed in the upcoming audience. He knew there were great chances that he would end imprisoned, but he didn't care. The feeling of regret has revealed a potential death wish on him. He expected the worst. He desired the worst. He wanted to be executed, in a dramatic fashion, by a shocking public execution method, to make him feel avenged for his own crimes. He wanted to be a martyr of evilness, serving as a negative example for the future evil doers. But then he realized that these thoughts were part of his megalomaniac and egocentric personality. If he couldn´t be the paladin of the justice, a living deity, he wanted to be the nemesis of the mankind, the doom bringer, the harvester of sorrow, a living demon. But he knew he was neither one nor the other, he was just a proud and selfish man. Though he had learned a lot with the braided woman teachings, that he tried desperately to not forget, he realized that the road to become a good man was much longer and rougher than he though. It was not enough to know, he had to act according to the teachings. And that was the real challenge.

After some minutes waiting, he was called in by the same white-robed woman. He was taken through a narrow aisle of shining white walls to a large room. The room was made of white marble as well, but the room was decorated with fine red carpets on the floor, beautiful marble columns in the middle of the room, other luxurious decorations. The room was also lighted by an unnatural source of white light. Near the wall in the opposite side of the gate, there was a luxurious throne. In the throne, a cyan-haired robed man was seated, holding a staff than shone in a white light. There were some chairs on his left and on his right, with other espers seated on them.

"Hey, it is the weirdo! Hey, weirdo, what brings you here?"
"Reverend Lutz, I'm handing myself to the esper's mansion." The telemental bows down in the presence of the esper council.
"Handing yourself? We have no use for you here. What are you doing here?" By his tone, the cyan-haired robed man seems unconcerned with the telemental's presence.
"Reverend Lutz, I've made many mistakes and now I'm willing to pay for my mistakes."
"Oh, you have made lots of mistakes, playing with your powers, hiding from your responsibilities as an esper. What have made you change your mind? Kyra told me you had gathered four girls. Did the girls give you the boot?"
"Sort of..."
"I just imagined that. By the way, what happened to the girls?"
"I left them somewhere. not in Algol."
"What for? Are you crazy? Hey, weirdo, when you will stop doing stupid things with your powers and start helping people, as your position as an esper and as a telemental demands?"
"I'm here for that. I know I deserve to be imprisoned, executed for my behavior, for betraying you all, for not helping the star system when it most needed me. For not preventing the deaths of the innocent. For using excessive force when it was not needed, causing harm. Killing..."
"Hey, weirdo, stop this babbling, I'm almost dozing. We are not accusing you of anything. It is true that you should have helped during the crisis, but you were not helping our opponents, you were not committing crimes. All your misdemeanors are punishable by warnings."
"Really?" The telemental raises his head in surprise.
"Of course, weirdo!" The cyan-haired robed man dismiss the telemental's worries with a wave of hand. "By the way, what happened to your eyes? They are not weird anymore."
"One girl... has healed me... from my madness..." The telemental takes his right hand to his eyes and tries to fight back the tears.
"Good, this is very good." The cyan-haired robed man grins at the telemental.
"What shall I do now?"
"Well, look, the greatest source of evil in Algol is gone, but that doesn't mean there isn't a lot of hard work to do. You, as a powerful telemental, could help us by going to Motavia, helping people there overcome the tragedy and rebuild their planet. With one telemental here and one telemental there, I'm sure we will be able to rebuild the star system with more ease."
"Well, I think you are right, reverend Lutz. I have one request, though."
"What do you want?"
"The other espers may have told you about that. One of the girls were a Palmian, who lived in one of the spaceships that escaped Palma's destruction. I'd like to be able to help them as well. Looks like there is one Dark Force already released on their spaceship, so they may face some difficulties in a short future."
"Well, I think it is a fair demand, weirdo."
"Well, you can leave at once if you want it to."
"Thanks, Reverend Lutz." The telemental turns to leave the room.
"Telemental..." The cyan-haired robed man hesitates. "I'm glad to have you back here. I hope someday we can be friends."
The telemental lightly turns his head and nods before resuming walking out of the main hall.

The telemental left the mansion and teleported back to Motavia. It was a very short trip. Soon, the telemental was back home again. At the sight of his cottage, he felt sad again. He missed the mess the girls caused in his home. When they were there, they made his cottage full of life. They filled the air with the scents of their perfumes. They filled the air with their chatting and laughter. They colored the house with her dresses, shoes and ribbons. Now everything was so bland, so uninteresting. In the past, the telemental used to enjoy being alone, but now he wished he could be with the girls again, enjoy their conversation, their company, their love. "I had them with me here... I could have had them forever... Now I'll only have them again in my memories..."

The telemental entered the house and noticed that the girls' belongings were left in his house. He fought an irrational desire of keeping them to remind him of their brief presence in his life. He decided to return their things, teleporting them to the planet they were left. He teleported many other things he judged they would need in order to survive in that planet, as he knew their technology was much less advanced than the technology in Algol. Their technology, in fact, was very primitive compared to the medieval technology of the princess homeworld. He sent many datapad books with technology manuals, in order to make the girls to be able to build high-tech devices in that planet.

The telemental resisted the urge to keep anything that was originally owned by the girls, including the braided woman's things, which he considered useless, as he had murdered her. The only thing he kept for himself was the pearl the braided woman has given him as a gift. "She has given me this pearl as a gift to help me... I think she believed I'd use its power to do great things with my magic. I cannot do anything less than doing what she expected of me. For the trust she had on me. For her memory... For her love..."

After dealing with the unresolved matters of his past, the telemental left his cottage and his loneliness in the past. He directed himself to the cities, trying to find people who he could help. Soon he discovered that there were many people in need of help and there were many ways he could provide some help. He started helping people not only with his powers; in fact his magic powers were rarely used. He helped them more performing conventional tasks, supporting people, working in rebuilding the cities, giving advice and, mostly, just listening to people. He never thought it was so easy and so fulfilling to help people. Every time he helped someone, he remembered of the girls. At the beginning, the remembrance made him sad, but then he got used to it and started thanking the girls every time he was able to help someone, as if he was working with them, as a team.

After some years working hard for the benefit of the Algolians, the telemental seriously considered paying a visit to the girls, to show them he had changed, he had become a good man. He wanted to prove them that he was not that egoistic man anymore, that he was capable of doing something good. He hoped the girls could forgive him and even that he could have their company again. But he was always busy, be it on Algol or on Alisa III, the princess spaceship, so he let the opportunities pass, till he was too old to take a trip there and he resigned to the fact he would never see them again..

The telemental never met the girls again. Even so, at the end of his life, he was happy. He still regretted all his wrongdoings and he was aware he had to pay for them somehow. But he had attained the peace of mind he had always sought. And that was the greatest prize he could have attained in his life. He was satisfied to have devoted most of his life to do good things. He was satisfied to know he had helped Alisa III to get rid of the Dark Force for the last time. He was satisfied to have had the time to change his ways and become an honored man. He eventually made friends with most of the espers, including the cyan-haired robed man. Despite being a telemental, a man of great powers, he tried to hide from people the extent of his powers, to the point of being known as the humble esper during the last stages of his life.

Finally, the telemental understood the nature of evil. People are not really evil, they are sick, mad. An encounter with a healer can change the life of these sick and mad people. Eventually, all the sick people will be healed. And learn the meaning of the true love. As the telemental learned himself. And then, he was answered.
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