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PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '11, 10:49 pm
The Healing

A sound of metal hitting a hard surface surprises everyone. The telemental is thrown to the ground with the force of the impact. His eyes become red again. The braided woman opened her eyes, grabbed her staff, stood up and attacked the telemental. Her body is aching, she is feeling very weak, with blood dripping from her thousands of small wounds. Her organism is almost collapsing, but yet she had strength for a last stand.

“What is that? Are you still alive?” The telemental looks surprised.

The princess starts choking on her tears. The constant flow of emotions was too much for her. The other girls are surprise. The braided woman resumes attacking the telemental with her staff.

“Hahaha, do you think you can defeat me with these weak blows? What do you have in your mind?” The telemental stands up and starts parrying the braided woman weak blows.
“You... you... what are you thinking? How dare you try to kill her? Why do you want to kill the source of all this love? Is it just because her love is not for you? Are you those kind of men who wants everything for themselves? Do you think you are the only person that matters in this world? How can you be so egocentric? Her love was made to change the universe. Her love was meant to every man and woman, not meant only for you. She could have loved you, but look what you have been doing all the time, to me, to the girls, to her. How can she love you if you despise us all?”
“Hey, are you that kind of girl who gives your love to every man? I didn´t expect that from you, And I thought you were pure, worth of my efforts. That magazine was right, so. You are... ”
“Which magazine?” The braided woman stops attacking the telemental.
“This one.” The telemental takes it out of his robe and hands her.

The braided woman starts overseeing the pages of the magazine. She feels an extreme disgust for the images in the magazine the telemental has stolen from the old pervert. She becomes furious and throws the magazine to ground, with rage.

“What is it? Who has made it? These people are sick! Can´t they even respect the dead. I´ve never done those things. They play with my feelings. They don´t respect me, my friends. How can they be so mean? What have I done to them?”
“Oh, man, can´t you see that magazine is fake? She so is pure that she crackles when she walks. Can´t you hear that?”
“Nei, how could you come with such an idea?”
“It is true, Anna, can´t you hear?”
"Of course not."
"But she does..."
“Stop interrupting me with your silly worries! Now you will have to listen to me! It is not about that, you rascal!" The braided woman resumes her attack "What if I wasn't? Would you love me less just because I've been with someone else when I wanted it? Just because it would not be the way you wanted it to be? Do you think I should be obliged to do nothing of my life, waiting for you to come and tell me what I'm supposed to do? Do you want all the things for you, that all the things be the way you want? For what have you used your power? Did you help anyone with your powers? Surely there were be lots of people in your planet that wanted you to use your powers to help them, but you´d never mind it. You are blinded by your own ego. It is always about you, no one else. As if the world had to work for you. When the things didn´t happen the way you wanted, you would kill everyone! Do you call that love?” The braided woman thrusts again at him with her staff.
“You are ridiculous. Stop these attacks! If I wanted, I´d kill you in an instant.”
“How many times will a person who says love thy neighbor be killed for nothing? How many people will die trying to share his love with the mankind? How many times people will say crucify him to the innocent ones who are giving their lives, their time, their energy to help them? How many loves will be wasted because people only look for themselves? I have died, I don´t care if I die again, my life doesn´t matter if I can´t do any good to the others. At least I died trying. Don´t you repent your sins? For how long will we repeat the same sins of our fathers? How many times will we waste the opportunities presented to us? Don´t you think we could live a better life if you just tried a little bit harder? Why don´t people learn to share their love? Just think about the others only once. They are people like you. They feel the same things as you. They feel sadness when the things go wrong, just like you. They feel pain, just like you. They suffer when harmed, just like you. They want to be respected, just like you. They want to be treated with justice, just like you. They want to accomplish their dreams, just like you. They want to lead a happy life, just like you. They want to be loved, just like you.”
“What do you want with that?”
"I want you to think about your thoughts and acts. It is never too late to start. How could you consider killing all that love just because it is not yours? How could you be so selfish and revive us just to be yours, forgetting about your responsibilities with people from your planet? You left them to die just because you were busy with your own egoistic affairs. Don´t you have a heart beating in your chest? Haven't you ever regretted the things you have done wrong? Haven't you ever considered the situation if it was her who was trying to murder you because you didn't want to stay with her?”
“Please, stop that.”
“Can´t you learn what is the true love? Can´t you try to do the things right from now on? It depends only on you. Try to do something that will not bring you anything in return, but that will help anyone else. Try to respect the other´s decisions. If the girls don´t want you, why don´t you leave them alone and return to your previous life? Why don´t you help your own people back home instead of dreaming in being a tyrant in a kingdom of your own? You could have saved hundreds of innocent lives that were lost to the evil beings, but you were somewhere else killing hundreds of innocent people, like those poor men you killed in my planet. You knew that people from your country, from your neighborhood were being killed and you didn't care. They were being killed right before your eyes and you weren't moved by that. How could you be so mean and so selfish?”
“What do you want me to do? Return home? They will get me arrested, they will not give me a chance. They are all fools.”
“It doesn´t matter if they are fair or not. If you have the true love in your heart, they will understand. Even if they are not fair to you, you will still be in peace. You must do what you are supposed to do, not only the things that bring you profit, or the things that will make you look nice among your peers.”
“Enough. I don´t want you anymore. You make me feel depressed.”
“Does it hurt?”
“Your blows? They are silly.”
“Not that.”
“You are getting on my nerves. You paint me as if I were the greatest criminal in the universe.”
“You know you aren´t, but you know it depends only on you to be the greatest man in the universe, the worst one, just average, good or bad. How could you consider either taking us by force or killing us? Don´t you have the least bit of compassion in your heart?”
The telemental´s eyes start returning to its original yellow color. “What can I do? I want you. I wanted you all for me. Is it too much to ask? Is it wrong to try to live your biggest dream? The one that comes from the depths of your soul? The one that keeps disturbing your mind every minute of life?”
“I don´t believe this is your biggest dream, I can´t believe in that. This may be the dream that shakes your instincts, that massages your ego more. You are a wise man, I can´t believe your biggest dream is to have the three prettiest girls in the universe plus me, who knows the reason why, as your wives and use your power to rule frightened people. You are better than that.”
“You... you... you are the prettiest one. You are the one I want most. Can´t you see that? Can´t you see that I was desperate to bring you back? Can´t you see that I almost killed myself when I thought you were dead forever?”
The braided woman doesn´t seem touched by that. “I can´t believe you have done all that just because you are in love with me. All this madness. All that, useless. You did so serious things, you killed people, just because you wanted something. You acted like a child who kicks and screams when they want something so badly. We all must learn that life is not like that. We are not alone, we must think about everyone. Everyone must be happy. Everyone must be respected.”
“Why can´t you make me happy?”
“Maybe I would, if you were not the way you are. You made all this mess with the girls, with people from your planet, with people from my planet, just because of your infatuation. Do you think I can love someone who did that? Someone who hurts, harms, kills, just because of a silly infatuation?”
“It is love! LOVE!”
“No, you don´t know what love is. You have given me a fatal blow. Do you think someone who loves, kills his loved one? Be rational! I've always suffered because I was too emotional about love and ended up being irrational. Now you claim you love me and what have you done? Murdered me...” The braided woman stop attacking the telemental with her staff.
"Stop this drama! The princess can revive you again and again."
"Didn't you hear her, your fool? People who were revived are immediately absorbed when they die again. I'm finished."
"That cannot be true! Awgh! I can´t stand that!” The telemental´s eyes turn from yellow to blue.
“You need to. It is painful, but it is needed.” The braided woman falls on her knees.
“The blow was not meant for you. You know ..”
“If you had killed her, you´d have killed me... Well, you killed me anyway, but at least...” Tears start falling from the braided woman's eyes “I could... save... her...”
“Now you hate me, don't you?”
“I don't. I'm... just... sad... because... you could... have done... good... great things... with your... power..." The braided woman starts collapsing.
"Stop lying! How can you not hate me for killing you?”
"I forgive you... I just hope... you will...never do again... what you've done... to me... Never again... to anyone... else... and I'll... die happy...” The braided woman closes her eyes.
“I can't believe this is happening to me! Alright, you won. You can stop. I´ve had enough. Enough of you all. I can't stand it anymore! That is too much for me! I´ll leave you and I'll never return back! I'll return home.”
“Hey, don´t leave us here.” The golden-haired girl protests.
“Enough. I can´t stand it anymore or I'll end committing suicide here. It is time to face the truth.”

The telemental is engulfed by a white mist and disappears. The braided woman let loose her arms and bend her head down. “Thank God... He understands it now...”

“Where has he gone?” The princess is surprised.
“He... has left... us. I don´t... think... we will... see him... again...”
“Why not?”
“Can´t you see, Marlena.” The golden-haired girl says in a serious tone. “She has just healed him from his madness.”

The braided woman falls on the ground. She is so weak she can barely move. The princess feels desperate. She runs to the braided woman, kneels beside her and takes the woman´s body in her arms.

“No! Not you! Please!”
“Oh... majesty...”
“She had bled out! She is dying! Anna! Nei! Help me!”
“What can we do?”
“Can´t you heal her, Nei? Please, she is dying!”
“Marlena... that is beyond my powers!” The purple-haired girl is feeling terrible.
“No, not you... don´t leave me! Someone help me!” Tears flow like a waterfall from the princess eyes. Her screams of pain cause an immense sorrow on the other girls. “No... your eyes... I can´t keep on living without these green emeralds shining...”
“Don´t worry... about me... majesty... I´ve fulfilled... my destiny. You... don´t need me... to make... my dream... come true...” The braided woman is very weak and whispers almost inaudibly.
“No! I can´t accept that! The blow was directed to me! Why did you do that?”
“You... know... why...” The braided woman´s eyes start losing their vitality.
“Don´t stay there! Do something! We will lose her! We can´t lose her... no...”
“Marlena... we like her too... we don´t want to see her go. But there is nothing we can do about it. If she can´t heal herself, nobody can.” The golden-haired girl tries to comfort the princess.
“She has exhausted her powers. We must help her!”
“Marlena, look at her... she is beyond help... she´s got heaven in her eyes.”
“What do you mean by that?”
"She is passing away..."
“This blue... the sky...” The braided woman mind is raving.
“What?” The princess is desperate.
“She is already taking the last trip, Marlena...”
“This blue... these eyes... who is it... Za...? No... Cl?... no...”
“Don´t leave us, please. I can´t live without you.”
“Not... yet...? I... see...”
“Don´t leave me...”
“This... blue... is the... one... I... was... looking... for... Love...”
“No. Laya! Listen to your poor daughter´s prayers... just once...”
“Marlena...” The golden-haired girl touches the princess´ shoulder. “It is no use... you have to accept it.”
“You don´t understand! You will never understand!” The princess stares at the golden-haired girl furiously.
“Queen Marlena... dear...” The braided woman holds the princess’ hand “I´ll be fine...” The braided woman smiles.
“No! No! How can you do that, smile at this moment? How can you smile until the end?”
“I will... be... fine...” The braided woman winks at the princess.

Suddenly, a strong scent of lilies fill the air. Blue sparks shine over the braided woman´s wounds, but the other girls didn´t notice it. Blood stops dripping from her body. She closes her eyes and starts breathing slowly. “I... will... be... fine... I... swear...”

The princess embraces strongly the braided woman´s body and breaks on desperate tears. The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl are so saddened by the scene that they turn their faces away. The princess stays crying over the body of the braided woman for a long time. After a long time she notices that the braided woman is still breathing. The braided woman opens her eyes, winks at the princess again.

“I... sweared... you... I´d... be... fine...”
“Oh, I can´t believe it! Thank Laya! Thank God!”

The princess is so happy, excited and marvelled that she starts kissing the braided woman´s cheeks. Out of control, she gives a passionate kiss on the braided woman. Then, she blushes a lot, her cheeks become crimson.

“That was... my... first... kiss...”
“Oh, you are joking with me.”
“That... is... true...”
“Forgive me...”
“No... problems... I´m... glad... Not the way... I imagined... but with love...”
“Don´t talk! Save your energies.” The princess puts her hand over the chest of the braided woman to make her stop and, when she realizes what she is doing, she blushes even further. “Nei! Anna! Come here! She is alive!”
“Alive?” The purple-haired girl smiles a broad smile and runs towards the princess.
“Alive...” The golden-haired girl shyly smiles. “Thank God! It doesn´t matter anymore what she likes or not, whether I'm comfortable with the idea or not. After this demonstration of love today, it is surely right, it comes from her soul. Such a marvellous person should live forever.” She is with her eyes filled with tears, all her issues with the braided woman are part of the past.
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