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PostPosted: Tue Mar 1, '11, 10:00 pm
The Ultimate Evil

The group traveled through the outer space surrounded by a plasma bubble, created by the telemental. The golden-haired girl and the purple-haired girl were angry at the telemental. They considered themselves betrayed by him. The princess was frightened. She also considered herself betrayed, but she felt fear. Somehow, she felt as if something very bad would happen to her. The only person who didn't feel betrayed by the telemental was the braided woman. She felt sad because of his behavior, but it was as if she was already expecting something like that. She remained thinking, seated in a corner, resigned to her fate.

The telemental, for his turn, was concentrated in the teleport spell, but he was also paying attention on the girls. He did not fear the girls, but he feared one of the girls could do something stupid that would cause her demise. He was happy to be leading the group again. Though the things never went the way he had planned, now he felt confident. He knew that his plans would not be well-received by the girls, but he knew as well that he was powerful enough to force them to accept his plans.

The golden-haired girl comes closer to the braided woman.

"Can't you do anything about it?"
"Sorry, Anna, I can't. We are already in the outerspace. I'd not be able to return us to safety if the teleport spell failed."
"Damn! So we are at the hands of this rascal!"
"Unfortunately we can't do anything for now."
"Luckily I've my slashers always with me, so I can cut this rascal in half as soon as we reach our destination."
"What is it? You don't look well." The golden-haired girl notices sadness in the braided woman's face.
"Oh, nothing." The braided woman turns her face to the golden-haired girl and smiles.
"Hey, rascal! How many time till we reach our destination?" The golden-haired girl yells at the telemental.
"Damn! I've forgotten the pearl!"
"If you were not in such a hurry, your idiot, we could have reminded you of that."
"Damn! Now it will take some days!"
"Days?" The golden-haired girl hides her anger behind her always emotionless expression. "That means we will starve here. You are always doing the things wrong."
"Don't worry, I'll cast a spell to slow our metabolism."
"I think... it is better so..." The braided woman talks with a very low voice.
"Why?" The golden-haired girl turns to her again.
"I don't want to see anyone killed..."
"Well..." the golden-haired girl can't hide a tone of frustration in her voice. "At least you have brought your staff too, though most of your pearls must be left there in the telemental's cottage."

The braided woman unbuttons one of the buttons of her dress by the height of her waist. The golden-haired girl is surprised to see many pearls tied into the dress, like a pearl collar around her thin waist.

"Looks like you are ready. Did you know that it would happen?"
The braided woman just nods slowly.
"How is it possible? Did he tell you beforehand?"
"And why didn't you tell us?"
"Anna..." The braided woman holds the arms of the golden-haired girl. "I'm ready for my last act."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I mean, Anna, that I'm ready to do what I am supposed to do since I've been revived. If it wasn't that, I'd never be allowed to be revived."
"Really? So do you have a task to perform? What about us?"
"Surely you do too."
"What is your task? What is my task?"
"Sorry, Anna, I can't tell you now. Knowing your task may end harming more than helping."
"I can't believe that! Why would ignorance about the task be better than knowledge about it? Give me a reason, a logic reason for how I'll be able to perform my duty better if I don't know what I'm supposed to do than if I know what I'm supposed to do."
"Anna, it could take away your initiative. That is the main problem of knowing the future. When you don't know the future, you act, trying to achieve something. When you are told you will achieve something, you rest assured you will achieve it, so you don't act. Then, you end not achieving what you were supposed to achieve by acting normally."
"I don't know if I understood well... anyway, are you able to predict the future?"
"No. It is just that I've been told what I'm supposed to do. If it wasn't this task, I'd be somewhere else now. My soul would not be waiting for so long. The wheel of life, lifeflow, universe laws, laws of existence, lifestream, afterdeath, call it the way you prefer, would not let me stay there doing nothing."
"I don't know if I understand what you mean, mostly because neither me nor Nei has any memories of the times we stayed dead."
"It is supposed to be that way. It is just me... that am... different..." The braided woman's tone shows she is not comfortable in saying that.
"Different? How?"
"Different. Not a simple human. But I'd like to avoid this subject for now."
"Well. I think I'll not get anything else for this conversation." The golden-haired girl turns her back at the braided woman.
"Sorry, Anna, I wish I could tell you more."

The girls stay in silence for a while. The teleport process keeps on going smoothly. The telemental stay focused on his spell. The girls are all uneasy, but all of them reached at the same conclusion that they had nothing else to do, but wait till the teleport process was completed. After some hours, the purple-haired girl lays down.

"I'm feeling drowsy..."
"Me too..." The golden-haired girl yawns. "It is so strange..."
"I feel... someone... calling me..."
"They are calling our spirits..."
"Don't worry, girls, just go." The braided woman says so in a comforting tone.
"What is happening with us?"
"You are needed somewhere. It is very important that you go. We will take care of you, don't worry."

The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl fall asleep. The princess is puzzled by the sudden change on the girls.

"What is happening?"
"They were called to save Algol once and for all."
"Their spirits will help in the fight against the ultimate evil that threatens Algol."
"I still don't understand."
"Remember that conversation with the espers in the telemental's house, queen Marlena? The guys they mentioned will be fighting the ultimate evil that threatened the solar system all this time and they summoned Anna's and Nei's spirits to provide assistance in the battle."
"Uh, now I understand. How can you know such things?"
"I can listen voices in my head telling me those things. I used to think it was restricted to my planet, but now I know it is not just my planet, it is the whole universe."
"Aren't you afraid of that?"
"I used to, I used to try to deny it. I wanted to live a normal life, like any young woman. But I learned that I could not fight against my nature, I had to fulfil my destiny. I'm not this way by accident. Nobody is. Your power, majesty, was not given to you by accident. It was given to you because no one could be better than you in doing what you are supposed to do."
"And what am I supposed to do?"
"To share all this love you have in yourself with everybody."
"And how can I do that?"
"Take your time, queen Marlena. You will learn how to use your powers. It took me a long time to learn how to use mine as well."
"Well, I hope I can do something good of my powers in the future, because it seems like I'm wasting my powers..."
"Don't say so, queen Marlena. Remember, if it wasn't you..."
"Oh yes, sorry, I didn't mean that reviving Nei, Anna and specially you was wasting my powers."
"I know that." The braided woman smiles at the princess.
"I'm so happy to have you all here with me." The princess hugs the braided woman.

The braided woman and the princess stayed together, waiting for the teleport to end. The telemental was focused on the teleport spell, but was also less than pleased to see the two girls together, but he couldn't think too much about that to not risk the teleport process, which meant risking his life as well. The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl were sleeping, but their spirits were working restlessly.


The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl find themselves into a mysterious cave they think they have never seen before. They look the surroundings, but there is nothing familiar to them.

"Were are we, Anna?"
"I don't know. I don't remember ever being in such a place like this one."
"Why are we here, anyway?"
"I don't know..."

The girls explore the cave, but they don't find anybody. There is nothing interesting or remarkable inside. The purple-haired girl is anxious to find someone of something that can explain them the situation. The golden-haired girl looks more resigned. Though she is not happy with the awkward situation, she prefers to sit down and wait than to keep walking in circles. After some time, the purple-haired girl is startled.

"There is something over there!"
"Where, Nei?"
"Coming from here!" The golden-haired girl points to one opening. "I can feel it."
"What it could be?"

The golden-haired girl looks at the purple-haired girl and notices she is acting in a strange way.

"No, that can't be!" The purple-haired girl's voice betrays that she is under deep emotions.
"What, Nei?"
"It is him!"
"Who, Nei?"

A blue-haired man comes through the opening the purple-haired girl pointed seconds before. The image of the man brings a sense of peace.

"Come with us."
"Rolf?" The golden-haired girl can't control herself.
"Nei, my beloved sister. Anna, my beloved. Come with us. Let's eliminate all the evil from Algol."
"Rolf! I can't believe it! It is you!" The purple-haired girl runs to the blue-haired man, but he motions her to stop. The golden-haired girl also started running toward him, but halted.
"There is no time for that now. We must concentrate in helping the new Algol heroes."
"Alright..." The purple-haired girl can't hide her frustration.
"Come with me, please."

The blue-haired man starts walking slowly and the girls follow him. He takes them to a large room, where they see many familiar faces and some unknown.

"Rudo! Shir! Amy! Kain! Hugh!" The purple-haired girl is overjoyed.
"Hello, Nei! Hello, Anna! We are happy that you are here with us." A cyan-haired man addresses the girls.
"Lutz?" The golden-haired girl has a expression of doubt in her face.
"Yes, Anna, it's me. We are here, together, to help the heroes of Algol to vanquish Profound Darkness once and for all. As past protectors of Algol, we will help them in this difficult task, granting them our power, giving them our courage and our hope."
"Well... now I remember... she told us something about that, didn't she?"
"Yes, Anna."
"Who told you about that?" The cyan-haired man looks puzzled.
"A woman we know. You should have seen her..." The purple-haired girl's eyes flash with happiness as she talks about the braided woman.
"Oh, maybe we will meet someday. Well, I think you don't know Alis, Myau and Odin. We have fought together to protect Algol for the first time. You and your friends fought to protect Algol for the second time. Now it is time for us all to fight the evil for the last time, along with our valiant heroes. Every 1,000 years, the Dark Force would attack our star system. This is the Dark Force I fought against, with Alis, Myau and Odin. This is the Dark Force you fought against, 1,000 years after. The Dark Force is a product of an evil entity called Profound Darkness. The current heroes had already defeated the Dark Force, now they are going to fight the Profound Darkness to stop this cycle of hate and destruction in our star system. Let's hold our hands, make a circle and concentrate in helping them. Their battle will be very hard and they will need all the help they can get in order to defeat this evil force."

The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl are a bit confused, but they acquiesce the cyan-haired man suggestion. The blue-haired man holds the hand of the purple-haired girl with his right hand and the hand of the golden-haired girl with his left hand. The cyan-haired man releases a shy smile at the sight of this scene. "True feelings never die."

A purple-haired man steps up, holds the purple-haired girl's free hand and smiles. "I al'ays ka'new ye hada human soul... a beout'f une..." Tears roll from the purple-haired girl's eyes. If feeling loved is always good, feeling loved as a human was something special for the purple-haired girl, who always suffered for not being considered a human.

The twelve past heroes of Algol positioned themselves in the circle-formation suggested by the cyan-haired man and they started concentrating on helping the five new heroes of Algol. The blond boy lead the group, holding the mythical sword that allowed the connection between the past and the present heroes. He was followed by a cyan-haired man, who looked like the cyan-haired man on the group of twelve past heroes and shared his memory; a red-haired girl who looked exactly like the purple-haired girl; a tall android who looked exactly like one of the androids of the princess ex-fiancé and a green-skinned man. The group advanced carefully through a strange cave, whose floor shined in psychedelic patterns, adding confusion to the group. They faced strong foes, they were hurt, but they never lost the will to fight, they never felt fear.

Finally, the group reached a special point inside the psychedelic cave. A huge ethereal lifeform appeared. The lifeform exhaled evilness through its breath and its skin. The fight was very hard. Many times members of the group were on the verge of losing their hearts, but the twelve past heroes acted helping them to never surrender, to keep on trying. After hours of intense fighting, the good prevailed over the evil. The root of all evil was finally vanquished. There was a sense of collective relief in the whole star system. The cyan-haired man of the heroes group thanked the past heroes for the support.

"Well, it is done. I wish to thank you all for your cooperation once more to save Algol. We hope the source of all evil is annihilated for once and for all. You all may rest in peace. Wherever you are, I know each one of you will be working for the good of Algol, for the good of the universe. Farewell!"

The members of the circle release their hands and start walking to different directions. The purple-haired girl and the golden-haired girl stay motionless, watching the spirits of their past friends. They will always have a strong bond among themselves. The bond that links all protectors of Algol. The golden-haired girl turns to the purple-haired girl.

"Well, I think it is over. Though I wish I could stay forever... with Rolf..."
"I know what you feel, Anna, me too. I wish I could stay here forever."
"But we have to go back..." The golden-haired girl has tears on her eyes.
"Yes.. Our task is finished here, Anna. Let's return..."
"I think we should have never left... but as the things were not meant to be this way..."

The golden-haired girl is startled by a light touch on her shoulder. She turns her head and meet the blue eyes of the blue-haired man staring at her, filled with love.

"Don't worry. I'll wait for you."
"Ro..ool..lf..." The golden-haired girl chokes on tears.
"Me will be a-waitin' fer ye too. 'ill nev'r let ye sshlip from ma han's. Not ag'in" The purple-haired man smiles to the purple-haired girl.
"Oh... Kain..." The purple-haired girl starts crying too.

Suddenly, even without moving, the girls start distancing themselves from the protectors of Algol. Both girls are crying. The blue-haired man and the purple-haired man start waving at them, saying "We will be waiting for you." The girls shyly wave back, with a broad smile on their faces till they are out of sight. Then, everything becomes black.


The princess and the braided woman spent their time together. The princess tended the wounds in the braided woman's face, which were partly healed. The movements of the princess were slowed by the metabolism slowing spell cast by the telemental. The way she touched the braided woman transpired her deep affection she had for her. The telemental was somewhat irritated by the princess' displays of affection towards the braided woman and turned his back to the girls, in order to not see them anymore.

The telemental tried to not think too muchin order to keep his concentration on his teleport spell, but he was uneasy. He knew the time had come, he'd finally start what he had planned months before. He knew he had lost control of the situation more than once, so he was determined to take it to the last consequences, though he still lacked confidence. His toughest opponent was himself, and he knew that. Though he denied, all the things the girls and the espers had told him affected him, made him think, made him reconsider his actions.

"Now it is close, the time has come! No one will be able to stop me. I was made to achieve the greatest glory. In the future, all the universe will thank me for doing what I have to do now. I'll bring them peace. I'll bring them wisdom. I'll bring them everything they want. Every single person will be allowed to be happy, to live their dreams. I'll bring them the New World. And I... I'll be the happiest man ever, I'll have everything I've wished for... or not... damn! How can I know that? I'm not courageous enough to ask her... I just can't go and ask her... I can't believe that, but I've seen that with my own eyes! And Marlena... all that love was meant for me! Damn, Marlena, why are you doing that? Why are you ruining everything? It would be much better if you had died there... Marlena... Marlena..."

The princess felt a chill down her spine, as if she had sensed the angry thoughts towards her. She tried to dismiss it. She started to remake the braids of the braided woman, very slowly, as her slowed metabolism allowed her. She had the braided woman leaning on her, always smiling and she was feeling happy, very happy. After some minutes braiding the hair of the braided woman, she felt a strange feeling inside her chest, as if her heart was freed of a force which used to oppress it. She was startled by the feeling and instinctively took her hand to her chest. Then, she stared at the braided woman with an worried expression.

"Wow! I've just felt something awkward inside my chest!"
"Oh, did you feel that too?" The braided woman said so with a very calm voice, but her face showed she was content. "They have made it."
"The protectors of Algol vanquished the ultimate enemy. Don't you feel a sense of relief in your heart?"
"Yes, I do, somehow."
"I'm happy to learn that. Finally people from Algol will be free from that evil force that tried to destroy the entire star system. Anna and Nei will be back soon, I think."
"Oh, were they there?"
"Yes, they spirits were supporting the guys battling the evil being. Luckily it is all over."
"I'm glad to hear that. I wonder if my homeworld will be free from the evil as well..."
"I think it will. If not now, soon."
"Well, that would be fantastic. I've heard people say that Holy Laya was tainted by an evil force and had to battle it at the same time she battled the Orakians at the Devastation War. I don't know it that is true or not, but my homeworld would not survive another war like that."
"Don't worry, queen Marlena, eventually things will be solved there as well. You have already done a lot."
"Wasn't it you that put Orakians and Layans in contact again?"
"Yeah, sort of..."
"You may have saved your world."
"You are exaggerating."
"No, queen Marlena, that may have been the beginning of a new future for your people."
"I hope you may be right about that. Though I'll never return there, I'd be happy to learn that Orakians and Layans had finally put aside their differences and were living in peace."

After a few minutes, both the golden-haired girl and the purple-haired girl wake up, at the same time. It takes them some seconds to understand where they are, as if they had waken up from a remarkable dream.

"Oh, we are back again."
"I'm glad to see you back, Nei. And Anna too." The princess smiles at the girls.
"What a strange feeling..."
"You've done it, I'm proud of you." The braided woman smiles at the girls too.
"Oh, yeah... it was not a dream..." The golden-haired girl takes her hands to her head, still confused.
"It is finished. Peace be with Algol forever."
"So... I´ve seen Rolf." The golden-haired girl blushes.
"Really? That is great." The braided woman seems excited.
"He told me he would wait for me..."
"Oh, that means he really loves you."
"Anna, things are different when we are here. We are led by both our animal nature and our spiritual nature. We believe in love in a different way than there. There, the love is pure, more mature than here. Here, besides the true feeling, we have lust, infatuation, possession, social norms, many things that hinder the true feeling, making people consider love something that isn´t love. How many times we hear people saying 'I love you' without really meaning it?"
"All the time. It is not that people always do that on purpose because it ain´t easy to conciliate our animal nature with our spiritual nature. For example, we feel lust because we need it to preserve the species. We don´t need it anymore when we are dead. Of course, lust mess up with our feelings, so it is hard to find the perfect balance while living."
"For example, I had some past loves, hm, infatuations would be a better term for them. They lost their meaning when I died. I mean, I still liked the guys, but in a different way. I appreciated them for their moral values, their personality. Then, when I was brought back, I started longing for these loves I had not lived. Everything came back again, infatuation, jealousy, lust."
"Infatuation... lust... I can see it very well on you."
"Anna?" The braided woman´s face shows confusion.
"Nevermind. Go on."
"So, it ain´t easy. And to know that man still loves you after a thousand years means that he has the highest admiration for your persona. His love is in the purest form."
"It makes me want to die now and rejoin him."
"No, Anna, that wouldn´t be right. As he loves you, he would not want to see you suffering, he would not be pleased to see you commit a crime against yourself because of him. That would make him suffer. That would make you fall apart. He wants to see you happy. He wants to see you doing great things while you are here. He can wait. What are fifty years, a hundred years, compared to eternity? He can wait. He would not feel jealous if you married someone, had your children."
"Of course not! If that would make you happy, he would be happy as well."
"But I´ll never marry anyone. There will be no one like Rolf..."
"If it is really so, it is fine. But if someday you think you should, don´t worry, he will still love you and he will be waiting for you when you die."
"I don´t think I believe in what you have just told me, but I really want to believe I´d be with Rolf forever."
"You will be, Anna."

The princess looks sad and hugs the braided woman with sadness and despair in her voice.

"Oh, and what will I do? Everybody is infatuated with me. Everybody feels lust for me. Yet, nobody really loves me."
"Oh, queen Marlena, don´t think that way... you may not know whether someone really loves you, but that doesn´t mean nobody loves you."
"How can I know that?"
"You can´t, but maybe there is someone just waiting for you, somewhere."
"I don´t think so..."
"Oh, queen Marlena, every person who really knows you loves you."
"Oh, it has been so hard for me... I used to be a princess, accustomed to all the comfort, richness. I used to do nothing myself, nothing that didn´t please me. I loved to take a nap every day, hang around doing nothing, take care of my own things. I was a spoiled girl, I admit. But then I was taken from home and, everything that happened, all the tragedies, they are too much for me. Everywhere there are people trying to kill me. What have I done? What have I done to deserve it?" The princess buries her face on the braided woman' s shoulder and starts crying. "It is as if I had an anti-Midas touch. Everything I touch my hands in end in failure or tragedy. I wish everything was just a bad nightmare and I´d wake in the comfort of my bed, at home. Then I could forget everything and keep being the same girl, the princess I used to be."
"Oh, queen Marlena..." The braided woman strokes the princess' hair lightly.
"If I had stayed home... I could be with my father, my relatives."
"You could have been murdered." The golden-haired girl interrupts dryly and then realizes she had make a mistake. "Oh, sorry, Marlena..."
"Maybe it would have been better if I had drowned at that beach..."
"Because you weren´t, that means you are meant to be here..." The braided woman kisses the princess' cheek and tightens her embrace on her.
"I can´t stand it anymore..."
"Queen Marlena... We will always be here with you."
"Don´t worry, Marlena, I´m sure someone loves you." The golden-haired girl uses a bit of sarcasm, that is lost among the girls. "Would it be possible to be the same way as Rolf does?"

The golden-haired girl and the purple-haired girl embraced the princess. The girls stayed a long time together, trying to cheer-up the princess. The telemental was annoyed with the scene because he realized that their disposal at that small plasma bubble reflected the state of their relationship. The girls were on one side, together, tied by a tight emotional bond. He was on the other side, alone. He knew he had to do something as soon as they arrived at their destination and he knew it would not be something nice. "It will not be nice, but it will be needed. Sometimes we need to shed some tears today to laugh tomorrow. I didn´t want to make them suffer, but if it will be the only way, I will have to do it anyway."

After some hours of silence, the purple-haired girl catches a glimpse of a star, that starts growing in their view. She concludes it must be their final destination.

"Are we arriving there?"
"Yes. It is the fourth planet from that star."
"Where are we? Why this planet?"
"Soon you will know."
"I don´t know why I still lose my time asking you things."
"Don´t worry, Nei, soon you and the girls will be taught everything." The telemental grins, making the purple-haired girl shiver.

The plasma bubble comes closer and closer to that star system and soon they catch a glimpse of the blue planet. The planet is small and has no moons circling it. As they come closer to the planet, they can see traces of clouds, large bodies of water, forests and mountains. Soon their are crossing the planet atmosphere. The translucent plasma bubble becomes white. They feel as if they were slowing down and then the group comes to a complete halt, as a large plasma circle rose from the ground. Then, a loud crack is heard and the surroundings, as usual, are covered with thin layers of ice. The telemental releases the girls from the spell that slowed their metabolism.

"Finally! We´ve made it." The telemental seems to be happy.
"Oh, well, where are we?" The purple-haired girl looks their surroundings.
"In the perfect place for us to start."
"Start what? What is this planet? I can´t see anything special about it."

The golden-haired girl examines the surroundings, but she can´t see anything remarkable about the planet. The group is at the top of a small mount, covered by grass. Looking at the surrounding, the golden-haired girl could see some sparse trees, more small mounts, some covered with grass, some with sparser vegetation. In one of the valleys, there is a water stream. The climate was cool and they felt comfortable. There were no signs of humans, humanoids, cities, artificial buildings or large wildlife.

"This is the perfect place for us to start our quest."
"Which quest?" The golden-haired girl is irritated. "Now it is time for you to start spilling it out! You have fooled us for too long. What is your quest about, rascal?"
"We came here to fight the ultimate evil of the universe."
"Ultimate evil? Is there such a thing like that?" The purple-haired girl is confused and worried.
"Didn´t we eliminate Profound Darkness? How come you tell me there is something else?"
"Profound Darkness? Pfff, Anna, do you think that was the ultimate evil of the universe? Only those fools could make you believe in it. Do you think I´d waste my time with such a weakling that ended being defeated by a mere boy and an unsure esper?"
"Really? So tell us everything! Tell us about this evil menace! I think it must be some madness from your wicked mind, but as you are an expert in evilness, I want to know what is this thing that worries you much more than Profound Darkness."
"Do you think killing Profound Darkness would destroy all the evil in the whole universe? You are very naive if you think so. There is something much more important we must fight against."
"You are lying! Evil comes from the hearts of people, not from an entity!" The princess, who is still seated, thinking about her fate, shouts at the telemental.
"You are quite right, Marlena."
"So what will you do to fight the evil from the hearts of people?" The princess turns her head to face the telemental.
"We can´t fight is directly, but we can do something. We can plant some seeds, harvest them, let them grow. It will take time, but if we work together, we can, in the future, reap the results of our hard working."
"Oh, I didn´t think you had such a beautiful thing inside your mind!" The braided woman raises, her eyes shining with hope.
"We must start by building a small society, based on the purest values, so we can spread the word through the whole universe. This way, we can finally wipe out all the evil from the universe."
"That sounds fair..." The golden-haired girl is facing a dilemma. She doesn´t trust the telemental and she expects the worst from him, but she can´t deny his ideas are fair. "But then why did you chose us?"
"Because I need the hope and the inquisitive spirit of the new one; the rationality and the sense of justice of the guardian; the holiness and the spirit of sacrifice of the healer; and now I see I need the love of the altruism of the personification of love. This all, mixed with my power, will make a new race, a race of chosen ones, who will rule this universe and eliminate all the evil."
"New race?" The golden-haired girl eyes him suspiciously. "I knew there was something wrong..."
"Yes, a new race, that will rule the universe. This race will dominate the universe, fighting the evil wherever it is. When all the evil is destroyed, the universe will be able to live in perfect harmony, forever. Of course, every evil being will have to be sacrificed, but that is a fair price to pay when we think the universe will be free from all evil."
"Now I got it, your rascal!" The golden-haired girl silently grabs her slashers. "How will this 'new race' be made?"
"This new race must be made of people both knowledgeable and powerful. We must make sure this new race will fight the evil and win."
"How will this 'new race' be made?" The golden-haired girl raises her tone.
"We must combine our powers. This new race must be strong and agile in combat as you and Nei. This new race must have magical powers, like mine, and the healer´s ones, plus her holiness. This new race must have the biggest power: to be immortal. The offspring of me and you all will have all these powers."
"Offspring of you and me? You are certainly mad. That will never happen!" The golden-haired girl has despise in her voice.
"You are completely insane! I´d never have anything with an idiot like you!" The purple-haired girl gets ready for fighting as well.
"You will have to accept that, like you or not. Either I´ll have you by your own will or by force!"
"Why did you take us here, anyway?"
"This planet is special. The planet harbors many humans. Their civilization is still primitive. There is a large culture whose people are waiting for some gods to come from nowhere. They will believe we are their promised gods. They are easily influenced, so we can oppress them and make them work for us. They will follow us blindly. From here, we can launch our empire that will spread through all the universe!"
"You are insane. All you wanted to be was the ruler of the world! How mean of you! You disappointed me now, telemental. I knew you are mad, an idiot and a rogue, but I thought you were not so stupid to dream with such a pedestrian thing. Well, girls, let's save the universe from the greatest evil. Let´s finish him off!" The golden-haired girl is ready for battle.
"Why are you so baffled? Which woman wouldn´t want to associate herself with the most powerful man in the whole universe? Together, we can rule the entire universe. We can even seek immortality with Marlena´s powers! Don´t you want to have the whole universe in your hands?"

The princess starts remembering that nightmare, when she saw planets being destroyed by large energy beams. She feels as if all the cloaked-men souls were screaming inside her head at once.

"I can´t believe it! I´ve never thought you had such filthy plans in your mind! Besides, you'd never live forever. Things revived, when dead again, disappear immediately! Hey, now I understand the cloaked-men! They knew your plans! Rascal! Crook! Scoundrel! Assassin!" The princess is furious.
"Come on, girls, think rationally. You can choose between a mediocre non-existence or an opportunity to be happy and meaningful to the universe. I can love you all... forever..."
"You don´t know how to love anything besides yourself. You don´t know what love means."
"Damn you, witch! It was you who spoiled everything! With your wicked charm, you put them all under your spell!" The telemental is angry at the princess.
"I never hated anybody, but now I despise you! I´d never thought you´d be such an egoist and megalomaniac rascal! The things you are planning will cause mass murders and devastation through all the universe! You don´t have a drop of compassion in your dirty and evil soul! I´d be happy if I saw your demise! I hate you, telemental, I hate you!"
"Looks like you have chosen the hard way. Oh, well, I´m ready for that. Do you think you can stand a fight against me? You are out of your minds. Well, in the end it will still be a pleasurable affair to me, though not for you. Well, it is up to you to decide which way you want..."
"And you?" The golden-haired girl yells at the braided woman. "Won´t you say anything? Either you are with us or with the telemental. There is no neutral side this time!"
"Well..." The braided woman stands up. "If it were something to really eliminate all the evil from the universe, I´d certainly be glad to help. I´m such a fool with love and relationships, I've always suffered because of that, I was always infatuated and my relationships ended in sorrow. I´d not mind helping that way if it was needed for the greater good of the universe because I don´t expect to have fulfillment in this area of my life..." The telemental grins at the irritation of the golden-haired girl when hearing the braided woman speaking. "But I´ll not take part of any plan of a madman who wants to rule the universe. Besides, in the last few days, I was taught what true love is. I´m sure I´ll never mistake it for simple infatuation, for lust, for anything else. Someone has showed me what true love is. Now I can feel it, I know that I can really love someone. And I know what you feel is everything but love."

The golden-haired girl grins at the telemental´s irritation. The telemental runs toward the princess and grabs her by the throat. "Damned witch! You have put them under your spell! If it wasn´t you, I´d have everything I wanted. How dare you spoiling my plans? You will pay for that, witch, you will pay with your life! I should have killed you long before!"

Something hit the telemental in the head, as he was fastening the grab on the princess throat, throwing him to the ground. Less than a second after, another slasher hit the telemental´s head, causing a deep cut. The princess fell on the floor and the braided woman ran to help her to her feet. The telemental staggered a bit and slowly raised himself from the ground.

"Do you want the things to be that way? So be it! Megid!"

Strong energy rays flowed from the telemental´s hands direct to each one of the girls. The braided woman had taken a small book out of her dress and raised her arms to the sky. The energy rays hit an invisible barrier. The telemental was surprised to see his spell blocked. The golden-haired girl and the purple-haired girl saw the opportunity to attack the telemental, but this time he blocked both slashers and both claw blows with magic. He also sent strong gushes of wind towards the golden-haired girl and the purple-haired girl that, though blocked by the braided woman´s barrier and not effectively hurting the girls, sent them flying back for hundreds of yards.

"Hahaha, do you think you are powerful enough to defeat me? You are helpless! Surrender now or face my spite!"
"Cast something on him! Help us!" The golden-haired girl shouts.
"It is no use, he has cast a reflective spell. If I attack him, the attack will return to us!"
"Damn it! We have to kill him, otherwise he will kill us!"

The golden-haired girl kept throwing her slashers at the telemental, but all her attacks were deflected by the telemental´s magic barrier. The purple-haired girl tried to help occasionally, but not only every of her blows were blocked but also each time she would be sent flying back. Every time she was sent back, she was injured and the braided woman had to cast a healing spell on her. The telemental kept casting his spells against the girls, but the girls remained unharmed, protected by the braided woman´s barrier. The braided woman noticed that almost all the spells were directed to the princess. After many minutes of stalemate, the telemental became angrier, his eyes flashing a dark red color.

"It is time to stop playing with you. Surrender now!"
"Never!" The princess shouts back. "I´ll never surrender to an evil man like you. I´d rather die than to take part in any of your filthy plans!"
"So it is time for you to meet your maker!."

The telemental cast a tremendous spell on the girls. The energy wave crashed in the magic barrier, but kept forcing the barrier. The force of the energy wave pushed the group back. The braided woman used all her energy to keep the barrier protecting the group.

"It is... too strong... I can´t... stand it..." The braided woman was feeling weaker.
"We must do something about that!" The golden-haired girl was indignant.
"Sorry, I think we can´t... he is stronger than us..."

The energy wave started breaching the magic barrier. The braided woman was feeling weak, using all her energy to keep the magic barrier up, but the strength of the energy waves was starting to make breaches in the magic barrier. "I can´t... stand... anymore...". Inside the barrier, the girls were scared. They were powerless to stop the energy waves. Noticing the direction of the energy wave, the braided woman positioned her body in front of it, as she used her last forces to keep the magic barrier up. Finally, the energy wave breached the magic barrier, causing an explosion. The explosion sent the girls flying back for several hundreds of yards.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" The braided woman released a deep wail of pain.
"Nooooooooooooooooo!" The princess cried, in despair.

The energy waves hit the braided woman full-force in her chest and abdomen. Thousands of energy rays passed through the braided woman´s body, drilling small holes in her heart, lungs, stomach, liver, bowel, kidneys, womb, ribs and spine. Fragments of tissue and bones were sent flying in the air. Thousands of small gushes of blood dripped from her wounds. The braided woman released a long wail of pain, staggered, turned her head to the princess, staring deeply at her cyan eyes, released her staff and collapsed.

"Nooooooooooooo!" The princess is desperate.
"You have killed her, you devil!" The golden-haired girl is furious, but unable to do anything. Though she was accustomed to tragedies of battles, she was still shocked to see what happened to the braided woman.

The telemental walks straightly to the princess. He releases some energy waves that throws the purple-haired haired girl and the golden-haired girl several yards away. The princess stays on the ground, weeping and screaming "Nooooooooooo!" The telemental kneels down beside the princess, grabs her neck violently and places his finger over the princess' jugular.

"Why... did... you... kill... her...?"
"Her heart would never be mine!"
"Mine... will... never... be... yours... never... never... kill... me... but... I´ll... never... be... yours..."
"Because of you! Because of you I lost her!"
"Damn! I can´t move! His magic is too strong, Nei!"
"Anna... he will kill us all!"
"You ruined everything!" The telemental's eyes grow darker.
"I... hate... you..."
"If it wasn´t you, my deepest wish would become true!" The telemental´s eyes become black. "I hate you!"

The princess stares deeply at the telemental´s eyes. The telemental´s finger over the princess jugular starts glowing in a red light. "I hate you!"
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