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A strange white mist appears out of nowhere over a marble pad built nearby a cottage, in the middle of the desert backyard. The mist rises over the ground, creating a plasma circle. The circle grows, absorbing energy from the environment. The air grows colder outside the circle, as the plasma circle expands and suddenly a loud crack can be heard. Some thin ice layers are formed over the exterior parts of the marble pad and over the sandy ground. A tall man wearing a white robe, a pretty young girl and a trunk suddenly appear on the marble pad, as the plasma circle disappears. The telemental touch the girl's forehead and she regains conscience.

"What... what has happened?"
"We have just arrived our destination."
"I felt a bit dizzy... It is cold... but this looks like a desert. What about this ice?"
"It is formed by the teleport process. It absorbs energy from the environment to materialize our matter in the destination. It also causes a burst of energy in the origin."
"Burst of energy, that means things get hot there?"
"That means things may burn in the process?"
"For sure."
"That means my bedroom may be on fire?" The princess barked at the telemental with fire in her eyes.
"Err.. well... if so, blame it on your large trunk. The amount of energy released is proportional to the mass being teleported." The telemental tries to reason, but he feels uncomfortable with the princess' aggressive mood.
"Are you saying that my room is on fire now and you knew that would happen?"
"I can assure you it is not on fire now." The telemental says so as he starts moving towards the cottage.
"How can you be so sure?"
"It has been four days since we left. Even if the room was set on fire, the fire must have been extinguished by now."
"You... you... Wait! Four days? But I don't remember anything."
"I put you under a spell. I didn't want you to get hurt or distressed." The telemental starts moving faster to the cottage, increasing his distance from the princess who was still on the marble pad with her trunk.
"Put me under a spell? Hey, you didn't tell me about that?"
"Don't worry, this way was better as you don't remember anything that happened in the last four days". The telemental unlocks the cottage door, enters and closes the door again.
"And what has happened in the last four days?" The princess is blind with rage and start running before the telemental. "What have you done to me?"
"Nothing you didn't enjoy, I swear!" The telemental screamed from inside with a bit of laughter in his voice, after locking the door.
"Open this door! I'll kill you!" The princess hits the door with her fists. "Open this door, scoundrel!"
"You will stay outside till you cool down a bit, honey."

The princess kept hitting the door with her fists and screaming all the offenses she knew, until she got tired. With her fists hurt, she returned to the marble pad. She sat on the floor, leaning on her trunk, and started to cry. She was alone, with a strange man she didn't know anything about, in a place she has never been before. Thinking of her life, it had been always suffering and deception. She wished she had drowned on that occasion, so there would be no falling in love, no rejection, no war, no suffering, nothing. The ice had already melted, the sun was scorching her, but she felt cold, a cold chill that came from inside. Then, she felt a hand touching her hair, in a gentle and warm touch.

"Please, forgive my rude manners, princess. I didn't mean to harm you."
"You... you... why did you do this to me?" She lifted her head and, with her wet cyan eyes, stared direct into the telemental's yellow eyes, making his heart break immediately in regret of making the bad joke with her.
"Come, princess Marlena, let's go inside. I swear I've not did to you what you think I did. I have not touched you, I swear." His voice was so gentle, it almost sounded like music.
"I know you are lying... why did you ruin my life? Why do you hate me so much?"
"I don't hate you, princess. Please, come home. I'll take the trunk inside."
"You swear you didn't..."
"I swear."

The princess walked slowly to the cottage, followed by the telemental, who was having a hard time pulling the heavy trunk. After both were inside, the telemental showed his cottage to the princess and assigned his own bedroom for her to sleep. He would sleep in the couch, in the living room. He made sure she was comfortable and then told her he would answer her questions after the dinner. The princess, used to a luxury life, was not happy with the simple furniture and apparel in the telemental's cottage, but she did not care to complain because she was still emotionally weakened after the last argument with the telemental. She was also afraid of some strange things into his house she had never seen in her life.

The princess took a shower, changed her clothes to ones more suitable to the hot climate of that place and waited for the dinner locked in her room. The telemental did not pay much attention to her. He himself cooked some vegetables and served the dinner. At first, the princess didn't like the menu, but she later on recognized it was tasty. No words were spoken during the dinner. After the dinner, the telemental did the dishes while the princess waited in the living room, thinking about the questions she would ask.

The telemental approaches enters the living room and sits on the floor.

"Well, princess, you can ask your questions now."
"To begin, I'd like to know your name."
"This I can't tell you."
"Why not?"
"I simply can't. Don't ask me that anymore."
"Well, that will be harder than I thought..."
"Any more questions?"
"Oh yeah, lots of. You didn't tell me anything! Where are we?"
"At my home."
"Duh! I know it already! I mean, the country."
"We are in Motavia, one of the planets of Algol star system."
"Am I in another planet? How did you do that?"
"Now can you understand the extent of my powers?"
"Well, sort of. Why are we on this place?"
"I'm from here. I can say you are not completely strange to this star system."
"I have never heard about it. Why are we here, anyway?"
"As I've told you, I need you to try to revive someone who died. The future of the entire universe may depend on her being alive, so I ask you to cooperate with this task."
"Well, I don't know if I can..."
"If you can't, nobody can. Please, try."
"Yes, yes, I'll try, I'll help you, despite of I hating you."
"I wish you didn't hate me."
"Please, stop! You disrespect me from the time you met me and now you say that you'd wish I didn't hate you? Why didn't you treat me like a princess from the start?"
"Forget about that, I'm tired of arguing with you about silly things."
"Is your lack of manners is a silly thing? Alright. Well, how did you know about me, if I were there and you here?"
"I have my powers, but most important is the fact that your people once lived among us."
"Really? I can't even imagine how."
"I'll teach you many things, princess Marlena. After you help me."
"Alright, so it is no use asking anymore now. Let's help the mad telemental... Well, when will we see this dead person?"
"Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain."
"And if it rains?"
"It will not, you can be sure." The telemental winks at the princess. "Now it is time for bed. I hope your stay in my humble house is at least bearable. Have a good night."
"Good night."

The princess climbs up the stairs. When she reaches the upper hall, she turns her back to look at the telemental. He has removed his robe and is arranging the couch to sleep on it. She sees he is a normal man, somewhat young and handsome, with long blond hair, a delicate, but manly face. Except for the odd yellow color of his eyes, he is just like her and her people.

Both the princess and the telemental lay on their beds, but they don't sleep much. The princess is still worried about the travel, the strange man, the strange place and all the mysteries surrounding her past, present and, most probably, future. The telemental, for his turn, is deeply worried whether the princess will be able to perform her task or not. In the end, both fall asleep. The princess dreams with many trivial things regarding her life, but she also has a strange dream of a green planet being destroyed. The telemental only hears the calls for help of a tortured soul in his dreams.


The princess is woken up by some light knocks on the door. She hears the telemental singing with a gentle tenor voice, different from his usual baritone. "Morning has broken, like the first morning..." She tries to understand what is happening, but her brain is working slowly as she has got only a few hours of sleep. "Praise for the singing, praise for the morning..." She looks through the window and sees that the sun is just rising. She shouts from inside her room.

"It is too early!"
"Praise with elation, praise every morning..."
"Stop this singing, I want to sleep!"
"God's recreation of the new day"
"Alright, I'll get up, but please, stop singing."
The telemental stops singing. "Why? Don't you like it?"
"Well, I've never heard a song like that in my life." The princess unlocks the door and adjusts her light robe to prevent the telemental seeing her body barely covered by the nightgown.
"No wonder, it is not Algolian. I'll tell you about the Earthmen, when the right time arrives."
"Always when the right time arrives... this planet is too hot! The sun is rising and I'm already sweating. Why do we have to get up so early?"
"Because we have a long journey ahead. I'm sure you will not want to be walking around when the sun is high on the sky."
"No, of course not. But why should we walk? Why don't you teleport us to our destination."
"A telemental shall never abuse his powers."
"Oh my... well, I'll get dressed and then we can leave."
"Please, do so. And be quick. We are not going to a ball."

The princess slammed the door into the telemental's face. While she was getting dressed, the telemental prepared some food, some water bottles and put them on a backpack. He also chose an extra light white robe of his. After more than one hour, the princess climbed down the stairs, in a stunning white lace summer dress. The telemental was about to say "luckily I didn't forget the laces", but he didn't want to worsen the already strained relationship between himself and the girl.

"Very well, princess. Now, wrap your feet with this white cloth and put cover yourself in this light robe before we leave."
"But... I've dressed myself so carefully, now you want me to look like a beggar."
"Better to look like a beggar than to die on the desert."
"Oh well..."
"After you have finished, there is a bread for you over the kitchen's table. Take it and eat it on the way."
"Are we so late?"
"Yes, we are."
"Alright, alright, excuse me for delaying you."

The princess follows the telemental instructions about dressing, looks the results with disgust, takes her bread and leaves the house together with the telemental.

"Were are we going?"
"Northwest, near 5 miles, there is a plateau. There is where the person we are looking for can be found."
"5 miles? Will we go walking?"
"I'm not used to walking for so long, but what to do?"
"Well, princess, I have something to tell you. We are not living in peaceful times..."
"What does it mean?"
"We can find some... foes... along our way."
"Really? Is it dangerous?"
"It shouldn't be so dangerous. My magic is, most probably, enough. Just watch your step and take care, princess."
"I'll try, I'll try."

They started walking through the sandy desert. The sun was very hot, though it was still early. After ten minutes, the princess started complaining.

"I'm thirsty, can't we just stop for some rest?"
"Girl, you haven't walked half a mile yet!"
"It can't be true, we have been walking for hours!"
"Listen here, princess. I know you are not used to walking, but try a bit harder. If we stop every ten minutes to rest, we will not be able to arrive there today. As I've told you, it is not safe to stay outside. We can't risk spending a night on the wilderness."
"My feet are sore. My legs are weighing a ton each. I'm trying, but that is just too hard for me."
"Come, dear, walk just more two hundred yards with me, then we have some rest."
"I'll try."

As the two start moving again, the telemental suddenly stops.

"What is it?"
"Quiet! There is something out there!"
"Please, tell me...Ahhhh!"
"Stay calm! They are just some big sandworms."
"They will get me! They will get me! Do something!"
"Nafoi!" A giant fire ray hits the sandworms, which are roasted immediately.
"Wha-what was th-that?"
"Magic! The sandworms will not be a problem anymore."
"I really hope so."

The rest of the trip to the plateau wasn't really remarkable. The telemental annihilated some minor monsters with different magic spells and the princess kept complaining a lot about the heat, the distance. They made some pauses to rest and, in less than 3 hours, finally reached the plateau.

"At last! We've reached our destination."
"Hmmm, this looks strange..."
"There is nothing in this plateau."
"But what did you expect?"
"What did I expect? We came here looking for a dead person to revive. Where is this person?"
"She is buried in this plateau."
"Buried? Where?"
"This I don't know."
"Don't you know where she is?"
"No, I don't."
"Isn't there any mark?"
"Even if there was at the time, now it would have disappeared."
"At the time? When did this person die?"
"A thousand years ago."
"A thousand years ago?" The princess gets perplexed and angry "You took me from my home, put me in a strange planet, made me walk in the desert like mad, with dangerous creatures lurking everywhere, in order to try to revive someone whose body you don't know where it lays and she has been dead for a thousand years? You don't even know her! You are mad, completely mad! Oh, Laya, why did you make me trust this mad man?"
"Shhhhh! The desert will have preserved her body. Now let me concentrate to find her."

The princess sits by a shade provided by a large rock, with her face buried in her hands. She doesn't know if she cries, she goes away or she punches the telemental. The telemental concentrates himself. After some seconds, he releases a scream "Aha! Got it!", then he walks some yards, take the portable shovel from his backpack and start digging a hole in the ground. The princess doesn't pay attention to him, as if she already knew that he would fail to find the body.

"Why don't you give up this mad search? You will never find anything here. If her corpse was really buried here, it must have been dissolved a long time ago."
"I'll find her! I'm sure!"
"Oh, my..."

The telemental digs lots more holes in the ground, but to no avail. Suddenly, some figures wearing white robes arrive at the plateau. The group passes by the princess, but ignores her. They go straight to the telemental the man who is leading the group steps up to speak with the telemental.

"What are you doing?"
"It is none of your business. You always come when you are not wanted."
"We have detected your magic activity and you know our council has agreed that using magic is not allowed unless the planet is really on danger."
"To the hell with your council!" The telemental throws his shovel with rage on the floor. "Why don't you leave me alone!"
"In the name of the Espers, I make a formal request that you stop doing whatever you are doing and immediately report to the Esper Mansion."
"You don't understand anything! You espers are a bunch of sissies under the rule of that arrogant one. You are fools if you believe that your leader is a man of a great wisdom."
"How dare you say that about Lutz?"
"You don't even know who Lutz is, so stop wasting my time. What will you gonna do? Take me by force? Of course not, you are powerless. Now go away!"
"You are making a great mistake."

The espers leave the place, discussing what to do about the man. The princess, who was watching the whole argument, confirmed her expectations. She was sure the telemental was either mad or doing something wrong. But if even those men were afraid of the telemental's powers, what could she do?

Some hours passed and the telemental was exhausted, but he kept digging holes in the ground. The princess was tired of waiting, but at least she was resting under a comfortable shade. She had already drank almost all the water and eaten all the food, but the telemental didn't seem to care. Suddenly, there is a cry of joy..

"I knew that I'd find you! Now I have found you! Princess Marlena, come here to help me! I've found her!"
"What? Are you sure?" The princess stands up and starts walking towards the telemental.
"Yes, I'm sure. Here is her coffin, I can feel her energy inside it. Help me here, princess."
"What do you want me to do?"
"Take the shovel and remove the sand that is covering the coffin. I'll go inside the hole and pull the coffin to the surface."
"Alright, give me the shovel." She didn't look excited at all.

After some minutes, the telemental was able to pull the coffin to the surface. After removing the sand on its top, he started looking for its locks.

"Are you sure this is the right coffin? Who knows how many people may have been buried here in the last 1,000 years."
"I'm sure. It is time for you to get ready to your task."
"I've told you I may not be able to revive her."
"Don't worry, I'm sure you will succeed."

The telemental finally manages to open the coffin. A very bad smell comes from inside. Besides the dust, there are remains of bones and some pieces of rotten flesh inside. The desert has preserved the corpse partially, but from the remains it is impossible to tell even if it is a human corpse or not.

"It is your turn, princess."
"But, I've never tried..."
"Don't worry, I'll be here by your side. Just try."

The princess sits by the coffin and focus her mind on the task. She puts her hand over some of the remains, without touching them. She tries very hard to keep focused, as the bad smell, the scorching sun, the though of trying to revive someone dead were all sources of distraction. She stays there for almost an hour, but no changes can be noticed inside the coffin. She thinks of giving up the task, but hears inside her mind the telemental speaking "Don't!". Afraid, she has no alternative, but to keep on trying.

After many time, who seemed to the princess like years, she began to feel exhausted. She also felt a flow of energy from her body to the corpse. Magically, it started to change and recover the past forms it used to have, even if most of its original mass was lost. The air surrounding the body grew colder and colder as the time passed. The princess was so focused on the task that she didn't notice the telemental's exultation. The ashes gradually became bones, then organs, veins, tissues, nerves and finally skin. The princess noticed the forms of the corpse becoming defined again. After a long time, the corpse was still devoid of any signs of life, but it looked like the corpse of someone who had just died. The energy flow from the princess body increased, she could not stand that anymore. She was so focused and exhausted that she didn't feel nor hear anything. She didn't see that the sun was starting to set. She only regarded the woman in the coffin with love in her eyes.

Suddenly, the princess releases a long wail of pain and falls unconscious over the coffin. The telemental is amazed, but not because the princess. The woman inside the coffin is breathing.
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