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PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, '09, 8:23 pm
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Chapter One : Present Day

Alaires hurried down the hall of the Esper Mansion, long blonde hair trailing behind her like a veil and tiny booted feet rapping against the marble floor frantically as she headed towards her destination. She was asked to give the report to Lord Rune by 2:30 and it was 2 min. till and she wasn't even close to halfway to his chambers. If only Kyra taught her Ryuka then she could speed things along but when asked, she was told "If we rely too much on our Magic then we'll become lazy and then evil will strike when we are least prepared" or at least something like that. Alaires really liked Kyra and felt she was a fun teacher but sometimes her leactures were really boring! But at least it was better than listening to Raja go on and on about what happened here and what happened there. Snapping out of her daydream she came screeching to a halt and nearly knocked over one of the council members. Bowing repeatedly over and over she hurried along and turned left into the hall that lead to Rune's Chambers.

Rune sat alone meditating on what he would need to do. For some time now things have been really quiet at the mansion and quite frankly he was becoming bored. He reflected back to the times he traveled with Alys, Chaz and the others, bringing a smile to his face at the memories. How long had it been since he and Chaz last spoke? Weeks? Months? Years even? He couldn't remember since time was handled differently here than on Motavia. Sighing, he opened his eyes to a knocking at the door. Rising to his feet and opened it to see a very young blonde headed Esper out of breath, leaning against the frame of the door to keep from collapsing to the floor. Quicking an eyebrow he waited a moment, allowing her to catch her breath to speak.

"Here.....are the.....documents you sent for....Master Rune" she panted
"Out of breath I see. There are merits to being punctual Alaires" he snorted.
"Yes Master Rune, I'll work on being more timely. If we were allowed to..." she was cut short as Rune took the documents from her hand and headed back into his chamber, pouring over the contents of what she just delivered. She waited for a moment then crept inside, hoping to take a peek at the paperwork. She nearly jumped out of her skin as he turned around to stare into her purple eyes the moment she came within arms length of his cape.

"Do you have something else to deliver?"

Staring dumbfounded, she stammered looking for a response but before she could say anything he raised his hand.

"These are sensitive documents not made to be read by your eyes. If you have nothing else to say then leave me in peace."

She blinked a few times and then turned around, dejected by not being able to satisfy her curiosity. She headed out the door and stood there for a moment then placed her ear against the door to listen. For a few moments she couldn't hear anything then heard a Whooshing sound followed by fluttering of sheets and papers being tossed about. Looking around she re-entered the chamber to see Rune was no longer there. Frowning she headed to the desk nearby and picked up a sheet of paper laying on the floor. Knowing she shouldn't, she read the one sentence that was written

"We have evidence that he exists. Meet us at Knowels Inn on Motavia"

"Knowels Inn?" she mumbled as she read the paper over and over.
"What could he want there? All the stories I heard about the place..he wouldn't fit in. He would be in danger by all the thugs lurking there! I have to tell, if I do who is going to believe me? I need to go to Motavia and help Rune!"

Clenching her fists in determination, Alaires walked out Rune's Chambers and instead of turning left, she went right towards the launch pad. She knew just the person who could get her on a ship to Motavia.
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