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PostPosted: Wed Jan 14, '09, 7:01 pm
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The Esper mansion was rocked by another explosion. The great marble walls shook with each blast, giving way a small piece of itself with each shock wave. Esper's began running madly down the halls like lost sheep, trying to find out what was going on. With the third blast, the great Esper Lucas eyes shot open. He began to scan his meditation chamber to search for immediate danger. Satisfied, he put on his white robes and stepped out into the darkened hallway in his wing, lights flickering with each hit, daring to not show the beautiful tapestries and paintings that adorned the hall. Lucas hurried down to the sounds of screaming coming from the eastern most section. Upon turning the corner he halted as he saw three Espers on the ground, two lying face down with blood beginning to pool around their temples, the third crushed underneath a pillar that fell down during the attack. He knelt down between the two breathing a sigh of relief as they were only unconscious. Closing his eyes he cast Resta on each of their wounds insuring their survival. He stood up and made his way to the innermost part of the mansion where he sat with the council each day to deliberate. As he entered he saw a tall figure dressed in black robes easily casting aside the body of another Esper. Calming himself, Lucas stepped to the center and addressed the stranger.

"I am Lucas of the Espers. What cause have you to attack us?"

The figured turned around, glaring at Lucas with glowing blood red eyes. A chuckle emitted from underneath the hood covering the fiends face. What caught Lucas by surprise next was the familiarity in the voice.

"So you are still here Lucas. I was hoping we could meet. Tell me, are you still wasting your days away with talks with the so called council?"
"Your voice sounds familiar stranger, but I cannot see your face. Please, lower your hood so I might address you properly"

The dark cloaked figure then put his gloved hands up to the edges of his hood and folded it back behind his head, eliciting a gasp from Lucas

The figured smiled "I'm glad to see you haven't forgotten me Lucas, but this isn't a social call. You're coming with me NOW!"

The figure thrusted his hands forward and sent spirals of air towards the shocked Esper, throwing him into the back wall of the chamber. Before Lucas could rise to his feet, the figure had him by the throat hoisting him in the air with one hand, choking the air from Lucas' lungs. As the figures faded from view, a group of guards came running into the chamber, shouting to their leader as he completely disappeared in the clutches of a figure in black.

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