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PostPosted: Tue Oct 4, '11, 7:28 pm 
It came out today, and there's a standard version featuring a DVD + BluRay, and a deluxe version featuring a DVD + BluRay + BluRay 3D + Digital Copy. If you preorder it at Toys R Us, you get a free poster with your purchase and 10 dollars off. My friend gave me a hissy fit and told me I should've got Transformers:Dark Of The Moon instead. I'm like "Forget that. Forget Michael Bay and his Transformers movies." I'd rather have a movie like The Lion King on BluRay than that monstrosity. Mr. Bay is also the reason I hate Transformers now. Anyway, back to The Lion King. I picked up my copy today, but didn't watch it yet. I downloaded the digital copy to my iPod though. It must look amazing on BluRay!

PostPosted: Wed Oct 5, '11, 1:30 am 
Interesting, I haven't seen The Lion King in a very long time. I'm pretty sure we have the old VHS tapes of the first and second movies somewhere here.

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