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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 3:04 pm 
Let's play a little game here. Let's pretend that you have the power to end one game series. Which series would you choose to end, and why? Feel free to add a "runner up" as well, since I have a secondary series as well.

Series I would end: Kingdom Hearts series

I could never get into these games. I tried, but when the Disney characters come into play I just can't take this stuff seriously anymore, and I have to stop playing them. I know the Kingdom Hearts games get great reviews and everything, but I just can't get into them at all. I would love to see the series vanish. (no offense to anyone who likes these games, it's just a forum game)

Runner up: Metal Gear Solid series

While I enjoyed the original Metal Gear Solid, they just became a huge chore after the first game. The "great" story that everyone raves about is a convoluted mess that requires far too much effort to unravel. There are far too many cutscenes in the newer games, and Kojima is far too arrogant these days. I've always been more of a Splinter Cell fan than a Metal Gear Solid fan, so I wouldn't mind seeing the Metal Gear Solid series disappear for good. (again, no offense to anyone whole likes these games)

So what game series would you end if you had the power to?

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:03 pm 
I would have to say the Final Fantasy series. I know that technically they are all different games (with the exception of the X & X-2, and the XIII trilogy). It just feels like they are abusing the FF title in order to sell more copies when each game could do well enough on it's own with their own original title.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 9:31 pm 
Without a doubt, the GTA serie ! I hate this one and will always hate it ! But I'm sure It's gonna last a VERY long time ! :(

And about Metal Gear, Vistablade, I agree ! :)

PostPosted: Tue Apr 1, '14, 11:33 pm 
Sonic. Absolutely Sonic. He's a gaming relic and I get that. But sooner or later, he has to be retired. There hasn't been a truly good game in this series in a LONG time. Poor writing, glitchy games, an ever-expanding group of random characters...I think it's time to lay Sonic to rest.

Second series to end...caught between a few. Metal Gear, Final Fantasy..I'm even ready to see Mario and Zelda get retired. Also, as much as I love Spyro, that's another franchise to retire.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 12:45 am 
Madden. Yes I said Madden.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 1:38 am 
Mario. Every Mario franchise game (including Luigi, Yoshi, Wario, etc). Nothing against the Super Mario games, they are good, but it seems like Nintendo more often than not slap a Mario franchise character in a random game just to make sure it will sell.

Because critics and fans seem to be very emotionally attached to the Mario franchise, most of the "spin-offs" are nothing special because instead of trying something new to make the game appealing, they just reuse the same characters. We know that NIntendo teams are very capable of making new and interesting things and without Mario they would be out of the comfort zone, having to be more creative and daring.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 5:18 am 
jessie wrote:Madden. Yes I said Madden.

I agree, but it felt too easy to make my choice any sports-related franchise. :p

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 5:52 am 
I just thought of another series. Saints Row. At least the ridiculous, over the top versions. They should have stopped at Saints Row 2 which had some amazing story telling, with just the right amount of comedy and seriousness.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 2:18 pm 
Atlinsmere wrote:I just thought of another series. Saints Row. At least the ridiculous, over the top versions. They should have stopped at Saints Row 2 which had some amazing story telling, with just the right amount of comedy and seriousness.

Hmm. I find myself both agreeing and disagreeing with you. As we're playing through SR3, I do find that SR2 had MUCH better writing and stories, which kind of helped to counter some of the over-the-top ridiculousness and things that are disgusting and/or offensive just for the sake of being so. In SR3, the writing isn't nearly as good (has some moments, of course) and there's a lot of things that seem to be incredibly offensive just because (like one of your melee weapons…anyone who has played the game knows exactly what I'm talking about). But at the same time, I feel that withOUT the over the top stuff, Saints Row, as a franchise, would've basically been a cheap GTA clone and I kind of think they may have taken it in the over-the-top direction to differentiate it more from GTA. Which I can truly understand and I think the two different directions give the two games a very different feel.

Have not yet played SR4, but we got it recently.

I also heard somewhere, don't remember where (Angry Joe review of SR4 comes to mind), that Volition has no plans to continue the franchise.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 2, '14, 10:29 pm 
I can honestly say I wouldn't end any game series that comes to mind, as much as I dislike some of them, because I would hate for someone to shut my favorite series down, but I do think certain ones could take a break; the first one I would put on hiatus would be Call of Duty, along with just about every other unimaginative shooter out there, I think they've really bogged down the creativity of gaming in general and I'm worried that kind of thing will contribute to a crash soon.

But yeah, I would hope a simple break of a few years between games would be enough to give some of these series some room to breathe, ha ha. I definitely agree that stuff like Madden needs it. Spamming virtually the same game every year cannot be healthy in the long run!

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