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PostPosted: Wed Apr 9, '14, 8:20 pm 
Saw this pop up on my Facebook feed. Sony has confirmed for sure that The Last of Us will be released for PS4 this summer, with enhanced graphics, lighting, models, textures and will run at 60 frames per second. ... mmer-2014/

Now, I'm willing to admit, I dunno how much of a difference I would noticeā€¦game already looks awesome on PS3. But that said, as we have a PS4, chances are good we'll get this at some point after it's out. I still haven't finished my PS3 playthrough (been a bit busy trying to get ahead on schoolwork to keep this weekend free for PAX), but it's likely to be a contender for my 2014 game of the year if it stays as good as it's been, and as long as I don't play anything else new to me that blows me away the way Red Dead Redemption did last year. I got the soundtrack not too long ago and listened to it yesterday at work. While it doesn't have all the in-game tracks, and unfortunately does not have the acoustic track that plays during the loading screen, it was an excellent, emotional soundtrack.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 9, '14, 9:21 pm 
There has already been a lot of speculation, so it's not really a surprise, but it's good news none the less.

PostPosted: Wed Apr 9, '14, 10:11 pm 
Great news for the people who owns a PS IV :) But maybe one day I'll be testing and playing this Last of Us ? Seems to be a (very) good game !

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