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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '14, 12:16 am 
We don't really have a thread for this, so I'm creating one as I have a story to tell. Sometimes the "what was the last game you played/beat" topics come into this, but time for last game/game-related item bought to have a thread. And I gotta start it, 'cuz here's a story.

Yesterday was already awesome enough, what with the Sonata Arctica concert and all. I mean, can't get any better, right?


In Worcester, where the venue is, there's also a great entertainment store. They have have comics, plushies, CDs, vinyls, DVDs, blu-rays, toys, figures (especially Godzilla figures, including imports), board games, and video games, old and new. Whenever we attend a show in Worcester, we make time for this store. So we're there, I'm looking at a case with SNES games while perusing.

What do I spy there?

Earthbound - near pristine label, just had a smudge on it. No holes, tears, marks, otherwise.

Oh, and the guide, in slightly used condition. Total $225. For something like this, seeing it in store is preferable to online, at least to me, and the eBay prices were comparable. Plus the store is locally owned and operated, and I like supporting that.

In other words, what I already have, superior condition. My guide is unfortunately not in great condition, a few pages are one slight pull in the wrong direction from coming out. My cartridge has one small hole in the label and is a bit ragged on the top.

So what do to do? I've already got this, but it's EARTHBOUND. Huge emotional attachment, favorite game of all-time. It's in better shape, and I can sell the other or have a back-up copy, of both game and guide. If I sell, a store in Winthrop will give me a great price, especially with a guide. But if I sell, I may seek other avenues as well.

Think think think think think it!

When we finally got home and settled down post-show, I opened the packaging. And what do I find?

First, the smudge on the cartridge label was just some dirt. Came off easy with a damp q-tip. Looks awesome. But even better than that, when I flipped open the guide...

...the scratch-n-sniff cards were STILL THERE.

Let me say that again. The sheet of scratch-n-sniff cards in the guide that came with the game back in 1995 were STILL THERE.

Any feelings of maybe-kinda-sorta regret evaporated. Now I just have to figure out what to do with two copies.

What was the last game or game-related item you purchased?

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '14, 2:18 am 
That is really cool that the cards were still there, you never see stuff like that anymore, that's quite a find. My friend still beats himself up for not getting Earthbound when it was at the local used game store like ten years ago, he thought thirty-five dollars was too high a price, ha ha. If only he had known. I keep praying I'll run into it at a garage sale or something, along with like Lunfia II and Dragon Warrior IV and some crazy rare Saturn games or something. I've never gotten a chance to play Earthbound, but now that I have a Wii U I'm definitely gonna download it at some point.

I just picked up Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Wave Race 64, Pokemon Puzzle League, and Sonic the Hedgehog at a storage sale for twenty bucks. I already have Mario 64 and DK 64, so I'm planning to sell those, but they're always nice to find, and Wave Race has been amazing so far. I also ordered some Saturn games off Ebay recently, including Darius Gaiden and Dark Savior.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '14, 4:07 am 
Haaa, feel sorry for your friend, Bragatyr. $35 would've been a great price, even if it was in sub-par condition. Great other finds, too! It's always fun to find neat stuff, retro or not.

I debated this for a little while. Go read this thread in regards to my second copy of Earthbound.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 8, '14, 4:28 am 
My personal experience this year, in regards to finding games at yard and garage sales has been quite abysmal. Sales that advertised they were going to have games got hit by dealers before they were scheduled to even begin and either got cherry picked or sold out entirely of all gaming related goods. But more often than not, I'll find sales with games and the people having the sale have already cherry picked their own stuff and sold off the high value games on Ebay.

And here's a scary piece of information you may find interesting. I've owned virtually every US released RPG for the SNES at one point or another. But I use to sell them off as quick as I got them as the money was far to strong a temptation for me back ten plus years ago.

Well I just order a box load of gaming greatness from Japan a couple days ago. Among the many goods are:
Bakemonogatari L.E. (PSP)
Fate/Stay Tiger's Colloseum L.E. (PSP)
Blue Wing Blitz (WSC)
Cardcaptor Sakura (WS)
Cardcaptor Sakura (DC)

Already own the L.E. of Cardcaptor Sakura for DC, but couldn't bring myself to breaking the factory seal on the game itself. So figured I'd order a used copy to actually try playing as it is reportedly a rail-type camera shot game much like Pokemon Snap.

PostPosted: Sat Sep 13, '14, 4:37 am 
Tweeg, I feel you on the garage sale experience. I've had terrible luck with them, had two different cases where I saw someone making off with a load of old games at dirt-cheap prices. I shed manly tears. The ones that really annoy me are the ones where they advertise games and don't even have them to begin with.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 14, '14, 2:24 am 
Well, today, sold that second copy of Earthbound at a local shop. Got $200 for it, and spent a part of that on a few Crash Bandicoot plushes to compliment my Spyro ones.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 15, '14, 7:56 pm 
Wow, $200 seems like a pretty good deal. Glad the whole thing worked out for you so well Wolf Bird. And, it sounds like you still have an almost excellent copy of Earthbound. With all this talk of Super Smash Bros., etc., I have to admit I'm getting interested in playing these two games.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 2:16 am 
You just HAD to ask that question after I splurged a lot of money myself. Yeesh. :p

Well, this purchase has been in the works since around the end of last year. I had the Xbox One, so the next big purchase was obvious, but I wanted to be careful. Best not to spend too much as once; depending on the what is being purchased.

Well, I had to delay the purchasing for various reasons. I paid for the catering for a wedding back in May (around $3,450.00) as well as other critical purchases that had to be done.

Fast forward to last Friday, I purchased off of Amazon: Playstation 4 Destiny bundle and about five gamed: Assassin's Creed 4, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Last of Us Remastered, Bound by Flame, and Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

So yeah, this was a big purchase that I had planned for a while and I thought the time was right. :)

PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 2:24 pm 
Nice bundle on the PS4, Path. VERY nice bundle. Especially The Last of Us Remastered. I'm still looking at getting a copy of that sometime, even though I've beaten the game and have all the DLC I'm still interested in.

Granted, I'd love to play Grounded mode, but I can't even beat it on hard difficulty because of that first encounter in the office building in Boston. Need my molotovs!

Silver, yes, play Earthbound. Seriously. Just give it a shot. If you have a Wii U, download it on virtual console. If you don't have that nor the cash to buy a cartridge, emulate it. But it is well worth it.

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 16, '14, 2:28 pm 
Wolf Bird wrote:Nice bundle on the PS4, Path. VERY nice bundle. Especially The Last of Us Remastered. I'm still looking at getting a copy of that sometime, even though I've beaten the game and have all the DLC I'm still interested in.

Granted, I'd love to play Grounded mode, but I can't even beat it on hard difficulty because of that first encounter in the office building in Boston. Need my molotovs!

I'll likely just replay on normal difficulty. I'm not very confident I'll be able to get through at much harder difficulties at this point. :p

Though, the main reason I got was the DLC, so it'll be good to experience the story again and pick up on things I missed.

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