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PostPosted: Mon Jan 26, '15, 12:12 pm 
If you have a Saturn, be sure to snipe down some of the best games like Shining the Holy Ark, it is worth every dollar spent.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, '15, 4:05 am 
augmentedfourth wrote:Haha, funny you should mention that. I just grabbed Myst IV off eBay, as that's the one that hasn't made it over to and I've seen it go for ridiculous prices before. I started it last night, and while it does show its age (it came out in 2004), it feels like the other games in the series visually and musically, so the nostalgia factor is strong.

(For various reasons, I never got around to playing the last two games of the series, despite being a big fan of the games and the accompanying books when I was younger. I figured I might as well try to knock them out now!)

That's awesome, it's always a great feeling to go back and revisit a beloved series. I did that recently with Breath of Fire, some of the best game experiences I've had. The original Myst is definitely a game of its era in terms of the presentation, but my only other experience with point and click games is the MacVenture series on NES, so I'm a little more antiquated, ha ha. I do like how surreal it feels so far. It's had one of the tougher starts in a first person adventure game, in my experience. Shadowgate was pretty brutal in the beginning, but Myst is a lot more complicated with the puzzle solving so far. And I've barely gotten anywhere.

Also, Aero, I do really love the Saturn, but unless a miracle happens I doubt I'm ever gonna get Shining Force and Shining: the Holy Ark and stuff like that. Saturn games are going for ridiculous prices right now for some reason. And those games have always been really collectible. I unfortunately haven't played any of the Shining games yet.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 27, '15, 4:44 am 
Bragatyr wrote:Shadowgate was pretty brutal in the beginning, but Myst is a lot more complicated with the puzzle solving so far. And I've barely gotten anywhere.

I was pretty young the first time I played and I had my older neighbor helping me with a lot of it. That said, most of the puzzles are pretty logical once you sort of get the hang of what they're going for. Back in the day (she says while peering over her glasses and yelling at kids to get off her lawn), everyone talked about the dreaded maze part of the game, but even there, once you have that "OH!" moment, it makes perfect sense.

Which brings me to Riven, the first sequel. It's a great game, and I do recommend continuing on with the series, but I'll leave you with these words of wisdom: EVERYONE cheats at Riven. :D Some of the puzzles are just brutal, and there is absolutely no shame in peeking at a walkthrough. None whatsoever.

PostPosted: Sat Feb 7, '15, 9:14 pm 
Valentine's Day coming up, right? So I'm thinking, what do I get for my boyfriend? Forget cliched stuff. I don't want to do that, period. Let's put thought into this. Lots of thought.

So today, we went online together, and ordered custom made Firefly pendants (from The Last of Us) from a well-reviewed vendor on Etsy. They're not official by any stretch of the imagination, just a fan of the game making them for fans of the game.

Check it out. ... e_active_1

We probably won't have them by Valentine's Day, but we got them with that in mind. However, we will probably have them come PAX East in a month.

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 8, '15, 3:46 am 
Last games I bought were Far Cry 4, Rayman Origins, and Rayman Legends.

I wanna rock some Rayman soon. XD

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, '15, 5:25 am 
"You can still rise with us.

Remember, when you're lost in the darkness, look for the light.

Believe in the Fireflies."

The person in my post above...uh, yeah, she really puts work into the Firefly pendants. They look amazing, as shown in the below pic. The etching is faithful to how it looks in the game. They're a little over an inch in diameter and the chain just slips over the head.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, '15, 3:49 pm 
That's really cool, Wolf Bird. I love stuff like that.

I just picked up Blaster Master for the NES at a second-hand store a friend told me about. I used to rent it all the time as a kid, so I finally decided to get it.

PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, '15, 5:35 pm 
Bragatyr wrote:That's really cool, Wolf Bird. I love stuff like that.

The custom etching on the front is just as great, but as it has my real name I hesitate to post a picture on a public forum, even with the name smudged out. I may post that in the Fringers' Parlor, though.

Also, nice on Blaster Master.

PostPosted: Mon Mar 9, '15, 12:53 am 
Not PAX related...I got Shadow of Mordor on Steam as it was on sale, and of all the games released last year, that one interested me most, primarily for the Nemesis system.

PAX related:
2 The Last of Us t-shirts (one grey with a black Firefly symbol, the other with TLoU Remastered cover art)
2 Far Cry 3 t-shirts (one with the logo, the other with the cover art)
1 Okami t-shirt featuring Amaterasu
1 Bioshock Infinite t-shirt featuring the Murder of Crows vigor
1 book - The Art of Remember Me, because I loved that game and think it's criminally underrated
5 new Earthbound pins, which I crammed onto the backpack I use for my Ness cosplay and promptly forgot to take pics at PAX
An access code to be a beta tester for a game for an indie studio based in Cambridge - the studio is Fire Hose Games, and the game is called Catlateral Damage
And coolest of all...a replica of the skyhook from Bioshock Infinite.

Edit: I realized I was still wearing my Ness clothes as I typed this. Therefore, go to the "Picture of you" thread to see both that and the skyhook.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 9, '15, 2:36 am 
Very cool haul, that's awesome! I wish I had an Amaterasu t-shirt, ha ha. At the moment the one gaming shirt I really want to get is a Breath of Fire shirt.

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