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PostPosted: Sat Sep 27, '14, 11:54 pm 
I'm happy to say that a friend of mine just told me about a huge cache of NES and Genesis games in the box that a local game store had. I got Ultima: Exodus and Shadowgate complete in box with instruction manuals and dust sleeves and all that on the cheap, and I also got Contra: Hard Corps and Gaiares for Genesis in box (Gaiares with instruction manual) for fifteen bucks each. I was quite happy, since I've been watching both of these on Ebay and they regularly go for 30-40 bucks loose.

I was quite stoked, I don't remember the last time I saw an NES game complete in box, much less in a store at a cheap price, and much less a whole shelf full.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, '14, 12:46 am 
Talk about a great find! Nicely done. :)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 3, '14, 2:55 am 
Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor for the PS4. I'm so happy to be seeing this game actually get plenty of praise. I held out some optimism for it, so I'm glad to see that my faith is being rewarded.

We'll see how I actually like it though. ;)

PostPosted: Sun Oct 5, '14, 2:47 am 
I bought the PS4 Destiny bundle along with The Last of Us Remastered a few weeks ago. The only problem? The bundle came with a free month of PlayStation Plus, but since Sony gave everyone a free month during the 2011 PSN outage, my eligibility was automatically voided, which really annoys me.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 6, '14, 4:16 am 
Just got a bundle of 10 NES games from a deal on Facebook for thirty bucks. I got Punch-Out, Snake Rattle 'n' Roll, Excite Bike, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Anticipation, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Pinball Quest, Metroid, and Super Mario Bros. 3. First time I've ever rushed out in the middle of the night to buy NES games, ha ha. I just cleaned my controller earlier, so the timing worked out perfectly.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, '14, 4:36 am 
Whoops, forgot to post here the other week when I actually made a relevant purchase. My lightweight jacket is old and falling apart (missing a button, the buckle broke when I accidentally slammed it in a car door), and just as I accepted I would need to replace it, I got an email advertising Mass Effect hoodies available for pre-order. I missed out on them last time due to my own indecision, so I rushed right over to order the Tali one. It ships on the 20th and I can't wait to wear it!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 16, '14, 3:05 am 
I am not buying many games this year, but I managed to grab .hack Quarantine (PS2), Luminous Arc (DS) and Mana Khemia 2 (PS), which were all games from my "Tier 0" of "games to buy", so I am glad I have been able to get some of the most important games I want to buy that are not available digitally.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '14, 9:34 pm 
PSN was running a heroine-themed flash sale this past weekend, and there were a few I just couldn't resist. I got Beyond Good and Evil HD and Portal 2 for PS3, and Knytt Underground for PS3 and Vita, all for about $11. There were a lot of good titles in that sale, including Remember Me and Mirror's Edge, but I already have both of those.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, '14, 11:23 pm 
Most recent game I picked up was in fact Destiny (for the Xbox 360). Fun game but a bit of a grind in some spots.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 23, '14, 3:34 am 
Darn you PSN and your PS Plus member sales!

They're now holding a sale for Bandai-Namco games. I just happen to be a big fan of one of their franchises, and that's the Katamari franchise. And of course, Touch My Katamari, which is the Vita Katamari game, was 5 bucks for PS Plus members. Not resisting that one.

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