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 Post subject: The 'Hoff' Crab discovery
PostPosted: Wed Jan 4, '12, 8:55 pm 
A new species of Crab have been discovered and have been given the name the "Hoff Crab" in honor of celebrity/entertainer David Hasselhoff (formerly of "Knight Rider", "Baywatch", "America's Got Talent", etc., fame): ... s=blogpost

Interesting looking creatures, aren't they?

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 12:51 am 
After clicking through a couple of links on the article, I was able to find a picture of the actual new crab species *, can't link directly to it :(), rather than the picture of a similar but different crab in the original article. They are definitely different from my typical thoughts of a crab. They're a lot more pale and have thicker limbs.

It just goes to show that there may yet be many undiscovered creatures living in the depths of the oceans.

PostPosted: Sat Jan 7, '12, 8:14 pm 
It seems actor David Hasselhoff may be quite happy to have a new species of crab named after him from reading this article: ... rity-crabs

PostPosted: Mon Jan 9, '12, 7:49 pm 
I'm glad he's a good sport about it. Some people might have taken offense at it, but it's all meant in fun.

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