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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, '08, 3:17 am 
The year was AW 342, Alis Landale and her team had just defeated the being known as Dark Falz. Alis, as we know the legend was given the chance to rule over Algo as its queen, but she refused the throne so she could live a free life and give Algo a diplomatic rule instead of one ruled by a single person. Many months passed and Alis was about to set out on a new journey, but before she did she began looking through her old equipment. Strapped to her waist was the Laconium Sword, and in her storage container laid the Light Saber she bought many months ago for 15800 meseta. Getting a idea she picked up the sword, carrying it off to the local blacksmith in town. There she would have him create a new weapon by forging the Laconium Sword and the Light Saber together, thus creating the Elsydeon.

But all was not done, as the sword had no mystical powers. Strapping the newly crafted sword to her waist she travelled to the spacestation where her old comrade Noah awaited her. There the two exchanged conversation and then they began their journey into space. The ship travelled for many weeks, and the two had begun wondering if they would see any life outside the solar system. During their travel if they had stayed on Motavia the planet would have circled four times, marking the fourth day of the week. During that day the two met a strange man who's spaceship was floating in space without any fuel.

The man introduced himself as a Jedi named Hoam, and took a interest in Alis' sword. She handed him the Elsydeon and he began telling them a long story about a mystical power known as "The Force". Noah, not wanting to have anything to do with this power left the decision up to Alis whether or not she would take up this power. Agreeing the two began their long training, which after many weeks Alis finally began to learn how to use "The Force". When their training was complete Alis endowed the Elsydeon with "The Force" giving it its mystical properties. Handing it to Noah she said her farewell as she began her travels with the Jedi, which would eventually lead her to a planet where she would be cloned.

Noah however returned to Algo and going back to Dezolis constructed a magnificent mansion. Deep below a tunnel would be created. In the deepest section of the tunnel he would place a statue of his dearest friend. And in the hands of the statue he would place the sword Alis had named Elsydeon. The cave would be sealed and over time would be forgotten, but the legend of the Elsydeon can be heard through out Dezolian history. Thus the Legend of the Elsydeon was created.

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 12, '08, 6:29 pm 
lol, *bows to Jedi Master Landale* XDDDDDDDDD

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, '08, 2:37 am 
Dark Falz: Alis! I am your father!
Alis: Really?
Dark Flaz: Yes, now go clean up your room!


Wicked story Trey.

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