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 Post subject: The Guardian Legend LP
PostPosted: Mon Dec 8, '14, 1:10 am 
Whoops! Completed this a while back, and forgot to let you folks know about it. Just a full playthrough of that forgotten NES thingamajig called The Guardian Legend.

Part 1-We have to worry about the fighters and the towers.
Part 2-Treasure Diving
Part 3- Blue Fish is dead, the rise of Red is at hand.
Part 4- Seeing the forest for the... Trees!
Part 5- Clear Cutting
Part 6- The Limits of conventional force.
Part 7- A bit of the ol' spelunking.
part 9- This Voyage isn't Fantastic at all
Part 10- Ys Origin took all my sand jokes.
Part 11: Pushing the big red button.
Part 12- Why you need small fighter insurance.
Part 13- More death than glory (with special shmup mix)

PostPosted: Mon Dec 8, '14, 4:25 am 
Ah, cool. I love this game. Great music, wonderful hybrid concept, clean, colorful graphics, and an awesome female main character.

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