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PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, '14, 5:28 pm 
So our team arrrives to Rykros, and weare told that thousands of years ago, 2 entities fought, and the winner vanquished the loser. The winner, The Great Light, is by default, good, while The Profound Darkness, who was banished away into darkness, all because it lost a battle, is by default, assumed to be evil.

Had The Great Light lost, would rykros be warning Guardians of the threat to come of the "evil" Great Light? And would Le rooof of rykros still fin it completely justifiable that the entity who was, decided to go on vacation from Algol? Or in that one-sided scenario, would they be angry at the "winner" for packing up and leaving Algol all alone?

Its not a very fair story presented.
We are never told *why* Good is good, and why Evil is evil.

PostPosted: Mon Nov 17, '14, 5:42 pm 
Well, whatever the PD was, it killed all living things nearby just by existing, so even if it wasn't evil nad even unaware of what it was doing, it was still an incredibly dangerous being even if it was an all-powerful idiot who didn't understand its own calamitous presence.


We can't stop here, this is Azathoth country!

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 8, '17, 12:30 pm 
Good and evil : it is a difficult task to define both of them ! It depends mainly of points of view and many other things ! And often it's more complicated than that ! :)

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