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 Post subject: Bullet proof skin
PostPosted: Tue Sep 6, '11, 8:06 pm 
It always amazes me at at the things scientists and researchers are doing and discovering in these current times. Now, they are working on bullet proof skin using spider silk....sounds fascinating... what do you think? ... 50088970/1

 Post subject: Re: Bullet proof skin
PostPosted: Wed Sep 7, '11, 7:19 pm 
It's not quite as impressive as it sounds. It can stop bullets fired at "reduced speeds"... which is to say it can't really stop bullets in a practical sense. That only works when the gun is modified to get the desired result in the experiment. It could still be useful for skin grafts, but it's not going to make people bullet proof anytime soon.

I think a lot of people would frown on the idea of having their genetics altered, anyway.

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