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 Post subject: The fighting game topic
PostPosted: Sat Aug 2, '14, 4:45 am 
Aero and I were just talking about some Street Fighter, and I figured it was about time we had a thread about fighters on the Fringes. There are plenty of them out there, so I'm sure we've all played a few of them. This is the place to talk about favorite characters, favorite series, awesome music, and gruesome fatalities. Tell us about the characters you play and the characters you hate, the frustrating AI and the tournament experiences.

PostPosted: Sat Aug 2, '14, 1:12 pm 
I'm willing to admit fighters, especially 'traditional' arcade fighters, generally aren't my thing, but there are exceptions. The only fighters I play are the Smash series, Godzilla brawlers, and War of the Monsters on PS2. In Smash, I jump around a bit, but tend to stick most with Ness, Lucas, Pit and DK. In Godzilla fighters, again, I jump a bit, but usually end up settling on Anguirus or Godzilla, who in the more recent fighters, has 2-3 different iterations that play basically the same. But I do have a Super Famicom Godzilla fighter as well, slightly more traditional style, and quite fun. War of the Monsters is great for a campy romp, but not without its flaws. There I tend to stick with a Godzilla-type critter and a dragon, whose names both escape me right now.

All that said, I have a lot of respect for fighters and the people who take the time to master them and get really good at them. I've watched high level play at conventions and such and the really good players are a sight to behold. But it just simply isn't the play style for me.

Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but hey, it's my two cents worth.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 12:59 am 
That's awesome, Wolf Bird, I was hoping that not everyone was into only traditional fighters, and I know you like Smash. My favorite is Brawl, myself, though I love 64 and Melee (and am happily looking forward to 4). I definitely think Lucas and Ness are unusual characters, not nearly as commonly played. My friend Bobby actually plays a mean Lucas, he made 7th at the last local tournament he went to and surprised some people with some of the things Lucas can do (I know he's still considered low tier, but he's like on that borderline where people like Mekos can still do amazing things with him).

Speaking of low tier, I play Bowser when I'm playing seriously in tournaments (or I used to, just play for fun now) and Ganondorf and Captain Falcon when playing at home. I actually haven't played any of the Godzilla fighters; that reminds me of this old SNES game called King of Monsters that I rented one time. That thing was fun as all get-out. Also reminds me of wrestling games in general, which are also quite fun.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 3, '14, 5:13 am 
I've only played in one Brawl tournament, I played as Ness and placed second...a guy playing Bowser beat me, and the match was so close he wanted to keep playing with me after the final round, and then I beat him. It was fun. I've appeared to have made a name for myself at PAX East with my ability with Ness, as people I played with in 2013 recognized me at PAX this year (and wanted to play with me). I really couldn't care less about tiers, I play with the character(s) I have fun with.

I find myself not terribly excited about the new game due out soon. Couldn't tell you why for sure, but I'm willing to admit it's probably how jaded I feel towards Nintendo at this point.

Never played KOF, but we have it. The Godzilla fighters are definitely not that great as games, not too refined, but they are also targeted to Godzilla fans, so they kind of shouldn't be too refined.

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